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Nothing is more irritating if you live in Glebe than the rising pest control issues. This area has, unfortunately, been another hotspot for a diverse population of pests. In fact, residential and commercial owners have been quite problematic as to how they can effectively combat such stubborn enemies.

There’s probably nothing to ask more if you are an occupant of Glebe. Well, aside from being just a few minutes away from the CBD, this suburb has got easy access to everything. For instance, you’ve got nice cafes, bars, restaurants, great malls, and beautiful parks around. Indeed, it’s a place to live.

This seemingly peaceful and easy living in this part of Sydney has been disturbed by the ongoing pest infestation issues. From homes to business establishments, pests have been quite a menace to the owners.

If you care about your family or business, then you should never allow these odious creatures to stay another day in your property. Well, they seemed to be quite difficult to completely eradicate before but not anymore.

The recent development on pest management, particularly with ABC Pest Control, has come up with the safest yet most effective solutions to any pest problem that you have. Hence, we certainly provide cost-effective pest treatment that is completely safe for the environment, people, and pets.

Our team at ABC Pest Control aims to make and keep every property pest-free. Thus, we have a wide range of services that covers all common household and commercial infestation issues. We work on pest inspection, treatment, and prevention. Moreover, each of our services comes with the most affordable packages that certainly fit your needs and budget.

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The Hungry Bed Bugs – Glebe Sydney

Bed bugs have been a common infestation problem in Glebe particularly in the accommodation business. These creepy insects have penetrated this suburb in the same way that more and more tourists have been coming in every day.

Being close to Sydney Central Business District, Glebe has been receiving local and international guests every day.  Well, that’s a good thing economically for the suburb and, surely, more and more guests will come moving forth.

However, you would’ve already known that where there are tourists there are bed bugs. That’s true. In fact, these insects hitch a ride by sticking into the luggage of travellers such as backpackers and tourists. Hence, they are common in accommodation establishments like hotels, hostels, and apartments.

Surprisingly, bed bugs may not only be a problem by accommodation business owners. It can also be a stubborn infestation in residential areas which can spread quickly if not treated early.

There is no proof yet if bed bugs can cause health issues in humans. However, their bites can certainly cause serious inconvenience to your family or guests.

Bed bugs usually attack you while you’re sleeping and stationary as they suck blood for sustenance. Their bites result in redness, swelling, and itchiness enough to create discomfort during your rest. Moreover, the longer you have bed bugs in where you rest, the more that you get the chance of developing insomnia and anxiety issues

Make your home or hotel the best place to stay by making it bedbug-free. Book or contact ABC Pest Control for a quick and effective solution today.


The Stubborn Cockroaches– Glebe Sydney

Cockroaches are one of the most infamous pests in Glebe. These disgusting insects have been growing quickly in their population and are spreading more and more diseases every day. Clearly, the higher their number becomes, the more destruction and health risks they bring.

Scavenging for food in order to survive, cockroaches unceasingly travel everywhere until they find your home or office. Unfortunately, when these creepy-crawlies find your place quite accommodating with food and nice shelter, they will surely stay.

Cockroaches like dirty environment with food and water sources. This is the reason why you usually find them in the kitchen and toilet. Hence, your food and water are quite vulnerable to their contamination if they’re not stored properly.

More than property damages, cockroaches are a serious threat to your health. In fact, they carry around 33 bacteria that cause many infectious diseases. Most horribly, these diseases can be fatal if you don’t seek immediate medical treatment. Some of these diseases are Polio, Cholera, Typhoid fever, Dysentery, Leprosy, and Salmonellosis.

You’ve got to do something to be safe from cockroaches at the first sighting of their presence. Never disregard if you see only a few of them. They breed quickly and there’s definitely hundreds and thousands of them taking over your property sooner.

Cockroaches are stubborn insects and can withstand many sprays and poisonous baits. They can even survive a radiation higher than what humans can bear. Thus, eradicating them requires expert skills with the right treatment to get them off your place for the last time.

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The Destructive Termites – Glebe Sydney

Termites, like in other places, are the most destructive pests in Glebe. These insects’ appetite on timber makes your home or property vulnerable to sooner destruction. Hence, you need to take action before it happens.

As experts have been clearly emphasising, a regular termite inspection is your best way to be safe from termites. In fact, to keep your guard up against these pests, you need termite inspection at least once a year.

Termites travel constantly and before you know it, they might already be in your property feasting on its timbre or wood components. Oftentimes, without a thorough termite inspection, they will make you notice them only with the huge damages they’ve created.

It’s quite hard to identify termite infestation without expert knowledge and tools. What makes it harder is that these insects usually thrive first underneath your floors and within your walls. However, with modern technology today, we can already detect termite activity quite easily.

Treating termites also involves a comprehensive and strategic approach. To eliminate them completely is to ensure that we don’t leave any corner where they stay untreated. Moreover, installing a termite prevention system will be best to ensure termites can’t penetrate to your place any sooner.

ABC Pest Control has spent years of study, training, and experience mastering termite control. Hence, we’ve been doing comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and prevention with accuracy.

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No pest is worth keeping. With the damages and health issues they bring, you need to rid or push them away from your territory.

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