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Commercial Pest Control – Food Processing Plant

Food processing in Sydney faces many pest control issues. ABC Pest Control Sydney understands and offers elite solutions if you are a managing a factory or a plant processing food. Being in charge, you would be more than aware of the massive obstacles related to pests.

If you are looking for an experienced pest control management company in Sydney? If you want reliability along with extensive knowledge? Choose ABC Pest Control Sydney today. Due to the numerous pest issues, you may be encountering. We offer multiple solutions for your needs.

When running a factory or plant associated with any food substances, hygiene is one the first and foremost priorities you may need to address. Often due to the size of the operation, this makes it easy and attractive to a wide variety of sometimes dangerous pests.

Bird Control for Food Processing Plants

Most pest control companies fail to mention the destruction, and unhealthy environment birds will bring to a food plant. We are experts on all level of bird control issues. Pigeons are habitual when it comes to defecating on a building. One common problem is that they will defecate on the docks of food plants. Meaning where the stock is coming in and out. The defecation brought about by birds is highly toxic and acidic. Not only is the excrement dangerous it corrodes paint and brings wear and tear upon the building.

Wild birds such as the Indian Myna bird, tend to nest in lofts and roofs. Primarily this happens in and around breed times. Birds then leave the nests and what is left are bird lice. Bird lice become hungry and search for food. Most of the times it is humans that will become the food of bird lice. Bird lice are unpleasant to the human skin, and some of us can have severe reactions.

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Rats and Mice in Food Processing Factories.

As most people know, rodents and mice are attracted to food. These animals have adapted better than most in the world humans have built. Its only natural that vermin draw to food processing places.

Rats and mice find their way in from any means possible. Meaning its difficult sometimes to stop these creatures from invading. Contacting ABC Pest Control Sydney will help in the prevention of rats and mice. We have tried and true techniques that work.

If you currently are experiencing a rodent problem. Dealing with it quick would be wise. Rats and mice carry parasites and are seriously detrimental to the food industry, in general, They also defecate which can cause problems in a food processing plant.

If you need rodent pest control contact us today.

Moths in the Food Processing Industry.

Moths also can be a problem when it comes to food processing especially meal moths. Meal moths can be devasting. Generally, fumigation techniques are used to rid food processing plants of these insects. They will target plant-based food, dry foods such as cereals, soup mixes, bread, pasta, birdseed and more.

If left they can be devastating on specific industries, contact us today for meal moth pest control.

Cockroaches in Food Processing Sydney

Cockroaches like other pests in the food processing industries are attracted to food plants and factories. Cockroaches also are drawn to the warmth of motors and other machinery. Cockroaches can build quickly in numbers if left untreated. Depending on which type of cockroaches that you are coming in contact. Will depend on how fast they will be breeding.

ABC Pest Control Sydney have expert techniques in ridding and preventing cockroach activity.

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Your Reputation is Everything

ABC Pest Control Sydney understand that your reputation is everything. We offer a service you can trust time and time again. We also know that you require assistance that will get the job done right the first time.

We take our job seriously at the same time we are known for knowledgeable and friendly services.

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