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Pest infestations can lead to big headaches for homeowners.

The harm the pests can do to your home and the expenses you will accrue as you proceed throughout the extermination procedure are significant. 

Among the worst portions of the entire saga is that the psychological distress that comes from understanding that creepy crawlers live in your very haven where you should feel risk-free.

If you are experiencing any kind of pest infestation, act right away! Calling a professional pest expert will ensure your home is pest-free.

Ants in Kenthurst Homes

Ants and other creepy crawlers are a staple of summertime, and you will inevitably find them marching up and down the hot sidewalk.

Perhaps you will find one or two in your kitchen. But let us be honest, finding a colony of ants in your property is not in your wish list.

Ant Infestation - Why are ants in your home

Everybody receives the occasional visitation of ants inside their home, don’t worry it commonly happens to everyone.

Insects may slip in through open doors or doors, which means you are never likely to stop bugs entirely. 

A surprising ant invasion or swarm, however, does not happen randomly.

Ants are constantly on the search for food and water (moisture in general) due to their colonies, which means that your kitchen and bathroom are the most frequent spots to locate ants.

Ants have a sweet tooth, like most people, in which that leaves our kitchens especially vulnerable to an infestation. Besides this temptations and spills, we leave behind our sinks supply water, which ants often need to endure and preserve their colony.

Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants are a nuisance, but are they harmful at all? For the most part, it is not a huge deal, however certain kinds of ants could cause real problems when left untreated.

Ants can contaminate food with bacteria, do structural harm by hollowing out wood for nesting, and some will inflict a painful sting and may cause allergic reactions or any other health risks.

To help determine if your unwelcome guests are only a nuisance or should they pose a true danger, it is recommended that you consult a professional pest control for inspection.

The Risk of DIY Methods

Traditional ants repellents, usually known as pesticides, and it is difficult for consumers to know whether ingredients the chemical formula in the goods are safe and secure.

Especially if you have children at home, you most likely don't enjoy spraying any repellent compounds throughout your property.

In some cases, if the incorrect treatment method is utilized for specific ant species, then the issue can actually be made worse.

Ant colonies to divide into several colonies disperse around the construction, If you aren't seeing results in DIY methods, it is time to take action and call in pest control professionals.

Kenthurst Infestation - Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are an extremely public health risk. They fit anywhere and may make themselves at home in homes, sheds, garages and gardens.

In addition, they cause unpleasant odours, harm to land and damaging your possessions like food supplies, furniture, and contained products.

Rats vs Mice - Behaviour

Rats are extremely cautious and will opt to steer clear of new items in their course until they have had the time to become used to them. Due to this, you want to put unset traps in the rat's route before placing a pair rat traps there.

Mice are extremely curious and will explore anything new. So you must do exactly the reverse for them, place the trap and set it directly in its route. In reality, should you not catch a mouse in the first day or two, the trap is most likely in the incorrect place and needs to be moved.

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If you are experiencing any kind of pest infestation in Kenthurst that require professional help, contact a professional pest control services and to get your area inspected right away.

ABC Pest Control provides eco-friendly pest control services that comply with Australian standards. Accompanied by experienced and licensed professionals, we ensure quality pest control like extermination and live capture. 

We offer packaged services which you can browse here. Meanwhile, you can also contact us here!

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