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Possum Control Sydney

Tired of sleepless nights and listening to the annoying sound of creatures thumping or disturbing calling noises?

Well, it may be the beginning of new guests settling into your home. ABC Pest Control Sydney helps in the possum removal in Woollahra and surrounding areas.

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Information on Possums in Sydney

There are 27 species of possums in Australia. The most common possums are the brushtail possum and the ringtail possum.

Apparently, these species have adapted to the suburban areas. They have been considered pests because they eat fruit, vegetables, and flowers from gardens. Moreover, they also build nests on the roof of your house as it is a warm and dry area.


The brushtail possum is usually brown or grey in colour, about 55 cm in length, the size of a cat. Apparently, they have oval-shaped ears, pointed face, long whiskers, and a bushy tail.

It is found in the eastern, southern, and western areas of Australia. Brushtail possums usually make their dens in natural places such as tree hollows and caves. However, they will also use artificial den spaces such as roofs of houses, chimneys and under or in buildings.

Possums are Solitary and Nocturnal

These creatures are solitary and nocturnal. Hence, they become active at night in search of food in urban waste and compost bins.

Possum diet includes almost anything they can find. So, this includes insects, leaves, flowers, nectar, fruits to small mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Male possums are territorial and will fight other possums that enter their territory. In addition, possums are excellent climbers as they are considered arboreal or tree-living.

They can climb trees well because of their sharp claws, hand-like back foot and tail which they use to grab and hold onto objects. Although these marsupials may present as cute, their looks are deceiving.


Strategies To Keep Possums Away From Your Home:

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  1. Limit access to the roof by pruning overhanging and nearby branches.
  2. Ensure there are no gaps or openings to your roof and eaves.
  3. Make sure you have a grid securely fitted if your home has a chimney.
  4. Limit food sources in your property. For example, keep rubbish bins closed and do not leave food lying around.
  5. Ensure all electrical wires on the roof are secure and insulated. In addition, remove any wood piles or debris that can provide shelter for the possum
  6. Keep an area at risk well lit as possums do not like light

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