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ABC Pest Control is devoted to supplying superior pest control and termite solutions into Wetherill Park. We offer affordable and effective packages that will suit your needs.

Our team of experts cares about our clients, which can be reflected by our clients’ loyalty. We pride ourselves in providing friendly and personalised expert service.

Primarily, ABC Pest Control offers only the maximum quality of pest control and termite treatments to Australian Standards to protect your house, family and company.

Furthermore, there are several choices for pest management in the Wetherill Park area. We offer eco-friendly and poisonous free remedies, to digital and ultrasonic treatment. 



Termite Threats & Inspection – Wetherill Park

If you think termites are invading your home, there is only one thing that you must do. Get in touch with a pest control expert immediately. Professionals have the expertise and the right equipment to use in creating solutions for dangers and chaos caused by termites.


Furthermore, guessing game where termites are is a waste of time. Thus, our professional team utilises modern technology for termite detection to successfully locate the nest. 

Termite inspections with no quality gear are practically a waste of time. ABC Pest Control provides customers with the confidence to accurately detect termite activity within their property.

Colonies Of Termites – Pest Control Wetherill Park

The vast majority of the damage in this region is a result of the dreaded coptotermes acicaciformisTermites can permeate the mortar joints between the brickwork of houses below floor level. Furthermore, they provide the homeowner practically no indications of the existence until there’s a structural collapse.

Also, termites live in subterranean tunnels and construct underground highways in the nest into a food resource.


Where To Find Termites – Pest Control Wetherill Park

You’ll never find a termite foraging for food at an exposed place.  

They’re known as Subterranean Termites. Consequently, 90 per cent of the time you’ll never discover the nest that could be concealed inside trees or the walls of a structure. 

There can be over 500,000 termites inside one colony. Furthermore, termites can travel around 100+ meters away from the nest. They could eat or travel home on the opposite side of the street or within another road. This is all in the same moment. It’s not unusual for them to be assaulting several homes at the same time. It’s also quite possible for termites to assault many components, rural properties as well as city high-rises.


Why Use Our Pest Control Sydney Services?

DIY Pest Control – Why It Doesn’t Work

Many property owners try different DIY pest management procedures. Therefore, the majority of them prove to be rather inefficient, from our experience of over 15 decades, the goods like mortein spray no longer cuts. 

Besides, over the counter pesticides and insect sprays may work for a time. It may seem as though they are functioning at first. However, their effects are not permanent and it does not take long to your pest issue to resurface.

This mostly happens because store-bought pesticides are overused. Hence, many pests have built up immunity to them. Even if a pest that gets in contact with pesticide directly may die. Their eggs and larvae are not affected by these substances.


Why You Need Pest Control Services In Wetherill Park

In case you have any worries about the wellbeing and security of pets or kids, contact us now. We’ll be happy to assign a plan that’s ideal for you.

Whether the client is a company or a home-owners. We combine their expertise and knowledge with continuous training so they can execute an efficient pest control system for them. Book our services here or check the packages we offer. Call us today 1300 411 970.