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Expert Pest Control – Eastern Suburbs Sydney


If you live anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, chances are you might be well aware of the pest control issues the region is confronting or you are already one of those suffering from the troublesome infestation.

Pests are everywhere. They can be around us or they can be living with us in the same shelter without us knowing. Some can be just inconvenient but most are really dangerous. We understand that it is of natural design that they exist, but when they become threats to our convenience, health, and safety that makes the story different.

The proliferation of pest problems can clearly be seen in the reports and the number of pest management companies that offer varied, if not different solutions.

Choosing the right experts to get rid of the harmful pests should be a careful decision. Nobody should waste their resources for nothing. Everybody deserves a service that is of the best value for their money.

ABC Pest Control is a company that provides long term solutions. These solutions come with very affordable packages carefully engineered to completely address your specific needs.

We are experts for any pest problem. May it be termites, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, bird lice, and a lot more, we have the treatment. Our booking system on the website allows you to book a convenient schedule in less than 60 seconds or you can call us for inquiry.

Your safety is our priority while ensuring service quality carried out by our licensed and experienced pest experts. We are compliant with Australian pest treatment standards making our solutions safe, lasting, and cost-effective.

Rodents in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Rodents such rats and mice are one of the most destructive and dangerous pests. They commonly dwell in our homes or buildings. While mice can grow from 5 to 8 inches, rats can reach a longer size up to 13 to 18 inches. Annually, female mice can reproduce up to 192 offspring and rats can give birth to up to 85 baby rats. They can live up to 18 months.

They can chew anything like our food and any materials such as wires, clothes, and furniture. They can cause a fire by just simply biting and exposing electric wires.

These vermin can bring about various dreadful diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonelossis, Toxoplasmosis, Typhus, Tularemia, Plague, and so many more. They can also be the carriers of other pests such as lice, fleas, mites, and ticks into our homes.


Signs of Rodents in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

You will know if your property is infested with rodents if you have sightings of the following.

  • Droppings or Fecal matter that usually look like black pellets
  • Damages to any house materials such as food containers, clothes, and wires which are usually gnawed or eaten away
  • Noises you hear at night especially in the roof.
  • Live or dead rodents around the property

How Do We Deal With Rodents in Eastern Suburbs Sydney?

Rodents are attracted to food and moisture. Thus, the first thing you can do is to ensure your property’s sanitation. Avoid accumulating garbage such as papers, plastics, cans, and fruit and vegetable skin peelings. Make sure all corners of the house are clean. It is also recommended to seal our food storage allowing no entry of these pests to contaminate our foods.

If you have pet birds, it is best to keep the cage clean. You also need to secure all holes that can possibly be their entry point by sealing them properly.

Do We Need Expert Pest Control To Fight Rodents?

Everyone can surely do some measures to minimize rodent infestation in the property but only experts can provide a complete and effective solution. These pests are stubborn and do not easily give up their shelter and source of food.

ABC Pest Control in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is a team of experts with a full understanding of the nature, behaviour, and habits of rodents. With this thorough understanding, we have developed an effective strategy specifically not just to rid any property of these harmful pests but also to ensure that they do not return.

Other Pests in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

No infestation is convenient and so every pest should be taken seriously and be treated immediately. Eastern Suburbs has not been free from the invasion of harmful pests such as cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, bird lice, and ants among the top. Getting rid of these pests is as important as getting rid of the rodents. Here, we’ll discuss the two other major infestations you should be warned about- termites and cockroaches.

Termites can cause expensive damages by destroying the very foundation of our property such as underneath our floors and behind our walls. They are known to be silent killers, so we would not notice their activity until great damage is surfaced.

These pests love warm and dark areas and feed on cellulose-based materials and those are dead plants and trees. Our houses and building are usually made of wood materials making it a sumptuous food source for termites.

Signs of termites in your property are almost indistinguishable; however, we can identify them by the presence of wings, sagging floors, hollow wood, termite shelter tubes, tree nests, blowholes in trees, earthen packing, termite noises, and wood excavation

Exterminating these pests requires a comprehensive inspection and treatment to ensure effective results.

Cockroaches are also dangerous pests to confront. These filthy, winged, nocturnal insects also love to stay in our homes and buildings posing danger to our property and our health. Just like rodents, they carry bacteria that can cause infectious diseases.

When their colony gets larger, they can be unstoppable in destroying anything as they also feed on plants and animals. That’s right. They are omnivores and they eat anything.

We can easily identify their presence if we see their eggs in room corners usually in enclosed or dark areas, their odd odour, droppings, and the sight of them at night that makes us scream.

Just like rodents and termites, keeping our property free and safe from these insects requires and thorough inspection and comprehensive treatment that only professional experts can administer.

Contact ABC Pest Control in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

The next thing you wouldn’t want to happen is to find out having an army of rodents, termites, cockroaches, or any pests invading and destroying your property. Any single sign of their presence should be treated immediately before it’s too late.

You can book for our ABC Pest Control experts in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in less than 60 seconds through our booking system on the website or call 0404130944.

We’re looking forward to being of great help in making your property pest-free.