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What people don't know is supermarket products often make the problem worse.

Bed Bugs Are A Tricky Business.


To relieve suffering call me today. I have 23 years of experience in exterminating bed bugs in Sydney homes and businesses.
There is no need to suffer anymore. 
I offer to rid you of these bloodsuckers for an affordable cost. 

We always tell people to be careful with DIY treatments as bed bugs are elusive and will hide at the slightest sign of danger. Some off-the-shelf chemicals are highly toxic and overuse can lead to detrimental effects.

Get up to a 12-month warranty with ABC and become free of bed bugs. 
This job is not for your average pest control technician. You need skills and experience. Bed Bugs will go into hiding if they feel under threat. You may think they have gone, only for them to return for more blood-feeding

Allergic Reaction

Meet Warren Sydney's Best BedBug Expert

Bed bugs first started becoming prolific after the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  Before that point, there were not that many around Warren says. Since 2000, for over 20 years. Warren from ABC Pest Control has been helping people kill and remove this awful pest from homes and business premises.

One of the first questions he will ask you is. “Have you or anyone close to you been travelling lately?”

Schedule a call to hear Warrens novel approach to physical bed beg removal. If you are in the hotel or motel business be sure to call us as well residetial solutions.

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If you want to get rid of bed bugs quickly then give me a call at ABC Pest Control now for a plan to remove the issue.


People may not tell you but bed bugs are not easy to get rid of. They are elusive and need to be drawn into the open.

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Keep in touch with us to let us know the progress. We will advise on any further steps that are required. You will require 2 treatments over 14 days.

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Not any pest control company will get the job done. It takes experience and knowledge to clean a property from bed bugs


By using our services you will aquire peace of mind. You are going to be free of this terrible blood sucking pest once and for all


Warren from ABC Pest Control Sydney will report on what the status is and what that needs to be done going forward.

We love to help people remove these horrible blood suckers

Call us today so we can explain the process and assess your situation and answer any questions on an individual level.

Bed bug pest control Sydney services are available right here and now, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, are notorious hitchhikers that have earned them the nickname “traveling bugs.” These elusive pests are adept at catching rides on clothes, luggage, and other personal belongings, making them unwelcome stowaways in homes, hotels, and various other places. Their small size and flat bodies enable them to squeeze into tiny cracks and crevices, allowing them to travel undetected.
Often nocturnal feeders, bed bugs emerge during the night to feed on the blood of their hosts, typically humans.

Their preference for hiding in and around sleeping areas makes them particularly problematic, as they can easily hitch a ride on clothing or luggage when people move from one location to another. This ability to travel with unsuspecting individuals contributes to the rapid spread of bed bug infestations.
As a precautionary measure, travelers are advised to inspect their accommodations for signs of bed bugs, such as dark fecal spots on bedding or mattress seams. Taking proactive steps, such as using protective luggage encasements and regularly washing and drying clothes at high temperatures, can help prevent these resilient insects from becoming unwanted travel companions

Affordable Pricing & 12 Months Warranty for our expertise in Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney

Our comprehensive bed bug planning services help you make real affodable plans to remove the menace from your property.

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Hundreds of clients are glad they chose ABC Pest Control for bed bug extermination speak with Warren an expert now who has 20 years experience.

“We had friends stay over and accidently brought bed bugs into our home. We tried various sprays and poisons to try to get rid of them nothing worked it actually got worse. We called Warren at ABC Pest Control and boom the problem was solved and we understood what we were up against.”

-Ronald Costello, Glenorie NSW

ABC Pest Control were the best we tried three other pest companies that could not get rid of them we were in a total loop. When it comes to bed bugs do not waist your time and just call Warren at ABC.

-Kathy Vagos, Pymble

“I got bed bugs when travelling and staying in hotels and backpackers. They are the worst I could not get rid of them and I had bad reaction to them. Call ABC Pest Control highly recommended”

-Mindy Martin, Bondi NSW

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Why do supermarket products often make the problem worse?

Risk of Misuse: Improper use of over-the-counter insecticides can pose health risks to occupants and may not effectively eliminate the infestation. We as professionals know how to apply treatments safely and in a way that minimizes risks to human health.

Residual Effects: Some over-the-counter products may only provide temporary relief or have limited residual effects. Professional treatments are often designed to have a longer-lasting impact, helping to prevent re-infestations. Lastly, bed bugs like other pests may build a tolerance to over the counter treatments.

Can I stay in my house while the treatment is getting done?

No, its best to leave the house but only for a couple of hours while we spray thoughly. So its best leave for a short period. There is no need to stay overnight somewhere else though. As you may be spreading the problem. The best way is to contain bed bugs. Our methods involve bringing the bed bugs out and then allowing them to take our bait. However, we will advise personally on cleaning clothes and bed items.

What do I do if the bed bugs come back?

If we treat the problem then the chances of them returning are very slim. However, if you do believe they are still there then simply call us for sound advice. We perform 2 treatments 14 days apart. This is recommended by the code of practice for removing bed bugs. Note-Psycologically, bed bugs can have a profound effect on some people. Meaning, they may actually be gone but it feels like they are still there as you recover.

How did I get bed bugs?

Commonly, bed bugs will hitch a ride into your property after you or someone you know has been travelling. There are other circumstances, however this is the most common scenario.

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