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The prevalent pest control in Croydon near me has been causing stress among the occupants of Croydon, Inner West, and Sydney. Obviously, pests have already made their irritating presence visible not just in residential areas but also in commercial properties.

The threat of destruction and serious health problems that pests bring certainly make property owners dread the invasion of these pesky creatures. Hence, the longer they stay the more damages they can create and more diseases they can spread.

If you see signs of an infestation whether at home or in your business, never wait another day before you take an action. It would be best to contact pest experts immediately to address the issue with the right treatment before it’s too late.

You can book or contact the ABC Pest Control team for any irritation problems you have on your property. Our friendly and professional team of experts can provide you with the complete and best solutions to whatever pests you have. Furthermore, we aim to provide you the safest and long-term solutions more than anything else.

You may check the long list of our services on this website with the most affordable packages that will surely fit your budget and needs. For instance, if you have multiple pest problems, you can choose our deluxe pest control package that covers up to 15 different pests.


Enough of Rats and Mice Running Around – Croydon Sydney

Effective Rodent Removal is one of the most challenging and difficult treatment to administer in Croydon. In fact, eradicating rats and mice requires more than just effective baits and traps. Hence, it really requires you to have rodent experts take the action of eliminating these creepy-crawlies.

Rats and mice are clever and quick creatures that usually overcome simple traps and baits. They are cautious pests that can oftentimes detect danger and avoid it. Hence, they continue to stay and increase in number day after day.

Rodents such as rats and mice are one of the fastest breeding mammals that make every property infested by their large population in just a matter of a year. They can destroy your property by nesting on attics, crawl spaces, subfloors, and any dark and undisturbed areas. Moreover, they have a constant nibbling activity that results in broken wires and gnawed materials like your furniture and food containers.

The worst thing about rodent infestation is the spread of many infectious diseases. Unfortunately, your home or business is at greater risk of being contaminated with the number of bacteria that rats and mice carry. Thus, they can spread illnesses such as  Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Tularemia, and Hemorrhagic fever.

Rats and mice like dirty environment as they seek food to survive. For instance, they can be roaming in a garbage pit, garbage bins, and any dirty areas. As a result, they may get in contact not just with multiple bacteria but also other parasites such as fleasticks, and lice. Rodents carry and bring these parasites back to your property which will give you another form of infestation sooner or later.

Don’t wait until rats and mice completely take over your propertyBook or contact ABC Pest Control today for the best rodent removal in Sydney.

Be One Step Ahead of Termites – Croydon Sydney

Termites are tiny and vulnerable insects but they can create damages bigger than what other bigger creatures can do. In fact, a report in 2012 surprised Australia with whopping billions of dollars of total damages annually that termites caused.

Termites don’t spare any property they settle in. They not only make it their home but also a mining site for food that results in total devastation of the structure. Oftentimes, you won’t notice them until you the horrifying damages as a result of their destructive eating activity.

Your house or property contains their favourite food- the timbre. From the floor to the wall, ceiling, and roof, termites will not leave until they’ve consumed every piece of wood you have. Hence, early detection of their threat or presence will save you from the total mess and financial disaster.

regular termite inspection as termite experts recommend will surely be your best step to keep your guard up against termites. Doing it at least once a year will enable you to go one step ahead of termites. By this, you can detect them early and treat them early.

If you see signs of termites in your property now, you need to contact the termite experts immediately. Don’t touch them because they may just get upset and will spread all over your place causing more destruction. Moreover, what you see may just be the thin surface of a massive problem underneath.

ABC Pest Control offers you the best solutions for termites in Croydon. Our team is proud to be the best termite experts in the entire Sydney having saved every home or property we worked on. Specifically, we do a comprehensive termite inspection, safest and most effective treatment, and long-term termite prevention.

Book us now or call us for enquiries.


Don’t Share Your Bed with Bed Bugs – Croydon Sydney

What is more irritating than the itchy bites of bed bugs that make you awake in the midst of your sound rest? Indeed, you wouldn’t like to keep these creepy insects for another chance of a real nightmare.

Bed bugs are everywhere but are more common in accommodation businesses where people come and go every day. These creepy insects travel with people by hitching a ride in their luggage. Thus, you may hear these common bed bug problems in hotels, hostels, and apartments. They have also been present in residential areas and have been a common menace in homes recently.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. They hide in your bed outlines and in the crevices of your furniture during the day. However, they come out at night when you’re fast asleep and slowly crawl toward you and feast on your blood. They don’t cause too much pain but you would feel itchiness that would keep you scratching.

Although bed bugs don’t cause diseases, their bites can result in so many inconveniences. Too much scratching of their bitten area could result in secondary skin infection and allergies. Moreover, the discomfort caused by their bites can cause you insomnia and anxiety issues.

Good and comfortable sleep is important. However, this won’t be possible with the presence of the blood-hungry bed bugs in your bed. Hence, having no enough sleep may cause you other health issues later on.

Restore that comfy bed and your good sleep every night by getting rid of these odious bed bugs immediately. You can’t resolve the problem by just changing your bedsheets. Don’t hesitate to book or contact ABC Pest Control for a complete bed bug removal today.

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