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ABC Pest Control in Katoomba Sydney has been providing quality services to eradicate any pest infestation in both residential and commercial properties. With its modern and cost-effective solutions, no pest can forever be a problem in your home or business.

Katoomba is gifted with natural wonders. Considered as the most visited place in the Blue Mountains, this suburb has also been well-known for its man-made tourist attractions. It is where you find the Scenic Railway which is the world’s steepest railway incline and from there you will enjoy the equally famous Three Sisters at Echo Point.

You have been blessed with such a beautiful place to live like Katoomba. However, this area in the Blue Mountains is not just a rich land for people. It has been the nesting and breeding place of so many pests.

Pests in Katoomba have been extending their presence up to the residential and commercial places in the entire suburb. This has been a serious concern for home and business owners whose safety has been at greater risk.

ABC Pest Control is always in full alert at this location. You may check our affordable packages and range of services or contact us for a free quote.


Top-Rated Pest Control in Katoomba

ABC Pest Control has established a solid reputation in Katoomba. Particularly, for being the most trusted and the most reliable pest control company that provides cost-effective solutions to all pest problems. We have been servicing not just the suburbs of the Blue Mountains region but also the entire Sydney for so many years.

Your safety while we fix your pest problems is our top priority. Our treatment has always been the safest with strict compliance with the Australian Pest Control standards. It is generally safe to the environment, people, and pets. To put it simply, we do not use harmful chemicals.

Our pest experts are locals who have mastered the science behind effective pest control management through intensive research, training, and experience. Every work we do is comprehensive, holistic, and systematic putting at the centre your satisfaction through our quality of service.

With the understanding that pest problems are different from every home or business, we have designed our most affordable packages with the range of our services to address your specific needs.

Have a look at the information we have on the website or contact us for any inquiries.

Rodent Infestation in Katoomba

Ratsmice, and possums are serious problems to deal with in Katoomba. These clever rodents can outsmart you if you do not have enough knowledge of their nature and behaviour.

These pests are known to be very destructive to your property and are the greatest risk to your health and safety. They carry a lot of bacteria that can cause infectious and deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis. They also are carriers of some other pests like lice, mites, and ticks.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Katoomba

Keeping rodents out of your property needs vigilance and diligence. Rodents are on your property for food, water, and shelter. The following would certainly help you prevent or at least minimise their presence:

  1. Seal all holes or possible entry points with the proper materials. Rodents can bite anything so you would need stronger covers like steel screens or better yet use cement.
  2. Keep your food always in a sealed or covered storage giving rodents no opportunity to sneak in.
  3. You may use traps and baits in and around your property to reduce the rodent population. Make sure to choose one that is not dangerous to your family and pets.
  4. Keep internal and external areas of your property clean. Dispose of each garbage and clean garbage bins regularly. Rodents would love to feast on your full and filthy garbage bins.
  5. Remove piled woods near your property or any materials that can serve as rodents’ shelter.
  6. Maintain well-trimmed trees or shrubs near your property. Even your garden can be their hiding place. Make sure these areas are always well-cleaned giving them no place to hide.
  7. Contact rodent experts. Most of the time, you cannot fight rodents alone. You need expert intervention for a fast and effective solution.

The danger brought by rodents is unthinkable. You cannot let your family be at risk of serious illnesses by letting rodents continue their invasion. Call ABC Pest Control Katoomba to exterminate rodents from your property.

Termite Infestation in Katoomba

Let’s face it. Termites are the most destructive enemies in residential or commercial areas. These pests have been present in Katoomba and have been giving you huge headaches as they destroy the structure of your house or building in a way that you never have expected.

The presence of so many trees in your suburb is not just a place of paradise to you but also to termites. They feed on each dead plants and trees and so Katoomba is feeding them with a sumptuous meal every day.

The majority of houses and buildings are at risk with termites. These insects love to get into your property for a strong and warm shelter. Not only do they find your place their best home, they always know that they have enough food supply in the form of woods or timber components of your place.

Termites unceasingly search for new shelter and sustenance. If they are present within 5 kilometres away from your property, you could be their next target.

Termite Treatment – Pest Control Katoomba

The importance of regular termite inspection has always been emphasized to avoid confronting expensive damages later. The problem is, only a few home and business owners take it seriously and would only take action when the property is already hit by termites. Not a smart move.

Termites have already taught millions of people that prevention is always cheaper than cure. A termite inspection should be part of your regular maintenance to avoid facing serious termite problems moving forward. Again, termites never stop moving and so you should be ready all the time.

ABC Pest Control is well armed with the most effective strategies for a comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and prevention. Contact us today to start a strategic plan to make your property termite-free.

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