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Crickets Pest Control in Sydney

Do you have problems with crickets in your home in Sydney and near Sydney? Have you been suffering from the annoying and disturbing noise of crickets every night? Do you know why these insects have invaded your home? Are you looking for professional pest control to get rid of these noisy crickets? Would you like crickets pest control in  Sydney?

The most obvious sign that you have cricket infestation is hearing their noise usually at night. Naturally, one or two crickets can be tolerable. However, when they begin to grow in number, they become a complete nightmare.

Crickets are all over Sydney. In fact, ABC Pest Control Sydney understands that you need professional help. Hence, our team offers the best cricket removal treatment to finally exterminate these noisy critters.

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Why Do You Have Crickets In Your Home?

Crickets naturally prefer to live outdoors in the grasses and bushes. However, when the weather gets colder they’re desperate to look for a warmer shelter. Hence, they invade your home for warmth to survive.

As they search for a warmer place before or during the cold season, crickets can enter your home. Specifically, they can enter by your windows, doors, or any other opening that they can pass through.

With their goal to find warmth, crickets usually stay in your kitchen. Generally, they can also be found in the furnace or water heater.

Sighting or finding crickets at home is quite challenging and difficult. In fact, they normally hide in cracks, crevices, and other darker and warm corners during the day. Also, they can sense if you are present and then they’d stop chirping.

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What Do Crickets Look Like?

Crickets are nocturnal insects that are a distant family of grasshoppers. In fact, many people would mistakenly identify crickets as grasshoppers at first sight. However, you can identify crickets by their longer antennae than that of the grasshoppers.

Generally, crickets are small or medium in size. Generally, they may look like grasshoppers with cylindrical and vertically flattened bodies. Also, they have rounded heads, long antennae, long thighs, and strong hind legs.

Not all crickets are the same in size and color. However, the most common crickets you’ll see would be brown, yellow, or black.

Whatever cricket species have invaded your home; ABC Pest Control Sydney can certainly remove them. Likewise, we cover other pests like cockroachesbed bugstermitesrats, and many more.

Why Do Crickets Make Noise?

Crickets make the noise that experts call stridulating. Particularly, they do this by rubbing the upper and lower parts of their wings.

Crickets are probably the most horrible insects to invade your serenity at home. In fact, their infestation will surely make it hard for you to retire at night. However, they don’t make a noise just to annoy humans.

The noise of the crickets is their way of communication. Particularly, the noise is the song of the males to call their female mates. Surprisingly, females don’t chirp. So, if you can’t sleep at night, you got to blame the male crickets only.

As part of their mating ritual, the males have to loudly sing to attract the females. In fact, they sing as loudly as they can to also repel other male competitors.

Male crickets have different songs. For instance, they have a courtship song. Naturally, they sing this when they want to encourage nearby female cricket to mate. Specifically, a more romantic song may even cause females to fight each other.

Moreover, they also have an aggressive song that is too loud. Specifically, they sing this song to interact and establish territory. Also, they sing this to claim ownership to females in their territory.

Crickets also have a successful song. Naturally, male crickets would briefly sing a triumphal song after mating. Surprisingly, they do this to encourage the females they had mating with to lay eggs.

A few numbers of crickets chirping may be tolerable. However, if their population grows bigger, they will rise as the most annoying orchestra ever.

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Do Crickets Cause Damage In Your Home?

Crickets are omnivorous insects in Sydney. Surely, they can feed on both plants and meat. However, when in your home, the result of their eating activity would be appalling.

In the scarcity of food, crickets would be your most horrible guests at home. Unfortunately, crickets would feast on your clothes and carpet in search of sustenance. Moreover, all materials made of wool, silk, cotton, and synthetic fabrics will attract these noisy critters.

To make it clear, crickets do not eat clothes or other fabric materials. However, they can create damage to those when they search for food. Specifically, crickets like to chew clothes or fabrics stained with food, sweat, or grease. Generally, they are chewing for the potential food they get from the stain and not the fabric itself.

Crickets may also stain clean clothes or fabric with their droppings. Also, they can cause damage to wood, books, leather, and rubbers. Moreover, they also chew on bedding, wallpaper, and couches.

Do House Crickets Bite and Cause Health Problems?

House crickets can bite although it’s rare that they bite humans.  Well, they can bite you when you hold them too tight. However, it’s quite difficult for their mouthparts to pierce through the human skin.

The danger with crickets is the bacteria and even parasites that they can bring. In fact, they may carry disease-causing pathogens in their bodies and droppings. For instance, they may carry bacteria that can cause salmonella and e.coli infection.

The bacteria that crickets carry can transmit to humans when they bite. Besides, touching them or getting in contact with their droppings will expose you to these pathogens. Most horribly, you may just ingest these bacteria when they contaminate your food.

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Sighting of multiple crickets is certainly a sign of the infestation in Sydney. However, what better sign do you need than their annoying noise?

If you want to free your home from these noisy little critters, talk to ABC Pest Control Sydney today. Thankfully, our pest experts can eradicate these intruders from your place at your satisfaction.

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