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ABC Pest Control in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney is a team of local experts in providing cost-effective treatment to any pest infestation. Hence, we work on the prevention and extermination of pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, bees, and more in your residential or business properties.

For many years of servicing the entire region, our procedures have been proven fast, safe, friendly, affordable, and effective. Moreover, we work with the utmost professionalism putting customer satisfaction at the centre of what we do.

Primarily, our goal is to provide long term solutions. So, we make sure that our treatment procedures solve the pest problem the first time. Particularly, that involves thorough investigation and diagnosis using modern tools and strategies. After all, this is before we apply the best treatment to exterminate pests and to keep them from coming back.

Subsequently, take time to check our affordable pest treatment packages that suit your needs.

In addition, we also put high regard in your safety while making sure that we provide the premium service quality that you deserve. With that, we operate strictly following the Australian pest control standard.

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Pests Occupying Northern Suburbs Sydney

Again, almost every home or commercial property has an infestation. Besides, if you are suffering from any pest problem, you, certainly, are not alone.

Of course, being a resident of Northern Suburbs means living with the threat of being infested. Most highly, with cockroachesrodents like rats and mice, and termites. Specifically, these pests are among the top in the list of vermin that pose danger to our property and health.

Problems with Cockroaches in Northern Suburbs Sydney

Cockroaches are not just destructive to our properties but also are carriers of serious diseases.  In fact, they carry a number of bacteria that cause various illnesses.

Clearly, Cockroaches shed off some parts of their bodies that contain allergens. With that, they can cause allergies and can trigger asthma. In summary, what’s scarier is that these insects are known to be carrying bacteria. In essence, they can cause common diseases such as typhoid fever, diarrhea, and polio through the many pathogens that they carry.

Again, these insects hate the light and cover themselves in dark areas. Therefore, sighting them during the daytime can be a rare case.

However, we would know if we are infested with cockroaches by their signs. These signs include their droppings scattering, usually, in dark corners. Surely, you may also see their dead bodies in or around the property. Moreover, you may have sightings of their eggs sticking on walls, ceilings, or on our furniture, and their stinking odour.

Cockroaches are tough enemies. Getting rid of them is not as easy as we think.

Indeedhese pests are attracted to food. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your houses or buildings clean. So, you need to avoid food crumbs scattering around. In addition, garbage should not be accumulated and should be disposed of properly.


Rodents – Rats and Mice in Northern Suburbs Sydney


Just like cockroaches, rodents are attracted to moist and food. For instance, in your homes, they can usually be found in the kitchen. This is where they would, usually, feast on any food left open particularly during night time.

Unfortunately, these pests are so stubborn and clever and cannot easily be exterminated by over the counter sprays or baits.

They can chew not just foods but also wires, woods, papers, clothes, and furniture. Evidently, these pests can bring danger as they carry bacteria that cause diseases such as the deadly Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis.

You would know if your property has been housing these pests by their signs. Firstly, you would see their droppings. Secondly,  seeing gnawed wires or containers. Next, their noises will be loud usually in the roof at night. Finally, you may also see their dead bodies around.

Again, the initial defense that we can do against these pests is to maintain cleanliness in our homes or buildings. In addition, all possible entry points should be sealed in such a way that they cannot break into any of our rooms especially our food storage.

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Termites in Northern Suburbs Sydney

Termite InspectionOf course, the immense damages that termites could bring to our residential or commercial properties are enough reason to fear these insects. Indeed, they would make us realise that prevention is cheaper than cure.

These pests are famous vermin in all tropical countries as they love to stay in warm places. So, you wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbour or friends would complain about the same problem. In fact, 1 out of 3 homes in Australia has termites.

They feed on dead plants and trees making our houses and buildings their favourite sites for harvest.

The existence and operation of termites are so complex that simple measures are not enough to exterminate them. Therefore, comprehensive procedures by termite experts that start with a thorough inspection and strategic treatment are required. Otherwise, you won’t get an effective and long-term solution.

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No pest infestation is good for our property and well-being. Thus, if you’re currently suffering from any pest problems, contact the right experts immediately to solve it once and for all.

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Finally, any sign of pest infestation in your property is a red alert that needs immediate and effective action.

Hence, you need to seek professional help to exterminate these pests before it’s too late.

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