Moths Pest Control In Sydney

Looking for moth pest control in Sydney? Have you been seeing damage to your clothes and carpets because of moths in your Sydney home? Do you know why you have a moth infestation? Is moth presence dangerous to human health? What should you do to prevent and get rid of moths? How much does it cost to have a professional moth removal in Sydney?

Moths have been causing massive damages to clothes and carpets in Sydney and near Sydney. Indeed, having these pesky pests at home is a huge problem. Therefore, you need to take action to remove them immediately.

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What Species Of Moth Do We Have?

There are more than 20,000 species of moths in Australia. In fact, more than 10,000 already have names.

Among the thousands of moths in the country, there are a few common household moths. For instance, you’ll encounter at home the brown house moth and the White-shouldered house moth. Also, you’d most likely experience the common clothes moth and case-bearing clothes moth.

Their infestation usually doesn’t pose harm to humans. However, these pests are certainly capable of damaging your clothes and other soft furnishings. Moreover, they can also contaminate your food supplies which makes them unsuitable for consumption.

particularly come into your home for food and shelter. For instance, your pantry goods may attract them. Moreover, warmth and humidity in your place generally invite these pests.

How Serious Can Clothes Moth Infestations?

Clothes moths are certainly harmless to people because they do not bite. However, these pests have been a major headache in Sydney homes. In fact, they cause horrible damage to clothes and carpets.

The damages moths bring to your home is just one thing to worry about. In fact, the shed-off scales of their wings and their feces can cause allergic reactions.

For instance, you may have symptoms like tiny bites on your skin, small red bumps, itchiness, and swelling.

Clothes moths multiply quickly. Generally, the female can produce up to 50 eggs in a 3-week time. Unfortunately, they usually attach their eggs to clothes and textiles. Therefore, when the eggs hatch after 10 days, their hungry larvae start feeding resulting in awful damage.

Many people would blame the adult moths for the damage on the clothes and textiles. However, like any other flying pest, it’s the moth larvae that are destructive.

What Are The Signs Of Moth Infestation?

Just like termites, it’s oftentimes too late before you’d discover a moth infestation in your Sydney home. In fact, you’d usually realise that you have them when you see the unusual holes in your clothes and rugs.

Spotting the physical presence of moths in their different forms is another sign of infestation. For instance, you’ll see their eggs, larvae, pupae (in silk cocoons), and the adult moth.

Moth eggs may be quite difficult to sight because their too small. However, the larvae could be easier to notice particularly on food items. Moreover, you may see the adult moths flying but can be quite seldom because they’re too small. Usually, they hide in wall cracks and crevices of your furniture.

You may be uncertain if what you have is a moth infestation or other pests. With this situation, you can talk to ABC Pest Control Sydney today. Thankfully, we can help you identify what is infesting your home and provide the appropriate solution.

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How Can You Prevent Infestation Of Moths?

Moths can certainly get into your home by themselves or by being brought in. For instance, they can fly in or get in through infested items like food and clothes.

To prevent moth infestation, you would need to be keen on some specific measures. For example, you would need to examine all items that you bring in to ensure they’re not infested.

To explain, you’ll need to check grain products before bringing them home since they usually are infested. Additionally, you need to do the same with clothes and furniture.

It would also help if you wash your clothes thoroughly. Well, moths love to stick to dirty fabrics. Besides, clean your furniture and even plants inside your home.  Obviously, this is to ensure that moths don’t use them as hiding and breeding places.

You also need to regularly vacuum your carpets, beds, drawers, and wardrobes. Therefore, by doing so, you could potentially eliminate the eggs and the larvae.

Lights attract moths. So, it will be helpful if you always turn off your lights inside if not necessary. Specifically, you can keep the adult moths off your home if you just turn on the lights outside.

We don’t recommend the use of shelf chemicals to eliminate moths. Obviously, never use any chemicals if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Unfortunately, using certain chemicals may have some serious effects on your health.

It’s always a smarter action to contact ABC Pest Control Sydney for the extermination of moths. Generally, we can eliminate the pesky moth infestation once and for all using safe and effective methods.

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