Possum Removal In Sydney

Are you having sleepless nights because of the loud annoying noise of possums in your Sydney home? Did you know that possums are protected by law in Sydney? Have you known that you can’t catch, kill, or release possums without a license? Who should you call for possum removal in Sydney?

Why Do You Need Professional Possum Removal?

The law protects possums in New South Wales and that includes Sydney and near Sydney. In fact, there is already an existing Possum Management Policy. Apparently, this policy specifies how to deal with possum infestation in residential or commercial properties.

Many residents and business owners have continuously reported problems of possum infestation. For instance, complaints include possums causing damages in roofs and chimneys. Moreover, they also have been a problem in gardens and even in offices.

The challenge in dealing with possums is that you can’t simply remove them. Specifically, it’s illegal to catch, kill, or release possums without a license. Obviously, the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 clearly states that.

To ensure legal compliance in dealing with possums, it will be best to leave possums alone for professionals. Hence, you can talk to your local ABC Pest Control Sydney licensed possum removal experts for help.

You can call our team on 0404 130 944 to discuss your possum problem. Similarly, you can utilize our speedy booking system on this website to book us in under 60 seconds.

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Why Do I Have Possum in the House?

Possums have been invading urban areas in Sydney recently. Naturally, these rodents build their homes in tree hollows or scrubs. However, as urban development continues to expand, these creatures have found their new home in homes and buildings.

Some creatures like possums have been running out of food and shelter outdoors. Hence, they need to move to places to survive. In this case, your home is a potential shelter and source of sustenance.

Possums are natural scavengers. Therefore, they would feast on dirty and smelly garbage bins or other storage containers.

In case you did not know, possums like water. In fact, some of them would prefer a habitat with a watery environment. Hence, you’re most likely to have possums if you’re near a pond or a drainage ditch.

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What Do You Need to Know About Possums? 

Australia has 27 possum species. Apparently, some of these possums are present in Sydney. In fact, the most common possums infesting homes and businesses are the brushtail possums and ringtail possums.

Possums have been quite comfortable in urban areas they gradually lose their natural habitats. As a result, they are now a huge problem in residential and commercial areas.

Possums become an infestation problem as they eat fruits, vegetables, and flowers and even damage your garden. Also, they love to build their nests on the roofs. Apparently, they prefer dry and warm places to nest and breed.

You would hear the noise of these rodents at night as they move around and fight. In fact, rodents are territorial creatures and would fight other possums to defend their place. Moreover, the noise is also a sign of more possums around.

Possums are also dangerous to humans and even to pets. Specifically, these rodents can attack when they feel the threat. Unfortunately, they pose a threat to pets as they always bite back.

Why Are Possums Active at only Night? 

Possums are nocturnal marsupials although you may occasionally sight some during the day. Obviously, they are active during the night to avoid hunting predators while they seek sustenance. Therefore, you’ll hear their loud noise on the roof oftentimes at night.

Possums are careful against their predators. Although they can sometimes be spotted during the day, possums would prefer to go out at night. Specifically, they wait until its dark to search for food in urban waste and compost bins.

When it comes to their diet, possums are not picky eaters. In fact, they can eat almost anything they can find. For instance, they have an appetite for insects, leaves, flowers, and nectar, Also, they also like to eat fruits, decaying or dead animals, birds, and reptiles. Moreover, they will feed on earthworms and small mammals.

Like mice, possums are excellent at climbing high structures. In fact, they can climb well because of their sharp claws, hand-like back foot, and tail. To do this, they use these body parts to grab and hold onto objects.

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What Diseases Can Possums Transmit?

Like many other rodents in Sydney, possums are a huge threat to people’s health. Apparently, these filthy creatures carry with them numerous bacteria that they can spread and cause illnesses.

Given their contact with the filthy environment, possums can get in contact with many dangerous pathogens. In fact, they’re always feasting on the dirtiest places like your garbage bins and even on decaying animals.

Possums can contaminate your home with their feces and urine. Particularly, they can break into your kitchen and contaminate your food. Moreover, they just can simply spread the bacteria anywhere in your home as they scurry around.

The diseases that possums can transmit are quite scary. In fact, these diseases are dangerous and fatal if you don’t seek immediate medical help. For instance, you may catch illnesses like leptospirosis, coccidiosis, and tuberculosis.

Possums are scary and a health threat. Surely, they don’t just destroy your rest at night and damage your structure. Most horribly, they can make you and your family severely sick.

The best time to contact ABC Pest Control Sydney if you have possums is today. Likewise, you shouldn’t wait until your possum problem becomes too large to handle before you act.

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Rodents like possums are more than just disgusting creatures that invade your Sydney home. Certainly, these pests need to leave immediately to restore your safe and healthy living.

For rodent infestation problems like possums, you can count on ABC Pest Control Sydney. Without a doubt, we have mastered the best possum removal method in 20 years of servicing the entire possum removal near Sydney.

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