Pest Control for Schools in Sydney

Are you in charge of pest control at your school in Sydney? Would you like to save in costs when it comes to pest management? Do you want a commercial pest control company that has experience in pest control for schools? How about service reliability along with efficiency?

Choose ABC Pest Control for school pest control in Sydney. Specifically, we have detailed experience when it comes to dealing with pests in a school environment.

So, if you work in education, we probably won’t need to tell you. However, it’s still good to remind you that school is the perfect breeding ground for a wide variety of pests.

Hence, prevention in schools is the best method of keeping pests at bay. Indeed, ABC Pest Control Sydney has affordable monitoring packages that work effectively. In general, we solve problems then maintain the status quo.

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List of Common Pests in Schools

The following is the list of the common pest problems in schools:

Schools in Sydney Face a Wide Range of Pest Issues

Schools face maybe more pest issues than nearly any sector of industry in Sydney. Apparently, there are many reasons for this.

Primarily, this is due to human traffic and the fact that students tend to eat here, there, and everywhere. In fact, the main attraction for most pests is food.

Bird Control for Schools in Sydney

Bird Control is often an area pest control companies in Sydney tend to miss when it comes to schools. In fact, these feathered creatures can cause extensive damage to a school.

For instance, their feces are toxic and very acidic. Consequently, it can damage buildings, mostly, the building surface coatings like paint resulting in a need for an expensive fix.

The common Myna bird is also known for roosting in gutters during breeding times when the birds leave the nests. They leave behind hungry bird lice. These lice will find a way to human skin as they travel in search of a new source of sustenance. Oftentimes, our customers have confused these critters with bed bugs.

Rodent Control for Schools in Sydney

Common pests that love to go to school are rodents and mice looking for leftovers and food missed by cleaning staff. Unfortunately, these fast and clever pests do more than physical damage in schools.

Rodents carry diseases and parasites that are dangerous to people in schools, particularly the students. Besides, rats and mice have become one of the most difficult to deal with. In fact, they can usually avoid baits and traps.

Cockroach Control for Schools in Sydney

Cockroaches will also be attracted to food and will find the smallest crumbs. Certainly, these nocturnal insects will cause not only screams among others but also serious illnesses. Furthermore, they can also damage your books, furniture, and any materials that they can chew.

You may not believe it but cockroaches are the carriers of some of the most dangerous bacteria that cause diseases. Specifically, cockroaches can contaminate your food or the place. Therefore, they can transmit diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, polio, and salmonellosis.

If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your school you can contact us immediately.

Ant Removal for Schools in Sydney

Ants are another common invader of schools and can build up in numbers quickly. Generally, the problem you will encounter will depend on the type and species you have.

Ants do not just give painful bites. Unfortunately, they also can damage any property by eating them piece by piece. Thus, leaving ruins that make the structure visually ugly.

Contact us now for ant removal and prevention. Luckily, we have detailed experience dealing with these pests.

Bee and Wasp Removal for Schools in Sydney

Other common pests we encounter are bees and wasps. Apparently, schools can be a good location for these pests to build strong beehives and wasps nests. However, these can be very dangerous to children.

Either of these insects is aggressive toward intruders when they sense a threat to the hive or nest. Unfortunately, some people are highly allergic to bee stings and in some cases have dangerous effects.

Unlike bees, wasps are related to the ant family and have no barb on their stinger. Thus, they can sting as many times as they can.

We cannot count the amount of bee and wasp removal jobs ABC Pest Control Sydney has performed successfully. So, if you have a bee or wasp issue, we certainly have the solution.

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Flies Solutions for Schools in Sydney

Flies sometimes build up in high numbers and can become unhygienic. In general, these insects may not be as harmful as bees because they do not bite or sting. However, the danger they bring comes with the bacteria they carry.

Flies love to land on filthy matters such as dead animals, rotten food, feces, and dirty garbage. Hence, they would pick up a lot of bacteria and transmit it to wherever they land next.

Since flies are attracted to food, they are quite dangerous for a lot of people in schools. Thus, you should not let any chance for flies to multiple and stay. It will be smarter to contact pest control experts right away.

Contact ABC Pest Control for Schools in Sydney

ABC Pest Control for schools in Sydney understands how vulnerable your school is to any infestation. Moreover, we also realize the need to protect the people in schools from the danger of these pest issues.

For a wide range of pest solutions in schools, contact us now. We certainly welcome your call.