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Do pest control problems in your home or business in Seven Hills keep you up at night? Have you been worried about the safety of your family and business from these pesky pests? Are you looking for immediate, safe, and cost-effective solutions to your infestation issues?

Confronting the stubborn pest infestation is quite common among the occupants of Seven Hills. In fact, we have been receiving more and more calls from the infested residential and business property owners.

If you need the best pest control services that value quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, you can book or contact ABC Pest Control today.

Our team has been servicing the entire Seven Hills suburbs for many years. Likewise, we have been successful in making and keeping every property we work on completely pest-free.


What ABC Pest Control Offers in Seven Hills Sydney

ABC Pest Control offers the most practically affordable packages that cover all possible pest problems you have. Hence, we ensure that each service addresses your specific needs in the most cost-effective way.

Our pest experts work with high regard on urgency, safety, and quality. With our experts’ intensive training and extensive experience, we guarantee long-lasting solutions to all your pest problems.

We provide solutions for your problems with termitescockroaches, rodents, birdsantsbees, and many more. To see the complete list, you may check the services section of this website.

Furthermore, we have the speediest booking system on the website that allows you to book in under 60 seconds. Similarly, you may call us for enquiry or a free quote.


Bird Control in Seven Hills Sydney

Feathered creatures such as birds are fascinating to watch. However, when their number becomes large in your property, you become prone to a number of safety and health issues.

Birds can damage your roofs and walls by their accumulated droppings. For instance, their feces are quite acidic that can deface your wall’s surface finishing and eventually, break your roofs. Moreover, their feathers and nest debris can clog your gutters and ventilation points that can cause excessive moisture.

Bird droppings also have a detrimental effect on your health. In particular, they include bacteria that can contaminate the surroundings and spread infectious diseases. Samples of these diseases are Histoplasmosis (respiratory disease), Candidiasis (fungus infection), and Cryptococcosis (pulmonary disease).

For populated places such as the commercial areas, birds could also be physically harmful. Particularly, birds usually mistake pebbles for food and will drop it as soon as they realise their mistake. Hence, these stones can hit anybody in the head. Moreover, their droppings can also make the ground slippery for people.

Furthermore, birds can bring another infestation in the form of bird lice. These bird lice would stay for sustenance in the birds’ nest. However, when birds and their babies abandon the nest, they begin crawling down from the roof to your family living areas. Hence, you are in danger of their itchy bites that may result in secondary infections due to intense scratching.

There are a lot of modern and effective ways to keep birds away from our properties. Contact ABC Pest Control today to discover the most effective solutions to your bird problems.


Why Use Our Pest Control Sydney Services?

Expert Termite Treatment in Seven Hills Sydney

If you see termites in your property, it’s best to leave them alone and call pest experts. Hence, you should never disturb them by spraying pesticides or breaking their visible tunnels. If you do so, you will just alarm the entire colony. As a result, they’ll move to another part of your property they deem safer. Thus, they will spread and cause more damages.

Treating termites is more complex than you think it is. For instance, these insects can detect most of the termiticides available and continue with their destructive activities. Thus, you need termite experts that can execute the best treatment to get rid of these insects once and for all.

Termite experts also recommend that you should have a termite inspection at least once a year to keep your property termite-free. In other words, you can never assume that you won’t have a termite attack any sooner.

Termites are always on the go to search for a new home and sustenance. Hence, they travel from one place to another to build a new colony and start their destructive activities. Particularly, if your neighbour currently has termites, that makes your property quite a sooner target of these pests.

ABC Pest Control has a strategic program for a termite inspection, extermination, and prevention. Contact us today for immediate action.


Other Common Pest Problems in Seven Hills Sydney

Cockroaches and rodents (ratsmice, and possums) are the most common household and commercial pests that have been posing greater risks to human safety and health. In fact, these creatures are in the list of the most dangerous pests in residential and business areas.

Specifically, cockroaches and rodents carry bacteria that cause serious and deadly diseases that they can transmit to people by contamination. In addition, these pests can damage homes and business properties by nibbling and gnawing wires and any materials.

The filthy presence of these pests is quite dangerous to your family and business. Thus, it is imperative that you take action so as not to put your health and safety at risk. If you have signs of their infestation, contact the experts right away before it’s too late.

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