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Local pest experts compose our ABC Pest Control team in Balmain Inner West Sydney. We have mastery of the most effective pest management methods for both residential and commercial properties. By conducting a thorough and comprehensive inspection, treatment, and prevention, we guarantee nothing but a pest-free property and community.

We understand that you need the most effective pest treatment while not having to worry about your budget, obviously. So, we have designed our practically affordable packages to cater to your specific needs. Indeed, being the home of the deluxe pest control package that covers multiple pests makes us on top.

Our pest experts are licensed and are working in strict compliance with the Australian pest control regulations. This gives you an assurance that our treatment are the safest and most effective. Hence, this makes us the most trusted and most reliable pest control in Sydney.

You can never defeat pest infestation alone. Team up with us today for a guaranteed win over these unwanted creatures that have invaded your property.


German Cockroaches in Balmain Inner West Sydney

Balmain is known for its historic hotels like the Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Dick’s Hotel, Cricketer’s Arms Hotel, Dry Dock Hotel, and Exchange Hotel. Despite its diverse combination of residents, heritage conservation area still has a big part in Balmain.

From homes to businesses (particularly those under the food industry), German cockroaches have undeniably been posing a threat. Cockroach infestation is one of the worst when it comes to the danger they bring to your health and safety.

German cockroaches can contaminate food with bacteria that can make you ill with infectious or even deadly diseases. They transmit diseases such as Cholera, Salmonellosis, Diarrhea, Polio, and Leprosy. Aside from these, they would also cause more serious diseases that you would never want to have.

These creatures are nocturnal and would usually be seen in kitchens and toilets as they swarm for food and water. They hide in the darkest and enclosed areas at day time. So, if you see a cockroach at day time, your property could be under a higher level of infestation.

Cockroaches breed and grow quickly. For that reason, it is a smarter action to get the problem treated as early as the first sight of their signs. You would, occasionally or frequently, see their eggs, droppings, or even dead or alive cockroaches in and around your property.

Do not hesitate to contact ABC Pest Control today for a quick treatment to get rid of the stubborn cockroaches. 


Termite Treatment in Balmain Inner West Sydney

It is quite surprising to know that termites had cost Australia billions of dollars in damages yearly. These tiny, discreet creepy-crawlies are restless and industrious creatures. They would not stop until they completely devour every timber or wood component of your house or building.

Being barely noticeable with their presence is the problem with termites. More often than not, you would only realize their existence once the great damage start to surface.

Termites are subtle insects to deal with. Being so discreet, it is hard to comprehend their presence by just looking at the surface of your floors, walls, and ceilings.  Therefore, your property certainly requires a thorough inspection to identify the extent of their presence in your property.

Do you also know that having termite activity within 5 km away from your site makes you their next target? Definitely, these insects do not stop searching for a new site to build a new colony and to secure sustenance. In fact, they can fly or crawl their way toward your property in no time.

Just because you do not see termites does not mean you are safe from their destruction. So, it is our recommendation that you get a termite inspection done at least once a year. This is to secure a guarantee of your safety and peace of mind. You can contact us today for immediate assistance.

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