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Expert Pest Control – Inner West Sydney

For many years, ABC Pest Control has been servicing the entire Inner West region of Sydney in providing cost-effective solutions to pest infestation. Our team is composed of trained, licensed, and experienced professionals that have proven expertise in pest inspection and extermination through the years.

Not everyone has the same magnitude of pest problems. With that understanding, we designed our affordable pest control packages fairly to address your specific needs.

The safety and quality of service matter to us as it is to you. With 100% compliance with the Australian standards for pest control treatment, you have an assurance that we only use systematic, safe, and effective procedures.

Top Pest Control Problems in Inner West Sydney

Just like any other region, the Inner West is infested with cockroaches, termites, rodents and mice, bed bugs, ants, and many more. Residential and commercial property owners have been consulting pest control experts on how to get rid of these pests once and for all.

Being a metropolitan area, the Inner West region is faced with health and safety threats primarily caused by cockroaches and bed bugs. This city is not just populated with people but also with these gruesome insects.

Cockroaches, especially the German cockroaches have been giving everyone huge headaches. They don’t just make someone shiver when seen passing by the floors and walls but also pose a serious danger to one’s health and can destroy the property.

Next to cockroaches, bed bugs are a major force to reckon with. These bloodsuckers are barely noticeable and can feast over your blood in no time.

Facts about German Cockroaches in Inner West Sydney

German cockroaches are anywhere in the world. Yes, that includes Inner West. These pests have been well-known for its prolific nature in reproduction. In fact, one female in their group can have up to 100,000 eggs in one year. Imagine how huge a number they have if there are 10,000 females or more laying eggs in a year.

The scientific name of German cockroach is blatella germanica. They can easily be identified with the two dark and long stripes on their pronotum. They can be tan or black and grow up to 15mm long. They are nocturnal insects and so they usually come out at night to source food. They can also be seen at daytime which is a sign that there is already a high infestation in the property.

They like to stay in a wet and humid area. They live and operate indoors like in the kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces.


The Danger Brought By German Cockroaches

Unlike other pests, cockroaches can pose a great number of health problems. They carry around 33 bacteria and other health-threatening pathogens. When they found a way to get into your food storage, you may be caught with serious illness. They can transmit diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, asthma, leprosy, and many more.

From homes to business properties, the danger brought by these pests should not be underestimated. Our family is everything we have and we would never put their safety at risk by allowing these unwanted insects to take over our home.

The same goes for our business establishments. If you are running a food business, for example, the more that you need to be keen about protecting the cleanliness of your area making sure that no single cockroach can sneak into your food storage. They can contaminate foods with various infectious diseases. Surely, you would not like to lose your business for these filthy tiny pests.

All cockroaches are omnivores. They feed on both plants and animals. Having a colony of these pests in our property is a sure way toward the destruction of what we have worked hard for if not treated early and immediately.

It does not matter if yours is a residential or commercial property that is infested by German cockroaches. The danger they bring to our family and business is unimaginable and should be taken seriously. The best way to do it is to consult pest experts.

Spotting German Cockroaches and How to Destroy Them

These pests could be very good at hiding in enclosed and dark areas but they do not know how to clean their trace. We can recognise their presence in our property if we see their eggs, droppings or feces, their distinctly unpleasant odour, and physical sightings of them around the house or building.

The best way to fight cockroaches is to keep any possible food source safe from their access. They are generally attracted to water, food, and clothes so it’s a smart action if we have these resources free from their entry. Having no food access in your property will not make them stay.

If you see signs of serious infestation, it is highly recommended that you contact a pest control expert in Inner West Sydney. A thorough inspection and systematic treatment procedures are required to solve this problem the first time. Remember that treatment of this kind is only effective when done by a skilled professional.

What About Bed Bugs in Inner West Sydney?

Bed Bugs have already penetrated the entire Inner West. It’s evident with the increasing number of reports about this pest infestation every year in the entire region and neighbouring suburbs.

These tiny, wingless, and 6-legged insects feed themselves with their favourite meal – the human blood. They do not fly but you will be surprised that you have them in your room. They usually are transported by people through travel luggage from one place to another. They are commonly found in hotels, shelters, and apartments where most people come and go.

Their favourite haven is your bed frames and usually in the furniture cracks where they can stay unnoticed. And at night, they come out and pierce through your skin to extract blood and enjoy their dinner while you are fast asleep.

Although they are not known to be carrying out infectious diseases, these insects can be a conducive host for organisms that are catalysts of Hepatitis B and Chagas disease.

Bed Bugs Detection and Extermination

Bed Bugs are one of the most discreet pests when it comes to their operation. You cannot even feel when they bite you as they usually do it when their victim is stationary and asleep with their natural numbing chemical. However, some of the most common obvious signs of their presence are the feeling of itchiness and seeing red bites on your skin specifically in your arms and shoulders. After feeding, they also leave blood stains, most of the time in the bed corner.

To get rid of these bugs, a thorough inspection is required to assess the extent of their presence in your property. This is to ensure that all their hiding places are treated to avoid reoccurrence. To do these, it is advised to consult bug experts who understand every process in completely destroying the dominion of these bloodsucking insects.

To maintain a bug-free house or business establishment, the highest regard for cleanliness and sanitation is recommended. For example, is the thorough inspection of second-hand pieces of furniture such as beds and mattresses.

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