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Pest Control for Schools in Sydney

Are you in charge of pest control at your school in Sydney? Would you like save in costs when it comes to pest management? Do you want a commercial pest control company that has experience in your industry? Do you want reliability along with efficiency?

Choose ABC Pest Control for school pest control in Sydney. We have detailed experience when it comes to dealing with pests in a school environment. If you work in education, we won't need to tell you. A school is the perfect breeding ground for a wide variety of pests.

Prevention in schools is the best method of keeping pests at bay. ABC Pest Control Sydney have affordable monitoring packages that work effectively. In general, we solve problems then maintain the status quo.

Feel free to ask about our digital monitoring program.

Please See a List of Common Pests in Schools

  • Cockroaches
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Rodents
  • Bird Lice
  • Flies
  • Possums

Schools in Sydney Face a Wide Range of Pest Issues.

Schools face maybe more pest issues than nearly any sector of industry in Sydney. There are many reasons for this is mainly due to human traffic and the fact that students tend to eat here there and everywhere. The main attraction for most pests is food.

Bird Control is often an area pest control companies in Sydney tend to miss when it comes to schools. Birds can cause extensive damage to a school. Bird feces are toxic and very acidic. Meaning it can damage buildings mostly paint making for an expensive fix.

The common Myna bird is also known for roosting in gutters during breeding times when the birds leave the nests. They leave behind hungry bird lice; these lice will find there a way to human skin. Many times our customers have confused these critters with bed bugs.

Common pests that love to go to school are rodents and mice looking for leftovers and food missed by cleaning staff. Rodents carry disease and parasites and don’t belong in schools.

Cockroaches will also be attracted to food and will find the smallest crumbs. Ants are another common invader of schools and can build up in numbers quickly. Depending on the type species you are encountering will depend on the problem you may have.

Contact us now for cockroach, extermination and rodent removal and prevention. We have detailed experience dealing with these pests.

Another common pests we encounter is beehives and wasps nests. These can be very dangerous to children. Either of these insects is aggressive toward intruders when a foreigner gets to close the hive or nest. Some people are highly allergic to bee stings and in some cases have dangerous effects. Wasps are related to the ant family and have no barb on their stinger. Meaning they can sting as many times as they choose.

We cannot count the amount of bee and wasp removal jobs ABC Pest Control has performed successfully. If you have an issue, we can solve it. Contact us today or book online.

Flies sometimes build up in high numbers and can become be unhygienic if this is the case its wise to contact us to help with the situation.

For a wide range of pest solutions in schools contact us now, we wekcome your call.