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The diverse pest control issues in Artarmon, Lower North Shore, Sydney have been a common problem among home and business owners. Given these pests’ destructive activities, every property is in great danger of their infestation. In fact, your family or business is at serious risk of health and safety issues.

Who wouldn’t choose to live in a place where everything is perfectly available and accessible like Armarton? Well, it’s near the city with good schools, nice eateries, good transportation, and culturally diverse. It’s, indeed, one of the best suburbs in Sydney that you’re lucky to have a home or business in.

The increasing number of homes, apartments and business establishments in Armarton seems to also invite the increase of pest infestations. In fact, reports on household and commercials pest problems in this area have been getting higher every year.

It’s not easy to confront infestation issues whether at home or in your business property. Hence, it‘s been quite imperative to coordinate with your local pest control experts to help you wipe these odious creatures out.

ABC Pest Control is your top-rated team of local pest experts that you can rely on in your fight against any kind of pest problems. Our team covers all forms of infestation no matter how big or small their scope is. You may check the list of our services and the most affordable packages on this website.

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Local Pest Control Experts – Artarmon Sydney

ABC Pest Control team is composed of local pest experts that have a complete comprehension of your place and the nature of the prevalent pests. Certainly, we anchor our work to safety and quality providing long-term solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

We can provide solutions to a wide range of household and commercial pests. For instance, we provide the most cost-effective solutions to termitesrodentscockroachesbed bugsbirdsbird lice, and many more.

Our experts are well-trained and experienced in the field of effective pest management. Through intensive training and many years of experience, you have the guarantee that we deliver only the best and safest solutions. Thus, you can rest assured that our treatment is safe for the people, pets, and the environment.

We, at ABC Pest Control, are proud to raise our banner as the top-rated pest control in entire Sydney. You can book our pest experts or call us today.

How to Protect Your Home from Termites – Artarmon Sydney

Many property owners in Artarmon had underestimated the ability of termites to destroy any structure. As a result, they woke up one day facing unspeakable damages in their homes and buildings that cost astronomical expenses for the reconstruction and renovation.

Termites have been a major problem everywhere in Australia causing billions of dollars of damages annually. Sadly, most of the property owners confessed that they never realised they have termites until the destruction started to surface. It’s really surprising but termites can indeed get in and start devouring your property without you noticing them.

Termites are mobile pests and they don’t stop moving until they find a new home and source of sustenance.  This makes every property vulnerable prey to these tiny predators. For instance, termite activity within 5km in radius from where your home is makes you a good next target. Certainly, you can expect them to be your next creepy guests any day soon.

If you want to protect your home from these odious insects, it’s time that you get a regular termite inspection. As termite experts recommend, you need to have at least one or two inspections annually to ensure safety from the termite damages. Specifically, it’s through a regular termite check that you can address early signs of infestation before it gets out of control.

Signs of an existing termite infestation may also be obvious by the presence of mud tubes and sagging floors, ceilings, or walls. If you currently have termites, it’s best to leave them alone and contact termite experts immediately. Never disturb these pests until the experts arrive to avoid making the problem even worse.

You can book or contact ABC Pest Control today for a comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and prevention.


Solutions to Your Bed Bug Problems – Artarmon Sydney

Bed bugs are common problems in homes, apartments and accommodation establishments such as hotels and hostels in Artarmon. Generally, they have been causing more inconvenience giving your family and guests not just their itchy bites but also sleepless nights.

Being able to hitch a ride in travellers’ luggage, bed bugs can travel from one place to another easier and faster. Hence, they are most common in areas where there’s frequent in and out of people. Once they settle in one place, they would certainly grow in number and become your worst nightmare.

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that stay and hide in the crevices of your bed and cracks of your furniture in the daytime. However, they come out at night to seek sustenance by biting you while you’re asleep. Moreover, they can also be active during the day when they’re too hungry biting you while you’re sitting on a couch.

Bites of bed bugs don’t cause too much pain but they are itchy enough to make you scratch your skin. Although they don’t cause diseases, bed bug bites can result in secondary skin infection or allergies by too much scratching of the area of the bites. Moreover, the discomfort they bring can cause you insomnia and anxiety issues.

Eliminating bed bugs requires professional pest control because you can’t resolve the problem by just changing your bedsheets. It needs a special pest treatment to completely wipe these odious pests out of your entire property. Thus, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local bed bug experts for immediate help.

ABC Pest Control offers the most effective treatment to get rid of the pesky bed bugs. We use the safest substance that can exterminate every bug. Our entire team welcomes you to book or call us today for details.

Do You Have Problems with Ticks and Fleas in Artarmon Sydney

Ticks and fleas can be your worst problem at home in Artarmon Sydney. These bloodsucking insects can facilitate the transfer of infections and diseases to your family and pets. Thus, if you see signs of these infestations, you need a pest treatment immediately.

Surprisingly, the fleas you found in your pets only comprise around 5% of their population. These pests can occupy your entire house when they have settled. For instance, you can usually see their eggs and larvae hiding in your carpet fibres, furniture, or pet beds. Hence, treating your pet won’t resolve the entire problem.

Ticks are also health-threatening pests to ever enter your home. These disgusting insects can transmit several diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia, and many more serious tick-borne diseases.

Cleaning and vacuuming aren’t enough to get rid of these creepy crawlies especially when the infestation has gone too large. Therefore, it’s still best to get the pest controllers to assess the situation and apply the most effective treatment to eliminate these pests.

You can book or contact ABC Pest Control now for immediate solutions to your problems with ticks and fleas.

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