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ABC Pest Control has been providing top pest control services in Cabramatta. This suburb is celebrated for being Sydney’s ‘Little Saigon’.

Our team of experts is well known for solving annoying pest control problems. Furthermore, we aim to give customers only the best pest control procedure.

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Termite Infestations in Cabramatta

Termites are known to be a problematic pest throughout Australia. Unfortunately, they cause disturbances to different areas across the globe.

Termites can bring huge damage to housing structures which can cost a lot of money for Australians annually.

Termites feast on wood. Therefore, the inside of the wood structures in your home is eaten through. You can try checking how bad the infestation is by knocking on wood.

If you hear a hollow or crumbly paper sound, then this could indicate a huge infestation problem in Liverpool.


Termite Infestation Indicator In Liverpool

Termite wood holes and tunnels are one of the most known indications of an infestation.

However, they are not always obvious to the eye. Although, you may find a piece of broken wood from your home.

Try to take a peek into the middle of it. This could give you a clue as to whether or not you have a termite infestation.


Cockroaches in Cabramatta

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests. They live and feed in the dark, and will try to hide from getting in contact with humans.

This means that when you see a cockroach during the day. It could be an indication of an infestation. These pesky crawlers prefer dark, moist places.

They take shelter in these areas to hide and breed. Areas like the back of refrigerators, sinks and stoves, as well as under floor drains and inside of motors and major appliances. Because they are flexible and have the ability to flatten their body.

Cockroaches can fit themselves into tiny holes and cracks.

Unfortunately, they may also be found hiding beneath rubber mats, behind wallpaper and within wall cracks.


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Cockroach Infestation Hazards In Cabramatta

Cockroaches give out an unpleasant smell. Once there is a bad infestation, you will smell a strong oily or musty odour. Bodies of dead cockroaches may also be found around the house. This is dangerous especially for families with infants or pets. Apart from this. Cockroaches leave oval-shaped egg cases. It is also known as ootheca. These are sometimes visible behind furniture and in other hidden locations. You can even find these in between books, or even your cupboard.

Cockroaches will eat and contaminate almost anything. They have the ability to contaminate almost everything such as left-over human food, wood, leather, cigarette butts and more. You may also see them feasting on coffee grinds, glue, soap, feces, and including fabric.

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