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Looking for trusted bee pest control in Sydney? Are you presently troubled by the existence of unwanted bees around your home and need bee removal Sydney? Have you been looking for professional bee experts to eliminate your bee issues? Are you aware of the risks associated with bee stings?

Bee stings are painful and in some instances, could be fatal. Did you know that Australia suffers more from wasp and bee stings than from spider or snake bites? With this danger coming from pests like bees, ABC Pest Control Sydney has the best solution you need. Apparently, our team of bee experts can remove any threat of bees. Certainly, we can remove them from your home or property through a safe and effective treatment.

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Why Do You Need Professional Bee Pest Control?

Bee removal in Sydney and near Sydney isn’t as easy as cleaning up your lawn of dry leaves. In fact, unless you are a bee expert, removing bees isn’t your job to do.

Insects like bees become aggressive when you disturb them. Hence, they will attack instinctively with a painful sting to protect their nest. Oftentimes their sting could be serious and sometimes fatal.

To remove bees from your place requires special gear for protection and expert methods. Moreover, preventive measures should also be in place to keep the bees away.

Only bee experts should do the job of removing bees. Hence, don’t ever put your safety at risk by doing it by yourself. For safe bee removal in Sydney, you can count on ABC Pest Control. We offer top-rated services anywhere in Sydney.

Looking for Professional Bee Pest Control Sydney Services?

Why Are Bees Dangerous?

Snakes and spiders may look more dangerous than any flying insect. However, you‘d be surprised if you learn about bees. Indeed, no other insect poses a more serious public health hazard than the bees.

Among the most dangerous animals in Australia, bees are listed on top. In fact, bees and wasps cause the most hospitalization every year. Unfortunately, some of the worst cases ended up as fatalities.

A bee sting is certainly more serious than you think. Aside from the severe pain, the sting can cause a more dangerous allergic reaction.

Some people may have mild reactions to a bee sting. For instance, you may feel sharp burning pain with redness on the sting site. Oftentimes, there will be slight swelling of the sting area.

Moreover, in moderate cases, the sting can result in extreme redness and swelling. Unfortunately, that will eventually get larger the following day.

Mild and moderate reactions to a bee sting may not be alarming. However, there are also cases of severe reaction. In fact, in some cases, a bee sting can result in a life-threatening condition. Hence, you will need emergency medical treatment.

The worst allergic reaction to a bee sting could develop anaphylaxis which is certainly deadly. With this reaction, you may have difficulty breathing. Also, you’ll have a weak and rapid pulse, and swelling throat and tongue.

Furthermore, other symptoms include dizziness or fainting. Besides, you would also have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, and you may lose consciousness.

Bees are helpful insects in the balance of the ecosystem. However, if they are posing danger, you certainly need to keep them away. If you have an unwanted bee presence in your place, book or call ABC Pest Control Sydney now for the solution.

What Do You Need to Know About Bees?

Bees are flying insects that feed on the nectar of flowers. Naturally, bees are essential in pollination for the sustainability of native crops and bushlands.

Primarily, bees have been the source of honey that is undoubtedly beneficial to human health. Not only that bees produce honey. Also, they are the source of beeswax, royal jelly, and bee glue.

Not all bees can sting. In fact, only female bees have stingers. Naturally, the bee stinger is a modified egg-laying device or the ovipositor. Hence, only the queen and the workers (females) have it. However, even without stingers, male bees can attack with their powerful bite when the hive is threatened.

Bees are harmless unless disturbed or threatened. You may leave them alone to avoid their attack. However, if they’ve built their hive in the wrong place, they need to go away.

Where Do Bees Build Hives?

The presence of bees in your home means that your place provides a perfect environment for them. That is a strong and warm shelter and plenty of sources of food around to survive.

Bees can swarm to residential as they search for shelter. In fact, in your home, bees usually establish their nests in your vents and attics. Moreover, they can also occupy your crawlspaces or hollow walls.

Bees are valuable in the pollination process and the production of honey and beeswax. However, they can pose danger to humans when they build their nests nearby.

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What Season Do Bees Become Active?

Bees are more active during spring up to the summer season. Obviously, warm weather gives bees the best time to swarm. Besides, it’s also the best time to collect food from flowering plants.

Bees are less active and hide during the cold weather. In fact, they work hard during summer to store enough food for the winter season.

The survival instinct of bees is remarkable. When the cold season arrives, they will gather and cluster up in the hive for warmth to survive.

Are European Honey Bees Dangerous?

European honey bees have continued existing and flourishing in Australia. In fact, they’ve been here since its introduction to the Aussie environment almost two centuries ago.

Apparently, European bees are exotic bee species use to pollinate crops by the early settlers. Moreover, they’ve been way more valuable in the production of honey and wax than any other species.

Honey bees are more aggressive than native bees. Apparently, these bees are competitive and invasive. Hence, having an unwanted honey bee nest in your home could make you vulnerable to their attack.

Honey bees are one of the most common bees to attack humans. Needless to say, their sting could be extremely strong and painful. Furthermore, most people have a severe allergic reaction to the honey bee sting.

Having unwanted nests of honeybee or any bee species in your home is a constant danger. Therefore, do not hesitate to call a local bee removal team for immediate help.

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