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Looking for expert bird lice pest control Sydney near me services? Are you currently experiencing bird lice or bird mites’ infestation in Sydney? Have you been noticing tiny and semi-transparent biting insects in your home? Do you want to understand how you got bird lice? How would you know if what you have are bird mites and not bed bugs? Do you need local pest control that are experts on bird lice removal?

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Bird lice or bird mites are mobile insects and they can scatter all over your home. Yes, they feed on birds’ blood. Hence, once the baby birds leave their nests, the lice have no choice but to wander for sustenance.

It could be quite an extreme inconvenience having bird mites all over your home. Also, they can bite you which is quite painful. Unfortunately, they also pose a serious health threat to humans.

If you are unsure if what you have are bird lice or bed bugs, you can talk to us at ABC Pest Control Sydney. Specifically, we can tell you exactly over the phone which one of these that you have.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has been the top-rated choice for any type of pest removal. In fact, aside from bird mites, we can also remove all kinds of household and commercial pest control needs. For instance, we offer services fortermite treatmentcockroach removalbed bug control, and many more.

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Where Do Bird Lice Come from?

Bird lice feed on the blood of birds. Therefore, where there are birds, these pests will certainly be present too. So, they settle in the birds’ nests for sustenance for as long as the birds don’t leave.

Bird Mites in Sydney

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Generally, bird lice in Sydney have an association with popular pest birds. For instance, they are commonly breeding in the nests of sparrows, pigeons, and mynas.

Bird mites are all over the world, particularly in countries with warm weather. In fact, they have been a common pest problem in Australia. Particularly, the infestation in urban areas in Sydney becomes prevalent as birds continue to inhabit residential and commercial buildings.

Removal of Bird Mites in ABC Pest Control Sydney

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When baby birds mature and can fly, they leave the nest. Unfortunately, this makes the bird mites starve for sustenance as their hosts are gone. As a result, they move around to find a new bird’s nest with baby birds to feed on.

Bird mites can go anywhere in the house as they search for a new food source. Specifically, this is when your problem begins. Undoubtedly, bird lice can bite that results in severe skin irritation.

In conclusion, if you have birds on the property, bird mites will surely flourish soon. Apparently, if you also currently have bird problems you can talk to ABC Pest Control Sydney. Therefore, we can treat both pest birds and bird lice to eliminate them once and for all.

How Would You Know If You Have Bird Lice, Fleas or Bed Bugs?

Many people in Sydney would confuse bird mites for bed bugs. Apparently, if you’re unsure if what you have are bird mites, you can call us at ABC Pest Control Sydney to identify them.

We certainly can help you distinguish between bird mites, fleas, bed bugs, or any other biting insect in your home. Moreover, it’s easy for us to tell it even over the phone.

We understand that you’re eager to find out the distinction between bed bugs from other insect pests. Therefore, we invite you to read this amazing article about bird lice, bed bugs, and fleas.

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What Are The Effects Of Bird Lice To People?

When bird mites leave the bird’s nest, they crawl around searching for a new breeding place. Hence, you’ll certainly encounter them if they begin to wander around your home.

Bird mites prefer feeding on birds’ blood. However, in the absence of their favourite source, they can feed on any blood even if they can’t survive in it. Therefore, they can bite humans.

Bird Mite Bites

The bites of bird mites are extremely itchy. Generally, these pests usually bite the exposed skin of a person resulting in red spots on the skin. Moreover, these red spots may swell and oftentimes people would mistake them for scabies.

Their bites don’t pose a health risk because they don’t carry or transmit diseases. However, too much scratching of the bitten area may result in secondary skin infection. Moreover, they can crawl on your body which would make you feel inconvenient.

Why Do You Need Professional Bird Lice Pest Control?

When bird mites start infesting your home, it’s quite hard to control their spread. Hence, all parts or areas of your home or business property should have the treatment. For that reason, only licensed pest experts can completely exterminate these parasites with the application of a special pesticide.

Experts always recommend that you never try using shelf chemicals or pesticides to eliminate these pests. Specifically, never use any chemical unless you know exactly how to administer it and that it’s completely safe.

To completely exterminate every bird mite from your home or property, pest controllers will conduct a thorough inspection. Surely, we need to locate all the infested areas to identify the coverage of the infestation. Therefore, bird lice removal will be effective because all corners and spaces get the treatment.

Generally, we investigate from the rooftop where birds usually build their nests. Then, we’ll check the cellar and your upper room. Also, we will go to your yard, divider voids, and even the fireplace. Generally, we will check all potential areas for bird mites to establish and breed.

We have a complete strategic program for bird lice removal at ABC Pest Control Sydney. In fact, we can discuss to you the details over the phone if you’re eager to know. Hence, you are welcome to contact us anytime.

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