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Are you a resident of Mount Druitt? Do you need a pest control company that you can rely on? Do you want a company that understands Mt Druitt and the pest solutions required to get results?

ABC Pest Control Sydney, Mt Druitt’s answer to a wide range of pest elimination.

Sydney’s Western suburbs faces numerous pest control problems. Residents are sometimes at a loss at what they should when it comes to some Sydney pests. That’s why ABC Pest Control Sydney has your back. We take care of the residents of Mt Druitt.

We Are Pet Friendly and Can Help with All Pests

We deal with any pest issues in Western Sydney.

Cockroaches, rats and mice, bed bugs, bee and wasp removal, spiders, bird lice and professional bird control, termite eradication and prevention, silverfish and moth removal, we also have solutions for fleas and other blood suckers. Using our extensive knowledge, we can find solutions to any pest control issue.

Please take a special note that all our products are pet and human friendly.

Bird Lice and Bird Control Mt Druitt

Bird lice are big problem in Mt Druitt, many people mistake these for fleas or even bed bugs. Birds roost in the roofs of homes, under solar panels and in the gutters of the roof. When the birds move on after their eggs are hatched. They leave behind lice; the lice go in search of food and you and your family are first on the menu. Call us today and we can probably let you know over the phone if you have bird lice or not.

Flea and Cockroach Extermination Mt Druitt

Fleas and cockroaches are common pests in Mt Druitt, German cockroaches multiply quickly and will soon take over your home or business. They like fleas love the warmer weather, fleas will breed in the home usually coming from animals or simply finding their way to food from the outdoors.

If you have a flea or cockroach problem contact us for solutions today.

Bee and Wasp Removal Mt Druitt

Bee and Wasp Removal is a common problem for residents some Mt Druitt. Primary wasps will settle on the outside of the home. Wasps are aggressive and territorial. They have no barb on there sting and one wasp can sting multiple times. Wasps are distantly related to ants and have a painful and ferocious sting

On the other hand, bees will a lot of the time settle in the wall cavities of your home. Once settled they are probably staying for the long haul. That is when you can contact ABC Pest Control for an experienced bee removal service. It simply not safe to have bees living in the walls or roof of your home. Bees are essential when it comes to pollination. However, they will defend their queen and the hive at all costs. This means they will attack any threat to the colony. Many people are allergic to bee stings and in some cases stings can be fatal.

If you have a wasp or bee problem contact us today for a solution.

Termite Prevention and Eradication Mt Druitt

Termites have always been a problem in Mt Druitt and in general Sydney’s West. Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes in the region. Ideally your home should be inspected for termites on an annual basis. Termites are if you don’t know related to the cockroach family. Unlike their cousins, termites prefer wood as a staple diet. Most of the time when termites strike you may not even know it is happening.

Our termite packages are in expensive and will suit your budget. They are designed to give you peace of mind at an affordable price. We offer a package that will keep termites away from your property. ABC Pest Control Sydney uses Termidor the best termite control chemical on the market. Termidor won’t be detected by termites and therefore effectively killing them. Many other products will be detected by termites.

Termites work quietly but devastatingly. Did you know that even if you have not currently got termite activity? Anybody else that has termites within a minimum 5km radius of your home is a threat to your property.

Much like bees, when the colony reaches a certain point, winged termites will be born and launched. Their mission is to find a new home, this could be your home!!!

Then before you know it these terrors will be dining on the very structure of the family home. To avoid extreme financial outlays, book now for a top class termite inspection.

If you believe you are in contact with termite activity do not wait, call now or book.

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