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Pest Control Ashfield Inner West Sydney

Are you one of the occupants of Ashfield Inner West Sydney that faces stubborn pest control issues? We’ve heard a lot of infestation problems confronting almost everyone in this beautiful suburb and we got good news for you. ABC Pest Control has local pest experts in this location that can rescue you from these pesky pests that have been causing you trouble.

Ashfield has been attracting more residents with its convenient location. It’s near the city with easy access to schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. Its public transportation is so effective which is why more people would prefer this suburb as their choice of residence.

Just like any other suburbs, Ashfield has its own share of annoyances and irritations. The worst of these are the pesky infestations that have been dominating almost the entire suburb.

We have been servicing the entire Sydney for so many years now including Ashfield in providing cost-effective pest treatment. We offer safe and lasting solutions that come with the most practically affordable packages designed to address your specific needs.

Our pest experts are licensed and experienced. Our work is anchored with quality and safety. We comply with the Australian Pest Control standards making our treatment safe to the environment, people, and pets.

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Termite Control and Prevention Ashfield Inner West Sydney

Prevention is cheaper than cure when it comes to termites. These odious insects are unstoppable in destructing your property as soon as they get access to it. Before they get the chance, it will be a smarter idea that you keep on having a termite inspection at least once a year to ensure no termite activity can destroy your hard-earned property.

You worked hard all your life to get a house for yourself or your family. Termites don’t care about that and will just mercilessly smash it in no time. Don’t be confident if you don’t see termites around. They are discreet and could already be thriving underneath your floors and within your walls.

Termites have been a common problem in Ashfield. These insects would eat every timber or wood in your structure regardless if it is summer or winter. Most often than not, you would notice them only when the damage has gone too large. You would never want to imagine how much damages they would cause.

When you realise termite presence in your property, never try to use sprays to remove them by yourself. Doing so may just worsen the problem. Killing visible termites does not give you a solution. It will just aggravate the other termites from their nest and take their revenge in the form of more aggressively destructive activities.

Never think that seeing no termites in and around your property by your naked eyes means you are far from their infestation. To tell you honestly, you could be their next target soon if they are just within 5 kilometres from where you are. Better be ready.

ABC Pest Control has been working with home and business owners in Ashfield to keep their property termite-free. Termite inspection at least once a year has been the key to ensuring the safety of their properties from the destructive presence of termites.


German Cockroaches Ashfield Inner West Sydney

Aside from the threat of termites, German cockroaches have been a common problem in Ashfield. These insects are scavengers and are always in search of food and water sources like your kitchens and toilets. They can eat anything and so a higher level of their infestation can cause damages to your house or business building.

These pests hide in the cracks in walls, kitchen cupboard, below the sink, behind the fridge, underneath a stack of papers like magazines and newspapers, and some can be found in your gardens.

Cockroaches eat even rotten garbage or faecal matter and bacteria can survive in their digestive system for months or even years. They can contaminate your food and through that, they can transmit a number of infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, polio, diarrhea, and leprosy to name a few.

It is quite complex to deal with stubborn cockroaches. They are known to be resistant to any sprays and over-the-counter baits. Not to mention the difficulty of locating their hiding place and the coverage of their population.

For cockroach treatment, you should never have second thoughts of asking for help from professionals. After all, it is your health and safety that are at stake.

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