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  • Full internal inspection of structure/home
  • Full external inspection of structure/home(including garage)
  • Roof Voids/Voids(where accessible)
  • Property grounds inspection, gardens, fences, sheds & carports
  • Inspect for wood rot, water damage, leaks and drainage issues
  • Thermal imaging and moisture meter used where needed
  • Termite inspection report

When was the last time you had a termite pest control in Sydney? How often do you need a termite inspection on your property? What kind of insects are termites and what are their signs on your property? How much does it cost to have a termite inspection or treatment? Do you know that you can also have a termite reticulation system installed for long-term protection against termites?

Termite Treatment Sydney

Termites are invasive and destructive to any property like your home. Truly, these minute critters can cause massive damages if not prevented early.

Exterminating termites is no easy without termite expert intervention? Indeed, you need to partner with a trusted pest control company to exterminate termites.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has been the top choice of the Sydneysiders in terms of effective termite treatment and prevention. Not only do we eradicate termites but we are also specialised on all sorts of common pest problems. Have a look at our most affordable packages for your pest control needs.

You can book our expert team now in under 60 seconds or simply call us on 0404 130 944 for enquiries.

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When Was the Last Time You Had Termite Inspection?

A termite inspection is by far the best action against termites pest control in Sydney and near Sydney. In fact, you wouldn’t know if you have these pests without experts to inspect. Hence, the longer it is that you had no inspection, the more chances that you may have termites.

Making your home termite-free is the smartest way to preserve this hard-earned personal property. Termites consistently move from one place to another as they extend their colonies.

As they wander for a new place to settle, they may arrive at your property and build their home anytime. Therefore, being able to prevent the termite presence will save you a lot of real trouble later.

It’s no longer a surprise to know that around 35% of properties in Australia have termites. Well, the tropical climate of the country makes it the best breeding haven for these little pesky creatures.

How Often Do You Need Termite Inspection?

Termites are mobile insects. Naturally, they seek a new place to breed when they’ve reached a certain number in their present colony.

For that reason, they can hit your property soon. Hence, a regular termite inspection is a must if you want to keep your property value longer.

A regular termite inspection is needed at least once annually. However, you may certainly have it bi-annually if you are in a termite hotspot area.

Seeing no signs of termites on the surface of your property does not guarantee that they aren’t present. They usually start building their tunnels underneath your floor or within your walls.

As they thrive, they eat every piece of wood or cellulose-based material in your home structure. Consequently, you will face irreparable damages sooner.

Termites can be your real problem soon if they’re currently active within a 5km radius from your property. However, you can prevent their infestation or treat it early through a regular termite inspection.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has been successfully helping the entire Sydney in ensuring that every home is termite-free. Like many other homes, yours is still vulnerable to termite damage. Hence, you aren’t safe until you get the help of trusted termite experts.

You may contact ABC Pest Control Sydney now so we can begin safeguarding your home from these appalling termites.

What Kind of Insects Are Termites?

Eusocial insects

Termites are eusocial insects that are relatives of cockroaches. However, they are most commonly called as white ants. Although, they don’t belong to the ant family.

Termites are undoubtedly one of the most successful insects on earth. In fact, they occupy the majority of the continents except for colder places like Antarctica.

They are small insects that measure around 4-15 millimetres in length. However, their queens can grow a lot bigger reaching up to more than 10 centimetres in length.

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Why Termites Call Your Home Lunch

It’s no longer a surprise why termites love to swarm in residential areas in Sydney. Needless to say, these tiny yet most destructive insects feed on cellulose materials such as wood or timbre. Hence, every home in Sydney is an easy target of these wood-sucking creepy-crawlies.

Homes in Sydney became the best-breeding sites of termites because of its perfect humidity. In fact, it’s the moisture and humidity that made termites thrive better than any other environment.

How Do You Identify Termites From Ants?

Many people are sometimes confused between ants and termites. Well, it’s not difficult to spot the difference in their physical appearance. For instance, termites have a tube-shaped body while ants have a pinched waist.

Moreover, termites have straight antennae. Also, they have a white or light brown appearance while ants have bent antennae and are usually much darker.

With their soft cuticles, termites won’t survive in cold habitats. Hence, they are known to inhabit places on earth with warm temperatures. Factually, the humid and warm weather made Australia a hotbed of over 360 termite species.

For accurate identification, if you have termites, you must call your local pest control team. Apparently, ABC Pest Control Sydney conducts comprehensive termite inspection and treatment.

Ant's and Termites Differentiation

What Is The Composition Of A Termite Colony?

Termite Colony

There are three types of termites in the termite colony. Specifically, they are the workers, the soldiers, and the mature reproductive adults.

The workers comprise the largest population in the colony (around 90% to 95% of the population). Apparently, the worker termites are the breadwinners or the sole providers of the colony to survive. Surprisingly, they are sterile, wingless, and blind. Also, worker termites can live an average lifespan of 2 years.

Soldier termites comprise around a lower number than the workers (around 1% to 3% of the population). Like the workers, soldier termites are also blind and wingless.

Unlike the workers, these soldiers can’t feed themselves and are dependent on the workers for sustenance. Moreover, they have the same average lifespan as the workers (1 to 2 years).

The mature reproductive adults are the few kings and a queen that is responsible for reproduction. Specifically, they are the swarmer termites that are winged enabling them to swarm and find mates.

Besides, a queen can lay up to around 100 to 1,000 average number of eggs a day. In some cases, other queens can lay up to 10,000 eggs a day.

What Are The Signs That You Have Termites?

Mud Tubes
As experts recommend, a termite inspection is necessary to prevent termites. If you want to ascertain if you have termites, you certainly must call termite experts.

It’s difficult to identify early signs of termites in Sydney homes. In fact, you might have already seen these signs. However, you just didn’t know that these are from termites.

The first sign of termites that homeowners would easily notice is the flying termites. With this, you may pay close attention to loose wings on the ground, bathtubs, vents, and sinks. Also, you may notice sawdust from the areas or corners where termites are building their tunnels.

Other obvious signs of termites are holes in the exposed wood and mud tubes. Usually, these signs rise from the foundation of your home. Also, you may see squeaky floorboards and loose tiles due to moisture caused by termites. Moreover, they can also cause stuck windows and doors.

You may also hear their noise in the walls. For instance, you’ll hear a clicking sound while they chew on the wood. Besides, they bang their heads against the walls as they sense danger. Obviously, they do this banging to create noise to warn the entire colony.

These signs of termites oftentimes stay unnoticeable until the termite colony has become huge in your property. Hence, you need a regular termite inspection to ensure your property’s safety from termites.

When Would You Need Termite Pest Control?

It’s no longer a surprise why termites love to swarm in residential areas in Sydney. Needless to say, these tiny yet most destructive insects feed on cellulose materials such as wood or timbre. Hence, every home in Sydney is an easy target of these wood-sucking creepy-crawlies.

Homes in Sydney became the best-breeding sites of termites because of its perfect humidity. In fact, it’s the moisture and humidity that made termites thrive better than any other environment.

Professional Pest Control in Sydney

How Damaging Are Termites To Your Home?

Damage Wood

As you may have already known, 1 out of 3 properties in Australia having termite problems. In fact, this infestation has been causing billions of dollars of devastating damages annually.

Termites can destroy just everything in your home. Unfortunately, they eat through to your home structure.

Naturally, they wouldn’t stop while there is a piece of wood or timbre left. For instance, they can consume your support beams, wall studs, floor joists, and ceiling joists.

The real damage that termites may already have caused your home can never be seen on the surface. In fact, if you see damages surfacing in your walls and floors, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Surely, you will be surprised by how massive the damages are beneath.

With the damages caused by termites, your home gradually loses its value. Worst of all, you’ll eventually lose the entire structure. Not only that, but they can also feast on your valuable furniture as a nutrient source.

Your home is one of your most valuable possession. Indeed, you worked hard to achieve it. However, for it to last longer depends on how serious you are in dealing with termites.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Termite Inspection and Treatment?

abc pest control sydney

Having a regular professional termite inspection is the best preventive measure to combat termite infestation in Sydney. In fact, it’s the most cost-effective practice to have a termite-free home.

At ABC Pest Control Sydney, we offer the most competitive termite inspection package. Proudly, we guarantee value to your money. In fact, many Sydney homeowners have chosen our package that starts from $250.

Generally, our pricing depends on the magnitude of the termite infestation. With us, you have the guarantee of expert holistic internal and external termite inspection and treatment.

Termite inspection has been a necessity for all Sydney homes as part of regular maintenance. In truth, spending for a professional termite inspection annually or bi-annually is way cheaper than facing expensive massive damages later.

You may also check our affordable packages for the treatment of termites and other pests.

What are the Best Ways to Eliminate Termites?

Shelter Tubes

While you can definitely do something to prevent termite invasion in your home, real prevention definitely requires professional help. For instance, you may keep dry woods away from your place. However, this won’t really stop termites from intruding on your home.

Protecting your home from termites requires sustainable physical and chemical barriers. Most importantly, the methods should be compliant with the Australian Termite Control standards. Hence, you need to partner with trusted professional termite experts to do the job.

When you see termite signs, just leave them alone to avoid aggravating the entire colony. Specifically, don’t disturb them until you get termite experts to deal with the problem. Naturally, termites are complex insects and can cause further damage if disturbed.

Eliminating these pests needs careful termite inspection to determine their coverage in and out of your place. Hence, every corner inside and outside has to be checked for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Don’t ever try disturbing termites unless you are an expert. Immediately call ABC Pest Control Sydney termite experts for action.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has no match when it comes to effective termite inspection and control in Sydney.

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When Is The Best Time For Termite Inspection?

The Spring season is when termites begin to show early manifestation in Sydney. Hence, a termite inspection is best done during Spring.

However, if you see signs of termites or you suspect that they are present in or near your home, act immediately. Yes, no matter what season it is. Therefore, you need to call local professional termite exterminators for immediate inspection and treatment.

ABC Pest Control Sydney always reminds every homeowner to be vigilant against termite infestation. In fact, we advocate that prevention is always cheaper than cure when it comes to termite infestation.

How Can You Maintain a Termite-Free Home?

Hanging mud tubes

Maintaining a healthy and stronger home is making sure that it is termite-free. At ABC Pest Control Sydney, we understand that termites have been the worst nightmare of Sydney homeowners. Hence, our team is geared toward helping you keep these creepy critters away.

Regular termite inspection annually is always necessary. However, it would also be equally important that you set up a sustainable termite reticulation system. To that, doing so will give you better peace of mind.

Advanced protection against termite invasion has always been crucial for ABC Pest Control Sydney. From termite inspection and treatment, our team has been the best choice in termite reticulation systems and refills.

What is Termite Reticulation?

Termite Chemical

What is termite reticulation and how does it work?

The system of termite reticulation is a comprehensive approach that features an intricate underground waterproof barrier surrounding your home. Hence, physically safeguarding your home against termites.

This physical barrier is certainly effective. Surely, it provides a formidable and long-lasting defense system when installed by ABC Pest Control Sydney. In addition, we always provide a complementary approach to suffice your home defense through the termite reticulation process.

ABC Pest Control Sydney’s termite reticulation process involves installing a network of pipes. Particularly, we install these pipes underground in the soil surrounding the home.

These pipes have a multitude of tiny holes. Strategically, these holes release a faint but effective cocktail of termite-repellent chemicals into the soil.

We, at ABC Pest Control Sydney, are 100% compliant with the Australian Pest Control Standards. Hence, we guarantee that these termite-repellent chemicals are perfectly safe for people, animals, plants, and the wider environment. However, definitely effective to kill termites that try to enter your home through different access points.

The best time to install the reticulation system is during the construction of your home. However, if you need it long after your home construction you don’t need to worry. Thankfully, we can still install it and achieve the same results.

To begin the reticulation process, ABC Pest Control Sydney proceeds with a thorough termite inspection beforehand. By this, the reticulation system traps the termites outside the home rather than inside.

Whether effective installation occurs during home construction or long afterward, the resulting benefit to your home is enormous. In the reticulation process, matching physical and chemical barriers is crucial.

These should combine beautifully to block all openings for termites to access your home. Most importantly, once installed, this method of protection will work its magic, without fail, for decades.

Why Do You Need Termite Reticulation Refills?

ABC Pest Control Termite Reticulation

Chemicals used in the reticulation process gradually break down years later. In fact, you need termite reticulation refills every 3-5 years. ABC Pest Control Sydney provides these refills at an affordable cost.

Our experts can apply the refill quickly and with no inconvenience. With the refill process, your initial investment in installing the system will be worth it for a longer time.

Moreover, it gives you amazing value to your overall time, money, and effort. Also, this ensures you’re your prevention of termite-induced structural damage.

You also need maintenance of the physical barriers. The reason for this is that soil erodes and is compacted over the years. Therefore, leaving a gap known as soil subsidence between the home and the waterproof barrier.

Gaps due to the compact of soil by soil erosion need to be filled with special materials at uniform intervals. Through this process, you can strengthen the foundation of your home and the termite barriers.

Our ABC Pest Control Sydney team can handle every aspect of termite reticulation refill. Specifically, we offer termite reticulation maintenance in the greater Sydney area.

In fact, our team guarantees that you can enjoy the comforts and benefits of an easy and long-lasting termite solution.

When we install the system, we use a network of underground pipes. Apparently, this network of pipes allows the easy reinstatement of a chemical barrier on a regular basis.

Specifically, we install a termite reticulation system around the foundations of your property in Sydney. Therefore, this system ensures your complete and continuous protection from termites.

With ABC Pest Control Sydney, you have the assurance of protection against termite invasions. In fact, we install the reticulation system and apply the chemicals with precision. Needless to say, this system that we install totally prevents the termites from entering the house.

Regular maintenance of the chemical levels within the reticulation system is essential. In fact, you should have a regular refill every three years. Obviously, this is to sustain the maximum level of protection for your property against termites.

What are the Best Termite Repellent Chemicals?

The use of termite repellent chemicals should always comply with the Australian Pest Control Safety Standards. In fact, ABC Pest Control Sydney only uses the most effective and safest chemicals. Apparently, we put on top priority the safety of your family, pets, and the environment.

For instance, we use Premise 200 SC which has been quite an excellent termiticide in eliminating termites. Not only that it provides an immediate solution, but it can also be used for long-term termite prevention.

What is Premise 200 SC?

ABC Pest Control Sydney

ABC Pest Control Sydney uses Premise 200 SC. Indeed, this is one of the best termiticides to eradicate and prevent termites. Not only does it kill termites, but it also is effective for long-term termite prevention.

We can certainly install the reticulation system that uses Premise 200 SC. Specifically, we can do it before or after the construction of your house. Yes, with the same effectiveness against termites. So, don’t worry if you hadn’t installed a preventive system during the construction of your house.

Our termite experts administer Premise 200 SC with care and special equipment. Carefully, we apply it by spraying, trenching, or soil rodding to eradicate and block termites from entering your property.

Termites are clever pests and may use the tiny cracks in concrete slabs to get into your house. Therefore, you may need a termite barrier system around your property with the Premise perimeter treatment.

For instance, our team can drill and inject Premise 200 SC. Particularly, we do this in the concrete paths around your property to eliminate and keep termites away.

Only termite experts can administer the Premise 200 SC properly and effectively. Particularly, you need ABC Pest Control Sydney experts that have been the best in terms of effective termite control. Contact us today for inquiries.

Does ABC Pest Control Refill Existing Reticulation Systems?

ABC Pest Control does refill existing termite reticulation systems. In fact, our team can work with all reticulation systems.

You can talk to us by calling on 0404130944 for further details.

What is Homeguard System for Termites?

Precision Termite Management
Homeguard System works differently from the traditional termite reticulation system. In fact, this has been an advanced and comprehensive termite defence system.

With Homeguard, you’ll have all the essential elements of termite home defence. However, you need to install it at the foundational level of the property. That is, during and within the initial home construction process itself.

Homeguard uses a highly effective chemical called Bifenthrin. Carefully, we seal this chemical within the structural elements of the home. Hence, it is perfectly safe for healthy living. Of course, while its active ingredient works as a powerful repellent against termites.

The manufacturer of this system is in Australia. Therefore, there is an assurance that it is well suitable for our specific local conditions.

FMC Corporation carefully designed Homeguard and has been so effective against termites. Surprisingly, it comes with a 25-year warranty that protects your home for up to $1 million in termite damages.

Please take note that only an officially accredited Homeguard operator such as ABC Pest Control Sydney can install this system. This is for you to keep the warranty active. Additionally, only the accredited team should inspect the property annually.

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