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Pest control problems have been causing so much stress to the people of Newtown Inner West Sydney. Hence, the threat to property and health by all kinds of pests occupying this suburb is really unthinkable.

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We have been working with the occupants of Newtown in eradicating any kind of pests and keep them from coming back.

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ABC Pest Control Services Newtown – Inner West Sydney

With more than 15,000 occupants as of 2016, Newtown has been the home of a great number of the pests. In fact, from residential areas to its commercial sites, like King Street, pests are everywhere in this suburb.

No matter what irritations you are confronting in this location, we are well-prepared to provide you with the solutions. We can certainly help you with cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice), bed bugstermitesantsbeesbirds, and bird lice, to name a few. In fact, we can provide solutions to all pests.

You may also check the list of pests that we cover under the services section of our website. In addition, we also have special services for End of Lease Pest Control and Strata Management.

Bed Bugs Newtown Inner West Sydney

Newtown is just several minutes away from the city centre and Sydney’s airport. Thus, it has been providing good accommodation services to tourists and travellers. particularly, there are a number of hotels, hostels, and apartments in the suburb that have been servicing many Sydney visitors.

If you own any of the accommodation establishments in this beautiful suburb, you must have already realised one thing. That is, every visitor that comes and goes may unknowingly bring and leave you their atrocious travel buddies. Surprisingly, this is in the form of the pesky bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been present in all places where people come and go. Truly, these insects travel with people by sticking into their luggage. Thus, they are a common infestation in all accommodation buildings. However, they may also extend their invasion to the residential areas and can be causing you a lot of inconvenience.


Bed Bugs are Nocturnal

These nocturnal creatures feed on human blood and would attack usually at night. This is when you are sleeping or stationary in bed.

Bed bugs are barely visible during the day because they would hide in the bed outlines or in the cracks of your furniture.

It’s hard to identify bed bug bites as they may look like other insect bites. However, you may comprehend their presence in some obvious signs. So, you may have bed bugs if you see multiple blood stains in your sheets and have bites around your arms and shoulders.

Bed bugs are not known to carry infectious diseases but the discomfort they cause cannot be taken for granted. Their bites could give you rashes and in some cases, severe allergic reactions. The worst is, they may have you develop insomnia and anxiety which both could lead you to other health issues later.

Having enough sleep is important to your well-being. However, bed bugs are a threat to your comfortable sleep and so they should be removed immediately.

If you are an owner of any accommodation business, it is your responsibility to give your guests a comfy stay. Hence you have to make sure that your rooms are free from bed bugs.

Whether you are a residential or a business owner, you need help from professionals in dealing with bed bugs. You cannot really destroy them completely by just sing sprays.

You may kill some but it will never address the entire problem. Thus, it requires comprehensive inspection and treatment to ensure results.

If you have been suffering from the bed bug infestation, contact ABC Pest Control for the immediate solution.

Creepy Cockroaches Newtown Inner West Sydney

Cockroaches are the main problems in the residential and commercial properties in Newtown. In fact, they bring not just an inconvenience but also a threat to people’s health.

These creepy pests are omnivores which means that they eat almost anything. They are quick insects, hence, they would probably taste your food first before you do. The problem is, they can contaminate your food. So, with the bacteria they carry, you may have serious sickness the next day.

Cockroaches carry bacteria that cause a lot of infectious and deadly diseases. Specifically, some of these diseases are Salmonellosis, Diarrhea, Polio, Cholera, and Leprosy.

You would see cockroaches usually at night in the kitchens and toilets where they have access to food and water. However, seeing a cockroach during the daytime is a clear sign of a higher infestation level

ABC Pest Control experts are well-trained when it comes to eradicating cockroaches. Contact us now for a free quote.

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