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Living in a rugged region such as the Blue Mountains is residing with a high level of pest control problems. Thick forests and mountains are safe homes for the reproduction and activities of all kinds of pests. Sadly, these creepy creatures seemed to be really attracted to human territories. They won’t spare residential and business properties from their invading presence.

Many people believe that pests in this region are difficult to overcome. Specifically, it is because this region has also been the centre of conservation reserve and national park areas. Thus, all kinds of pests find the Blue Mountains their paradise.

Thanks to persistent development in terms of pest control management by pest experts. As a result, today, providing a more strategic and effective pest treatment has been made possible in all areas of Sydney. Yes, that includes the Blue Mountains.

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Pest Problems – Blue Mountains

Are you an occupant of the Blue Mountains? Do you want to know the most common pests confronting you in this region?

It is a fact that the Blue Mountains is gifted with its nature. No one would deny that. Specifically, its forests, hills, mountains, and falls are all equally breathtaking. In fact, it has been a bountiful home for a diverse population of plants and animals, and yes including pests.

Almost all of the pests are present in Australia. However, the major infestation issues faced by the residents are primarily from termitesspidersbirdscockroachesbird mitesbees and wasps, rats and miceantsfleascarpet beetlessilverfish, and bed bugs.

Termite Control – Blue Mountains

Do you have problems with termites and need an affordable and effective termite treatment? ABC Pest Control can certainly help you with the solution.

Termites are very destructive. They can consume our entire property without us noticing them. In fact, they have been causing billions of dollars of damages yearly.

Primarily, their appetite is on dead plants and trees and that makes the Blue Mountains a sumptuous source for their food. Moreover, our homes and buildings are usually built with timber and that invites termites to crawl their way silently to our properties. Hence, they are hard to detect as they thrive underneath the floors or behind the walls. Indeed, these pests won’t stop until they have devoured every food they can get.Therefore, termites can cause serious damages and that means huge financial problems if not detected and treated early. Furthermore, the treatment should include prevention of their reoccurrence and that can only be done by termite experts.

Bees In The Blue Mountains

Certainly, there are more than 20,000 species of bees all around the world. In Australia, the most common are the European bees and the Asian Honey bees. They are known to be more dangerous than spiders. In fact, they’re even more deadly than any other pests and have caused the most number of hospitalizations in Australia.

These winged insects tend to be aggressive when disturbed or threatened. Usually, they attack with their venomous sting that causes unbearable pain and allergic reactions. Certainly, severe reactions to bee stings include swelling of the face including lips and throat, difficulty in breathing, and palpitations. In addition, bee stings cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, or even death in the case of anaphylactic shock.

Furthermore, with trees and plants all around you in the Blue Mountains, bees are the common menace. Hence, they would even build nests in your properties where they find suited for their survival. Making you even more prone to their deadly attack.

How Can We Avoid Bee Stings? – Pest Control Blue Mountains

The first thing you can do to avoid bee stings is to be aware if there is a beehive in your surroundings.

Next, clothes of bright colours can attract the bees so you might want to avoid wearing such. Avoid wearing sweet-scented perfumes as bees would chase it.

Moreover, if you have to go to a place that is known to be prone to attack, wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and shoes.

Well, there are still other few things that we can do to avoid bees.

You need to keep your property and surroundings clean of any garbage such as rotten fruits and animal feces.

Next, tever leave your food or drinks open outside. Lastly, when you see bees flying around you, stay calm and still and slowly move away.

There is always a way to avoid the deadly bee sting. However, if you are constantly in danger, there is nothing better and more effective than contacting bee experts.

If you have a beehive in or near the property and want it removed, contact the ABC Pest Control team for immediate action. Our bee experts will make sure that you will be safe and don’t worry about the bee stings anymore.

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