Rat Removal Pest Control Sydney

Have you been troubled by the rat infestation problem in Sydney? Do you know that rats are one of the most dangerous pests to invade your home? Are you aware that rats are carriers of a multitude of serious diseases? Can you remove rats on your own without calling rat exterminators? Are you looking for immediate yet effective and long-term solutions to stop your rat problems?

Rat Infestation Problem Pest Control Sydney

An infestation of rats has been a perennial headache among Sydney residents. In fact, these pests have been posing serious health risks and property damages.

With the closure of many business establishments due to the COVID 19 pandemic, rat problem becomes worse. Apparently, they have nowhere to run for sustenance, hence, they become your next guests.

For instance, rats usually swarm near or around food business establishments for easy access to food. However, with the current situation rats find your home as the best site for food and shelter.

The real problem is that when these pests found your home, they certainly will be there to stay. To make the matter worse, these pesky creatures bring diseases as deadly as COVID 19.

If you see signs of rat presence in your place, take an action immediately. Unfortunately, the longer you delay the solution, the bigger that your rat problem becomes.

ABC Pest Control in Sydney Rat Removal

Does ABC Pest Control Sydney Do Expert Rat Removal?

ABC Pest Control Sydney has been the top choice for rat removal in entire Sydney for 20 years. In fact, we offer a great number of pest control services. Undoubtedly, rat removal is also our expertise.

Our expert rat exterminators have full comprehension of the nature of rats. With this, our experts have the most effective methods to exterminate these pests. Moreover, we provide a long-term prevention approach against rat infestation.

If you have a serious rat problem and require expert rat removal, do not hesitate to book. You can also have a look at our affordable packages.

What are the Dangers that Rats Bring to Your Home?

Rats are unarguably one of the most disgusting pests to ever enter your home. Specifically, their presence also brings real dangers to your property.

These creepy rodents are chewing creepy-crawlies. Certainly, if you have them in your place, don’t be surprised if you see chewed clothes or books. Not only do they chew any light materials, but they also can bite electric wires.

When rats nibble the electric wires, it can eventually expose the electrical conductor wire. As a result, a fire could blow anytime.

You may think that physical damages to your home could be the worst to happen because of rats. Unfortunately, the dangers they bring are beyond that. These rodents carry many bacteria that can cause many diseases.

Moreover, rats can bring you more pest problems to face later. As a result of rat infestation, you’ll eventually be facing irritations such as liceticks, and fleas.

What Diseases Do Rats Cause in Sydney? Rat Removal Sydney

Rodents such as rats have been the carriers of many serious diseases that endanger not just humans but also pets. In fact, in 2019, experts believed that rodents potentially caused the massive cases of Leptospirosis that can kill dogs.

Leptospirosis is one deadly disease that rats can transmit. To explain, it’s in the rat’s kidney where the Leptospira bacteria stay. Eventually, they spread into the rat’s urine and can stay alive in water or moist places. These bacteria can get into humans through the eyes, mouths, nose, or breaks in the skin.

Statistics show that around one million people get infected with leptospirosis annually and around 5-10% died. Most commonly, rats are the culprits of the quick spread of this infamous disease.

Other than leptospirosis, rats also carry bacteria that cause other equally dangerous health problems. For instance, rats can spread diseases such as Salmonellosis, Tularemia, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lassa Fever, and Plague.

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What Do You Need to Know About Rats in Sydney?

Rats in Sydney are rodents with medium size and long tails. Obviously, rats are bigger than mice. In fact, they usually grow an average length of 9 to 11 inches excluding their tails.

These rodents can eat any food but they certainly love to eat grains, fruits, and meat. In a day, these creatures can produce up to 50 droppings.

Rats are baby-making machines. In fact, they can produce an average of around 10 babies every 3 to 4 weeks. In addition, female rats become sexually mature after approximately 6 weeks and the males, after 8 weeks. Hence, their population can explode exponentially in a year.

Unlike mice, rats prefer to stay in lower areas like basements and crawlspaces. Well, they also are definitely capable of climbing high structures.

Rats have bigger and stronger teeth. Hence, they can cause more damages than mice because of their gnawing activity.

What Are the Signs of Rat Infestation in Sydney? Rat Removal Sydney

There are obvious signs of a rat infestation in Sydney. In fact, if you’re keen on your surroundings you can certainly identify the rat presence.

You may notice rat droppings around your place usually around food packages, cupboards, crawl spaces, and drawers. These droppings are dark to light brown in appearance. Most commonly, they look like thin pellets with rounded ends. For its length, every dropping is usually around 3/8 inch long and 1/7 inch in diametre.

If you can smell something distinctly unpleasant, you may need to worry about being infested. Rats’ urine has a musky odour that can be noticed usually when the infestation level has gone quite high.

Gnawed materials like books and clothes are also clear signs of rat presence. Purposefully, they collect these light materials back to their nest for comfort and warmth. Moreover, seeing gnawed electrical wires and food packages could certainly mean you have these pests.

Rats’ noises are more audible usually at night because these creepy-crawlies are nocturnal creatures. You may hear them scratching and running through your walls, roofs, or ceilings.

Finally, another sign of rat infestation in their nests. Rats, usually, build their nests in burrows underground and in crawlspaces between walls and subfloors. Most commonly, rats use papers, twigs grass, fabrics, and leaves to build their nests

If you see any of these rat infestation signs, you may need to contact a rat exterminator right away. You can book our ABC Pest Control rodent experts in Sydney for top-rated rat removal.

Can You Do Rat Removal Without Professional Help in Sydney

Rat infestation is a serious problem for any Sydney resident. In fact, every home is in danger of their presence unless an effective prevention system is in place.

We can only do so much as maintaining the cleanliness of our home and its surroundings. However, we may need more action.

A clean home is usually not a good place for rats. However, these pests could attack just any home as they desperately seek sustenance and shelter.

Rats are clever rodents that are difficult to deal with. Clearly, these pests can usually escape danger given their cautious nature. Hence, setting simple baits or traps may not be good action at all.

Complete and effective rat removal requires a systematic approach and accurate method to ensure success. Hence, it requires a qualified rat exterminator if you want a long-term rat solution.

Stop living in fear. You don’t need to live with rats forever. Book or call our rat exterminator today for the solution.

Contact Our Pest Control Experts in Sydney

You have no luxury of time when it comes to acting on a rat infestation in Sydney. Because letting them stay for another day in your home is another chance for them to pose danger.

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Flea Removal Pest Control Sydney – Fleas Sydney

Do you need expert and affordable expert removal of fleas in Sydney? Are you seeing your pets excessively scratching and biting their fur? Have you been seeing these insects hopping on your drapery or carpet? Did you know that fleas can cause several illnesses to pets and humans? How can you get rid of fleas completely?

Flea removal Sydney

Expert Flea Removal ABC Pest Control Sydney

ABC Pest Control Sydney has been the top choice for expert and affordable flea removal in the entire Sydney. Apparently, our flea experts can help in the prevention and treatment of the pesky fleas.

With more than 20 years of pest control, we guarantee expertise on a lot of pest control solutions. In fact, our extensive knowledge of fleas enables us to deal with them with accuracy. For instance, we don’t just remove fleas. Also, we exterminate their eggs and the conditions that can attract and nourish them.

If you currently are dealing with the stressful fleas, we invite you to contact us at ABC Pest Control Sydney today. Apparently, we can discuss over the phone the solution to your flea problem and organize the appointment.

You can call us on 0404 130 944 now. Likewise, you can also quickly book us here in under 60 seconds. Furthermore, you can find us on Facebook and Google My Business.

Why Do You Need Expert Flea Removal in Sydney?

Fleas can bite you and your pets. Apparently, they can pose serious danger aside from their painful and itchy bites. For instance, flea bites can cause several health problems.

Trying to remove fleas from your home by yourself is a tedious task that may not be completely effective. Unfortunately, these pests and their eggs are not easy to eliminate. Therefore, a new population will emerge soon if you fail to treat them from the source.

You don’t need to live with fleas. Most importantly, you don’t need to deal with these pesky pests alone.

Like other parasites, these pests should leave your home. Specifically, you can completely get rid of them if you partner with your local ABC Pest Control Sydney. Thankfully, our experts know what to do to free you from the annoying and dangerous flea infestation.

You can’t exterminate the entire flea population by just killing those you see on the surface. Rather than chasing them one by one, you can contact us today for the most efficient and effective flea treatment.

If you have fleas, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and talk to our head expert at ABC Pest Control Sydney today.

What are Fleas in Sydney? Flea Removal ABC Pest Control Sydney

Fleas are tiny and wingless bugs that live on the blood of other creatures. Currently, there are more than 2,000 species around the world. Apparently, around 88 of these species live in Australia.

Flea Image Sydney

Fleas are around 3mm long with no wings. Since fleas have no wings, they use their long and strong back legs to jump toward their host. In fact, they can jump up to 30 cm high just enough for them to easily reach their host. Moreover, they are usually brown insects with flat bodies.

As soon as they get on to your pets, these parasites can bite your pets up to every 5-minute interval. Therefore, this makes your pets uncomfortable and scratch excessively because of their itchy frequent bites.

Fleas usually live up to 100 days. However, with a perfect environment indoors, these parasites can live up to a year. Unfortunately, that means the longer they stay, the more that they can reproduce.

They reproduce at an astounding rate. In fact, one female flea can produce up to around 2000 eggs in their lifetime. Now, think about having 10 fleas reproducing inside your home. Certainly, you’ll have thousands of fleas spread in your home in just a few months if they continue to stay.

If you see fleas on your pet’s skin or on your carpet, you certainly are infested. Apparently, seeing a single flea is already a sign to worry about. Therefore, act on them at first sight by getting your local ABC Pest Control Sydney to address the situation.

How Would You Know if You Have Fleas?

Signs of fleas in your home could be easy to distinguish if you pay keen attention. Firstly, the most obvious sign is when you see your pets constantly licking or scratching. Specifically, the flea bites are too itchy that makes your pets uncomfortable.

Flea Bites

Flea bites on arm Sydney

You may also see little dark spots that are moving in your pet’s fur. Also, you may see minute dark droppings and white eggs on your pet or their bedding. Besides, your pets may have redness or irritations on their skin.

In some cases, your pets may start losing their hair when infested. Furthermore, you and your family member may experience itchy bites of these blood-sucking parasites.

If you have these signs of a flea infestation, don’t hesitate to call us at ABC Pest Control Sydney for the complete flea removal.

What Should You Do If You Have Fleas in Sydney?

Effective flea removal in Sydney involves a complete understanding of how these parasites grow and survive in a home environment. In fact, you can completely eliminate fleas by just killing the grown-up ones.

A female flea can produce thousands of eggs in her lifetime. Hence, you need to find out where these eggs usually settle until they hatch.

Naturally, fleas are capable of producing eggs indoors and outdoors. Specifically, this means that they can lay eggs inside or outside of the home. For instance, if inside your home, you may find fleas in the floor coverings, bedding, and pet beds.

If you want to alleviate the presence of fleas and their eggs, vacuuming would help. For example, you need to intensively vacuum your carpet and tiles to suck every flea and egg out. However, it can surely not completely and effectively eliminate the problem.

Regular cleaning of your pet’s house or bedding would be ideal. Also, it would help if you always clean and move your furniture around to get rid of fleas hiding behind. In general, flea eggs hatch in dull areas.

Ensure that your pet’s dwelling is dry and well-ventilated. Generally, fleas love wet or saggy areas. In fact, warm and moisture make a perfect environment for them to survive and breed. Furthermore, never let your pets miss their regular shower.

It does not take a longer time for fleas to take over your entire home. Therefore, stop stressing yourself of their presence and threat. Thankfully, you no longer need to suffer when you call us at ABC Pest Control Sydney today for top-rated flea removal.

Can Fleas Transit Diseases in Sydney?

Fleas are more than just discomfort at home in Sydney Oftentimes, these pests cause horrible health issues among humans and pets.

These creepy-crawlies can cause your pets to lose their hair due to excessive scratching of the flea bite area. Potentially, the flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis among your pets. Specifically, flea saliva has allergens that result in rashes.

In severe cases, your pets may also develop anemia if fleas stay longer on their skins. Needless to say, fleas will constantly suck your pets’ blood for sustenance. Hence, resulting in a drop in their bodies’ red blood cells.

Tapeworms may also infect your pets specifically cats. Specifically, this happens when your pets could ingest fleas. Unfortunately, symptoms of tapeworm infection may not be obvious. However, your pets may start losing appetite and start scooting.

For humans, fleas can also pose serious health risks. For instance, fleas are the reasons behind illnesses such as typhus and plague. Moreover, they carry the cat scratch disease which can be harmful to humans.

The health danger that these pests bring is undeniable. Therefore, the longer that you allow them to stay, the more chances that they can pose health problems.

When the safety of your pets and family are at stake, there’s no sooner time to remove fleas than today. Hence, reach out now to your local flea removal team at ABC Pest Control Sydney.

Contact Expert Flea Removal ABC Pest Control Sydney

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