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There are about 15,000 species of ants in the world and 1275 of these are found in Australia. The species that is considered a pest in Sydney and around Australia is the black ant.

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Ants are very fascinating and incredible social insects which can become annoying. They are easy to spot. They are black and are about 4 mm long. You may see them on the kitchen sink, pantry, kitchen floors, marching across the lounge room floor or wherever there is a food source around. The trails of the small black insects can lead to the outside through small crevices and cracks in the foundation or window seals. The ants are able to follow a smell or pheromone trail and special drops of liquid allow them to find their way back home.

Ant Nest Removal Sydney

Ants are attracted to food such as sweets, meats, pet food, bread, fats, and oils.

Ants are known to build their nests close to houses, lawns, under paving slabs and in hollow trees. We may observe mounds of sand with an entrance.

How To Control Ants Sydney - Ant Removal Sydney

There are ways of controlling ants that enter your home. You may need to scrub entry points with soap and water. Natural strategies to keep ants away include: laying out cucumber peels or mint tea bags. Placing cayenne pepper, citrus oil or cinnamon at entry points also may prevent ants from entering your house.

Ensure you do not leave food out that will attract ants.
Keep food safely stored in airtight containers

Ant Removal Sydney

Observe the Ant Trail - Ant Removal Sydney

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Observe where the ant trail is coming from or exiting and seal up any points of entry.
There are different treatments that may be effective for some species and ineffective for others. You may be wasting your time and money on products that will be ineffective. You may have tried setting up traps, insecticide sprays and applications of goo drops, and it may have been only a temporary solution. This is why calling a pest control expert is essential to get the right treatment from the start and eliminate the ant problem.
There may be many reasons why your strategy may not be working. The ant species simply may prefer protein or sweet bait. Another reason is that you are not eliminating the queen, but the workers. The queen is the one who controls the colony. Chemical sprays may increase an ant infestation. This is because the queen produces more eggs to maintain the colony.

An increased number of eggs will in turn increase more female ants who become queens and produce more eggs. It may be effective to apply a chemical barrier around the foundation of your home to prevent ants.

Your pest control expert will be able to advise you of the environmentally friendly, quick and safe products and latest technology that will effectively make your home ant-free.

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