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Mice are rodents that are considered harmful pests. Mice, just like rats, they are able to chew through wires, get into food areas and pose safety and health risks with the spread of diseases.

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Mice can be found around homes, buildings that have poor hygiene standards, garage, kitchen areas, where they have places to hide and food sources. They are more likely to seek shelter in houses and structures during the cooler seasons.

Mice are very quick! They are able to climb, run up walls, along wires and pipes; they have the ability to jump from a height of more than 2 meters and jump up 30 cm high. The mouse can enter your home through openings as small as 6mm in diameter. Mice have very poor eyesight and are colour blind, but their other senses (eg. smell, taste) are very keen!

To keep your home safe and disease-free, look for the signs of mice and call the pest control professionals.

Signs of mice in your home:

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  • droppings about 5 mm long, rod-shaped indicate a feeding place or shelter
  • damage to property: fresh gnawing surfaces are rough, size of incisor teeth marks are about 1mm; chew up cables and increase the risk of fires
  • spilled food from a ripped package
  • tracks marked with urine, as mice pass urine continuously and droppings
  • nests; build in insulation or shredded material
  • smell: a distinct ‘stale’ odour
    footprints: on areas of mouse passing will be easily noted on dusty or muddy surfaces
  • smear marks are marks of oil and dirt on areas that the mouse has crossed eg. walls, pipes
  • mouse pathways are clear of cobweb

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Control Strategies

Effective and quality pest control in your home includes a careful and regular inspection to determine the size and the severity of mouse infestation.
Mice can get into homes much more easily than rats.

There are many options available to manage mice infestations.

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The most effective and successful way in the management of mice is by preventing entry points. This means covering up any crevices and openings, sealing cracks in buildings, near pipes, vents, and foundations.

There is the option also of setting traps. There are a variety of mouse traps available. Live traps are another safe option for catching the rodent alive. Placement of a glue board is also effective and pesticide-free method.

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Baits can also be considered. Handling and ensuring there are enough bait stations may be crucial to successful management.
Electronic devices are also available for indoor use. These send out high-frequency sound waves that people, cats, dogs, and birds will not be able to hear.

What can YOU do to prevent mice in your home? Prevent all

  1. access to food sources
  2. Ensure you remove all uneaten pet food
  3. Store food in sealed containers
  4. Maintain hygiene
  5. Keep garbage away from the house
  6. Seek professional pest control advice
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