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First, a pest problem in a house might be the very last thing in mind. Perhaps you simply don’t understand what or where to search for these nasty little creatures.

The reality is, pests are extremely good at hiding, but there are lots of signs you can search for and this could signify a bigger infestation or problem.

Protecting your loved ones and pets is essential. If you’re wanting to safeguard your family investment or want to make your home a safer place with one of the best pest management on Rouse Hill

ABC Pest Control can provide you with eco-friendly pest management services. Whether the client is a business owner or a homeowner, our crew provide expertise towards managing pest issues that comply with Australian standards.

Termite Infestation – Why are they in your home

Termite infestations can undermine the structural stability of a house causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, without anybody even knowing. 

It is important to do a termite inspection done by a certified pest expert every one to three years to maintain the property secure from termites. Therefore, red flags often indicates the presence of termites which homeowners can keep a lookout for regularly.

Termites, much like all living creatures, want food. Termites are constantly foraging and also have been discovered over 150 feet out of their colony.

Infestations can happen in two ways. To begin with, healthy colonies ship out winged reproductives to begin new colonies. When the termites locate the right place, they will begin a new colony. 

Otherwise, infestations happen if subterranean termites searching for food and discover their way to a structure. However, subterranean termites do so in several ways. Among the more common ways is by constructing sand tunnels over base walls to supply themselves access into the structure’s timber.


Signs of Infestation – Types of Termites Infesting

Unless there are indications of active termite infestation, you probably will not discover termites since they forage and work secretly out of view.

The clearest sign of indications is termite wings. Not-so-obvious signals include wood that seems hollow when tapped, cracked or cracked paint and termite droppings that seem just like sawdust (frass).

Subterranean termites, even if you become aware of a swarm of winged termites appearing from a construction, it’s an indication that an infestation is nearby.

As subterranean termites construct mud tubes to go into construction, these straw-like tubes in the construction into the floor signal an infestation.

Drywood termites, located normally in suburban regions, you could detect pellets or termite droppings. All these are small, ridged, wood-coloured pellets. They may fall out of the ceiling or out of the furniture.


Termite Infestations – A Threat To Your Home

Many individuals record their homes as their single biggest investment, and termite infestation and damage could be catastrophic. This is also true for termites infesting a commercial structure.

Also, homeowners insurance regularly excludes termite damage because insurance won’t cover repairs or treatment.

Termite colonies operate 24 hours per day. From time to time, termite issues go undiscovered before severe harm is already done to some parts of your structure.

Therefore, termite prevention and proper pest control would be the most effective strategy to help safeguard your house and prevent or somehow reduce the likelihood of costly repairs.

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