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Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney

STOP do not use off the shelf or supermarket products. You could be making the situation worse, this is a common scenario. Call us for over the phone expert advice for bed bugs and bed bug pest control Sydney issues. You can text us if you have a question and speak to someone who will solve the problem quickly. 

Looking for trusted bed bug pest control Sydney services? Do you know why bed bugs are present in Sydney? What are the things you need to know about bed bugs and their bites? How will you know if you have bed bugs? What will you do when you discover bed bugs infesting your place? Do you need professional pest control to get rid of bed bugs? How can you prevent such disgusting infestation?

Firstly, if you believe you have a bed bug removal issue. You will need to call ABC Pest Control Sydney immediately on 0404 130 944. Please note, you cannot book online as each case is unique. Unlike, other pest issues such as cockroaches or rat removal. Also, we highly advise not using off-the-shelf chemicals as this will intensify the situation.

Bed Bug Fast Treatment Removal
20 Years Experience With Bed Bugs Results

Specifically, we have been servicing the entire Sydney and near Sydney metro with bed bug fast treatment removal services for 20 years and more. That is, as a leading pest control company. In fact, bed bugs are our specialty. Surprisingly, it’s hard to imagine but we just love treating and removing bed bugs.

Essentially, we can contribute a large part of our success with bed bug removal Sydney services. Undoubtedly, ABC Pest Control Sydney are expert bed bug specialist. Additionally, we have advised a wide range of people on bed bug issues. Such as media groups and hotel establishments

ABC Pest Control Sydney can certainly testify to how serious a bed bug infestation is. With that, ABC Pest Control Sydney aims to free every home or business. Particularly, of bed bugs through its unparalleled expertise on bed bug removal.

Centrally, we consider ourselves the most knowledgeable bed bug removal experts in Sydney. Without a doubt, you are in the best of hands when choosing us to get the solution.

Critically, if you currently are disturbed by the inconvenience brought by bed bugs: Do not hesitate to call the boss on 0404 130 944.

Looking for Fast Results Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney Service?

Do Bed Bug Sprays Work?
Do Bed Bugs, Bird Lice or Fleas Bite You?

Also, we can help you identify if what you have are bed bugs or bird lice. Generally, we can tell you over the phone what is biting you. For example, in the spring in Sydney, many people confuse bird lice with bed bugs. In addition, many people confuse both for fleas.

To this end, if you want to know check out a popular article we have put together on the subject.

Why are there Bed Bugs?

Factually, bed bugs are wingless little critters. Hence, these pests can never fly.

If bed bugs cannot fly? Specifically, how can they spread from one place to another? How did bed bugs ever reach Sydney?

To the point, bed bugs came over most likely on the first fleet. However, the population exploded in 2000 during the Olympics. In essence, bed bugs are hitchhikers.

You may research the locations where bed bugs are a problem. For example, bed bug infestation is common among places of tourist attractions.

What is the Connection Between Tourists and Bed Bug problems?

Surprisingly, bed bugs can travel to any place by just hitching a ride in the luggage of travelers. So, places with more tourist arrivals have more chances of bed bug infestations to blow up soon.

In addition, bed bugs have been known to hitch a ride with almost anyone. However, if you were to call us this would be one of the first questions we would ask. Has anyone you know been overseas?

Specifically, you can dial
0404 130 944
or book in under 60 seconds.

Are Bed Bugs A Threat To Businesses?

Furthermore, bed bugs have been a huge problem among accommodation businesses. Meaning, hotels, hostels, apartments, and anywhere accommodation is available. In fact, bed bug control has been the top on the list of maintenance routines of these establishments.

Likewise, in all accommodation establishments. Bed bugs have also been the cause of inconvenience. Coincidentally, among residential areas in Sydney. Truly, the stubbornness of these pests. Any simple treatment makes it difficult to get rid of them completely. For example, many off-the-shelf products are only going to make the situation worse. Hence, our professional pest control service to exterminate these creepy-crawlies should take over.

It does not matter if the infestation is at your home or in your business. You can call us at 0404130944 now. Thankfully, ABC Pest Control provides the best bed bug removal. To both residential and business structures to your utmost satisfaction.

What Do You Not Know About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are bloodsucking little creepy creatures that usually attack at night. Yes, usually, when you have fallen asleep and are stationary.

You’ve probably have heard bed bug infestation is common in hotelsAlso, other accommodation establishments but they can live in any place. For instance, bed bugs can thrive almost everywhere such as schools, buses, movie theaters. Also, stores, dorms, offices, and trains. Hence, wherever you go you may unknowingly carry these pests going home.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Indeed, bed bugs are clever pests making bed bug removal a complex and difficult task. In addition, these creepy insects know when they are in danger. So, they hide in the daytime. Naturally, they go out only at night to seek sustenance.

For that reason, it is difficult to eradicate bed bugs. Surprisingly, they can survive several months without sustenance. Besides, they can also survive freezing and burning-hot temperatures. This is the main reason why you need to contact us, licensed bed bug removal services for the job.

Finally, bed bugs use their saliva with an anesthetic chemical to suck blood. Mostly, without being felt by their host. In fact, their bites are quick and almost painless.

As Experts, ABC Pest Control has extensive comprehension and experience. when it comes to bed bug removal. Apparently, our bed bug experts can eliminate every single bed bug through proven safe and effective treatment.

Do Bed Bug Bites Affect Your Health?

In general, bed bug infestation has been posing an alarming public health issue. In many places like Sydney. Technically, these pests do not carry or transmit diseases. However, their bites can cause several physical and mental health issues. Including negative economic implications.

As a rule, bed bug bites may sometimes be painless. However, they later result in itchiness that could trigger serious allergic reactions. In worst but rare cases, severe life-threatening reactions to bed bug bites.

This is called anaphylaxis which does happen. Moreover, secondary skin infections could develop from the bitten area such as lymphangitis and impetigo. In general, this is caused by the insect breaking the skin and leaving it vulnerable.

Importantly, the inconvenience brought by bed bug presence has also been causing mental health issues. In fact, people have been reporting that they have developed. Insomnia and anxiety due to the discomfort of bed bug bites.

Finally, bed bug infestation poses negative economic consequences. In general, hotel and other accommodation companies. Will potentially lose business due to negative customer experience. Lastly, you would not want as a business owner/manager a review from a customer stating they had bed bugs.

What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Generally, bed bugs have entered your home through your luggage. After you or anyone came in from traveling. Also, they may enter your place undetected through clothes, beds, couches, and any furniture that you bring in.

Consequently, skin itchiness after when you wake up is one sign of having bed bugs. Nevertheless, there are other many signs to know if you have just been infested with bed bugs.

Specifically, you may notice bloodstains on your pillowcases and bedsheets. As a result of bed bug bites. Also, bed bug droppings that look like dark or rusty spots could be visible on your mattresses, clothes, and walls.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Moreover, bed bugs love to hide in crevices. Such as cracks in the walls, bed, and other furniture. Hence, you may also see their fecal spots, shed skins, and eggshells. Commonly, in these areas, they have visited. Moreover, you may also smell their musty odour from their scent glands.

Factually, bed bug signs may not always be visible aside. From the inconvenience, you feel when they are present. Oftentimes, you need bed bug experts. To do a comprehensive thorough inspection. Specifically, to locate bed bug hiding areas to ensure complete bed bug removal.

Expertly, we have extensive bed bug removal experience in Sydney. Therefore, ABC Pest Control bed bug experts certainly know what to do in your case. If you need to remove bed bugs or want to ascertain if you are infested. In conclusion, you can contact our team today. Call 0404 130 944 to remove the problem now.

What Should You Do If You Have Bed Bugs?

Firstly, what you need to do when you have bed bugs is to not panic. Most importantly, if you think there are bed bugs where you sleep. DO NOT begin sleeping in another bed or sofa. Simply, do not transfer to another room or another house. The bed bugs will follow you to the other room or sofa. Essentially, you are spreading them. Therefore, you make it much harder to get rid of them.

In addition, when you stay outside of your home the bed bugs may become dormant. However, you know that they may live without feeding for up to 18 months. When you come back, they can begin biting you again. Therefore, the best action you will need to do is to kill bed bugs. Unfortunately, is by staying in your home during treatment and sleeping in your usual bed. In essence, you are the bait that will kill the problem.

Essentially, treatment will be best if you remain using the same bed. Because you are the best bait. Without a doubt, by staying where you sleep. You will attract bed bugs to the poison and their deaths. Therefore, treatment performs at its best when you stay in your bed.

In summary, if you are worried about the safety of the treatment. ABC Pest Control can assure you that our methods are completely safe. For people, pets, and the environment. Most importantly, we only harm and kill bed bugs. Of which we enjoy, making you another happy customer

You do not need to suffer from bed bug infestation anymore. As a note, call us as each bed bug situation is unique. Phone 0404 130 944 to say goodbye to bed bugs.

How Can You Identify Bed Bugs from other Insects?

Before taking any action, it would be necessary. Effectively, to identify if what you have are bed bugs. Or other insects in Sydney are bothersome. Sometimes, suspected bed bug bites turned out to be from other little critters.

To find out what is the situation call 0404 130 944. In general, due to our experience, we can tell you what the problem will be over the phone.

Surprisingly, even doctors may not be able to accurately tell you. If you have bed bug bites or not. Unfortunately, some doctors may even tell you that you do not have bed bugs by just looking at your skin bites. Often, most people find out a little later that they do have bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites May Be Difficult to Recognize

Remember that not all doctors have seen actual bed bug bites. So, they cannot tell you with certainty if you have the infestation.

Generally, bed bug bites look like other insect bites. Hence, without the knowledge of the nature of bed bugs. It will be difficult to comprehend their presence.

Specifically, other insect bites may just be concentrated on certain body parts. Essentially, bed bug bites are different. In fact, they can appear on any part of your body that is exposed while you were sleeping.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Likewise, bed bugs may also bite in a zigzag pattern. Unlike flea bites, bed bug bites don’t usually have a red dot at the center.

Moreover, just within the day of being bitten. Bed bug bites result in itchy bumps in the bitten areas. Also, it may look like mosquito bites but will appear as swollen red spots.

For this purpose, if you still need certainty if you have bed bugs or other insects. It will be extremely smart to contact the pest control experts.

At ABC Pest Control Sydney, we can help you identify and spot the difference. Most importantly, our team can eliminate whatever infestation you have. As mentioned, many people confuse bed bugs with bird lice or fleas.

What Should You Do If You Catch a Suspected Bed Bug?

Firstly, ABC Pest Control Sydney highly suggests that you save this bed bug in a proper container. Critically, you would need to show them to the landlords and pest control professionals.

Similarly, entomologists at colleges or science museums. In your area may identify these and certainly us as pest control experts too. Therefore, pick it up with clear packing tape, and tape it to an index card.

Never assume that what you saw was enough to say that those are the only bugs you have. As experts on bed bug infestation, we can certainly tell you that what you saw was just a little percentage of their massive population.

Should You Throw Your Bed and Other Furniture Out?

In brief, a bed bug infestation in the home. Is one of the most challenging problems to deal with in Sydney. However, you certainly do not need to throw anything away immediately when you are infested.

To this end, ABC Pest Control Sydney experts on bed bug control. Can treat your furniture including your mattresses and sofas. However, we can also tell you when you need to move. Some of these things are out as part of the treatment.

Additionally, careful actions when doing bed bug removal are crucial to avoid spreading these pests around your home or building. In the same manner, you should not let others pick up your infested items. Hence, it will be helpful to get the experts to advise on action for accurate bed bug extermination.

Do You Need to Buy Chemicals and Treat Bed Bugs by Yourself?

For example, many believe that it makes sense to just treat bed bug infestation in Sydney by themselves. Yes, there are loads of chemicals in stores. That can help kill bed bugs. However, it would only be practical and effective when you know what you are doing. For that reason, we have seen many easy bed bug situations escalate.

Without a doubt, you need to take note that pesticides have different qualities. Specifically, they vary from repellents, contact killers, residual killers, growth regulators, etc. Therefore, unless you are knowledgeable of what appropriate chemicals to choose.

Also, how to administer it safely doing it yourself could be a waste of time and money. Not to mention the danger you may have with the use of these chemicals.

Bed bugs are complex pests you’ve ever encountered at home. Oftentimes, if you start spraying pesticides, you may disperse the bugs and trigger them to spread all over your home or building. Hence, when the pest control professional arrives, the problem becomes even more difficult to address.

Lastly, when it comes to bed bug infestation. It is best to get good professional help and follow instructions. To sum up, ABC Pest Control Sydney bed bug experts can certainly bring you the best bed bug solutions.

What is The Best Bed Bug Spray?

Critically, never do or allow your landlord to use a bug bomb. At ABC Pest Control Sydney we understand that bug bombs or foggers do not work for bed bugs. In fact, it will just spread them. Hence, your problem with bed bugs will just magnify instead of being solved.

Does Bagging Everything Help to Treat Bed Bugs?

Moreover, do not seal everything in bags except for hot-washed and dried clothing.

Going forward, as professional pest controllers. We will still need to inspect, vacuum, and seal all your possessions in bags. Apparently, you need to follow pest experts’ instructions to ensure the accuracy of the treatment.

Most importantly, bagging things before the treatment. May just give chances for bed bugs to be sealed away. Remember, they can survive and live for several months without food.

Do You Need to Start Washing Clothing and Linens?

First, bagging your clothing is not a good idea. Only if you have not first washed and dried them in hot water properly. However, you can start taking out your clothing and bedding. Remember, wash them in a machine on hot water and dry them in a dryer for 1-2 hours.

Furthermore, ABC Pest Control Sydney would recommend that you wash and dry your items. On hot until they fully appear dry and extremely hot. Also, you may go for dry cleaning options. Remember, that pillows, comforters, down coats, and other thick items may take longer.

After washing and drying these items, bag them in sealed, airtight bags. Also, do not remove them until treatment is complete.

Do Bed Bugs Stay Only in Your Bed?

No, bed bugs can crawl their way to any part of your home in search of sustenance. Commonly, bed frames, mattresses, and headboards. However, are not the only location for bed bugs.

To illustrate, bed bugs can spread everywhere and often hide in sofas and other soft furniture. In fact, you may see them in electrical sockets (behind plates), light fixtures, and baseboards.

In addition, stubborn bed bugs may also be hiding in your floor crevices. Also, other crevices in the bedroom and living room. Occasionally, you can find bed bugs in kitchens and bathrooms.

However, you should not panic because most cases, especially smaller ones, are quite concentrated. In fact, some bed bugs are 10-20 feet from where people sleep (or where they sit for extended periods).

Do Bed Bugs Only Bite at Night?

Usually, Bed bugs come out at night to bite for sustenance. When the host is asleep and stationary. However, in some cases, they can still bite you. For example, while you are sitting on a couch, watching TV, or in front of your computer.

So, yes, bed bugs will bite even in the daytime when they are hungry.

Will I Need a Repeat Treatment?

In general, we advise on a repeat treatment in two weeks. Primarily, this is a minor inspection to check for any eggs, However, never think that the reason for the repeat treatment is due to incompetence. Hence, this is a common scenario that we as pest controllers or bed bug removal experts. Will be able to set a proper expectation.

Call Us for Costs On Specialists Bed Bug Pest Control

Essentially, ABC Pest Control Sydney works with pride and confidence from our top-notch services. Needless to say, this comes from the trust of our satisfied customers. In fact, we’ve been the top choice for bed bug pest control near Sydney for 20 years. Apparently, that’s proof that we only provide the best and top-rated services.

In conclusion, our team at ABC Pest Control Sydney execute bed bug  pest control Sydney as a specialty. For both residential and business areas in Sydney. Lastly, whatever level of bed bug problems there is, we have the best solution ready.

As mentioned, you must call to talk with a bed bug expert. This is to explain your unique situation. Also, Check out our reviews on Google Business Profile if you have time.

Call now and be bitten no more on 0404 130 944. Also, look us up on Yelp, Brownbook, Truelocal.