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The stubborn pest control Concord near me, Inner West, Sydney a break. Every day is a day of struggles with the presence of these pesky creatures that have already invaded the residential and commercial areas.

Pest infestation could be the worst nightmare you’ll have in your home or business. Specifically, these ravenous and merciless creepy-crawlies will do everything to get in your property and stay. Hence, you can never be free from their threat of invasion and destruction.

Concord is a beautiful suburb that has the perfect gift of city living and the beauty of nature that you surely enjoy. In fact, your place has been one of the best in Sydney. Unfortunately, it seems that pests also got lucky to have found their home in this wonderful place.

To fight any infestation is not easy. It is difficult and you just can’t get rid of them without professional help from pest experts.

ABC Pest Control is the answer you’ve been looking for to get the best solutions to your infestation problems. From residential or business properties, our team is equipped and ready to set you free from the constant danger posed by these odious pests.

Our wide range of services covers termites, rodents, birds, cockroaches, bed bugs, and many more that you can see under our services section. Fortunately, our services come with the most affordable packages that were designed to address your specific pest problem within the scope of your budget.

You can book us now in under 60 seconds using our top-notch booking system. Likewise, we’re ready to answer your call for any enquiry.


Rising Termite Problems – Concord Sydney

There’s really no doubt about how destructive termites can be to any property in Concord. With their constant movement and quick expansion of colonies, these pests are literally everywhere ravaging every place they get in.

One common reason why many properties suffered the devastation caused by termites is the lack of regular termite inspection. Hence, many owners now realised that just because you don’t have termites now doesn’t mean you won’t have them sooner.

For instance, having active termites within 5km in radius from your property makes you a vulnerable new target anytime soon. Without preventive action, you would surely wake up one day with termite tubes everywhere in your structure.

No property is, indeed, safe from termite invasion unless you put in preventive measures. Since they work in silence, you won’t really notice when these pests have arrived unless you do a regular check of their signs. Moreover, a termite barrier can certainly help to safeguard your property for a longer period of time.

Termite experts recommend you get a regular termite inspection once annually at the very least to keep your guard up against termites. By this, you will be able to address current and future threats of termites before it’s too late. Moreover, you can consult with the experts about installing an effective and sustainable termite barrier for a long-term solution.

You can solve your problems with termites by contacting the best ABC Pest Control termite experts today. To get an appointment, you may also book through the website.

Bloodsucking Bed Bugs – Concord Sydney

Your bed is your favourite resting place. It’s where you regain your energy after a long day of so much stress and exhaustion. Hence, it has to be the most comfortable bed that allows you to rest well to be ready to face the next day.

Sadly, the supposed to be the most relaxing bed sometimes becomes your most horrible place when it’s infested with the blood-hungry bed bugs. As a result, you don’t get the comfy rest you need and you wake up with itchy bites.

Not only do bed bugs become a real problem at home in Concord. These creepy-crawlies are a major irritation in hotels, hostels, and apartments.

These pests can be transported by travellers, tourists, and backpackers by hitching a ride through their luggage. Therefore, they are more common in the accommodation business than anywhere else.

Bed bugs feed on human blood and therefore they bite for sustenance. Although they don’t really cause any diseases, scratching their itchy bites could result in skin allergies or secondary skin infections. Moreover, the discomfort of having them in bed can also make you develop insomnia and anxiety issues.

Book or call ABC Pest Control today to get rid of these creepy bed bugs.


Effective Rodent Control – Concord Sydney

What’s more dangerous than the swarming of the filthy rats and mice in your property in Concord? These clever creatures have been one of the worst pests to invade your home or business causing property damages and spread various diseases.

Rodents such as rats and mice have hard and sharp teeth. Hence, they can bite anything and damage it eventually such as wires, papers, furniture, and food containers. Most horribly, they can damage and expose electric wires by nibbling that may result in a fire.

Rodents are carriers of many bacteria. For instance, the large number of pathogens they carry can cause infectious diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Hemorrhagic fever, Plague, and Tularemia. Furthermore, they also carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, and lice that can form into other huge infestation problems later.

Never allow rodents to stay and put your family and business at greater health risks. Book our rodent experts at ABC Pest Control today or call us for enquiry.

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