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Pest Inspections Sydney – Pre- Purchase Building Inspections

Pest Inspections Sydney - Are you engaging in buying a new property and need a building and pest inspection? Would you like to use a pest control company in Sydney that is trusted? Do you need a thorough detailed report over and beyond what is visible? Simply put do you want answers to any potential problems?

We understand that buying a property is generally a significant outlay on many levels.

ABC Pest Control Sydney offers a full pre-purchase building and pest inspection. In fact, we specialize in Sydney pest control inspections. In essence, we promise peace of mind, not only can we give you a professional report. Our company can also offer expert advice on any pest under the sun in Sydney. Its a fact, ABC Pest Control Sydney, are one of Sydney’s foremost pest control companies. Our services can be found in all suburbs of Sydney.

Why Should I Get a Building Pest Inspection – Pest Inspections Sydney

Why should I get a building inspection for my property? This is a question that some of you may ask. Or is it necessary to have a pest inspection? The answer is simple, yes you should. It does not matter if this is your first property or your tenth property. It is a major investment

Not only should you have a pest inspection. Generally, your mortgage lender is going to suggest a pest report in NSW. Most mortgage brokers, in fact, are going to want a report completed. Many are in favour of making it compulsory in NSW. Not only from this perspective but from a commonsense perspective. No-one should spend money on a property and not have a building and pest inspection completed.

What Happens During a Pest Inspection – What Does a Building Pest Inspection Cover?

Many people are curious as to what is the process or what happens during a pest inspection? ABC Pest Control Sydney first and foremost examine the outside of the building. Termites are the main concern. We not only inspect for current activity. Also, extensively inspect for previous activity with termites. In fact, we work closely with our building inspector and will pass on important information. Such as structural damage and termite prone conditions. For example,  an area with poor ventilation.

Essentially, we search for termite mounds, nests and tubes. That can be found near the foundations of the home. Termites will cause extensive damage to a house in Sydney. Hot spots or high-risk areas can be discussed with our experts.

Last but not least. the front and backyards are examined for termite activity. Generally, we can also advise of any other potential pest activity such as bees or wasps’ nests. We will be advising on anything on the property that could attract pests.

Mice and Rats

In essence, we do search for cracks and holes where rats, mice and may enter the property. You would be astounded at the size of a small hole a rat may enter. If a rat can get their head through a hole. They are able to get their body through.

In this case, we would be silly not to mention mice as they can fit in even smaller holes and cracks. In the winter months rodents in simple terms. Will enter your property because it is warm. In the summer or warmer periods, they are generally looking for food. In relation to the exterior.

Indoor Pest Inspections Sydney

Absolutely our experienced technicians will inspect accordingly inside the property. ABC Pest Control Sydney will inspect for cockroaches’ ants and bees. Generally looking for any pests that may be showing activity. We inspect all cupboards for droppings and any traces of pest activity. Also, we inspect places like attics ceilings and walls. The technician will view basements and subfloors. Foundationally, we can also advise on subfloor ventilation issues.

Generally, areas with poor ventilation can attract termites. When ventilation is poor this leads to condensation and moisture build-up. This is the perfect environment for termites. Lastly, we may even find live pests or vermin in the house or building. All of this will be sent in a detailed report.

What Happens if Signs of Pest Activity are Found

However, if we encounter signs of pest activity. ABC Pest Control Sydney will suggest treatments to remove and prevent pests. This could be the use of traps and baits. It could involve general pest treatments. We have a range of options and packages to suit everyone. Talk to us about our Advantage Plus package. This is a highly effective pest prevention and reduction service. That is performed three times a year over an annual period. Prevention is the best cure and treatment for preventing pest activity in Sydney.

Termite activity on the property. If termite activity is found on the property, we take advanced and modern methods. To deal with the issues swiftly and effectively. Talk to us today about your options to suit your budget when it comes to combating termites in Sydney.

How Long Does a Pest inspection Take?

One of the most common questions asked. Is how long to does it take to do a pest inspection? The average time for a pest inspection takes in between 60 minutes and 120 minutes. This period can be extended if the house is large. For example, if a house has five to six bedrooms, the time may increase.

How Much Does a Building Pest Inspection Cost?

Many houses vary in size and structure, the best way of receiving a quote for your individual property. Is to simply reach out to us by giving us a call.

How to Contact ABC Pest Control Sydney

You can contact ABC Pest Control on 02 9269 9174 or use the click to call feature on the website. We also can be reached on our Facebook page as that is maintained and manned at all times.

If you need a pest inspection or a full pre-purchase and building inspection do not hesitate to contact us. Comparatively, if you require any pest services at all. We would be happy to help, feel free to explore our comprehensive website.


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