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Expert Pest Control in Northern Beaches Sydney

It would not be a surprise if the majority, if not all, who are residents of the Northern Beaches, Sydney are faced with the seemingly unending pest control problems. Well, blame it to our tropical climate. Locations with warmer temperatures are the favourite breeding ground for almost all kinds of pests.

Keeping our homes and business free from pest infestation is crucial for our convenience, health, safety, and finances. Pests can never bring us convenience when they start to invade and destroy our properties. They carry various bacteria that cause a lot of diseases. Our family and business are also at a dangerous state when get attacked by some of these aggressive and destructive creepy creatures. Most fearfully, they may cost astronomical financial damages which, surely, no one would like to even imagine.

Being under any kind of pest infestation is an emergency situation that needs immediate action. If you need the right experts to be your rescue, your top choice in Northern Beaches is none other than the ABC Pest Control team. The team that has mastered over the years the nature and control of any pest that may be is posing a threat to you, your family, and your property.

ABC Pest Control offers the most reasonably affordable packages that can cover your every need for pest management. Our services cover all kinds of pest control issues with the most advanced and effective treatment compliant with the Australian pest control regulations. We guarantee nothing but quality service and solutions that are safe, friendly, cost-effective, and lasting.

We are proud to introduce our top-notch booking system on the website that enables you to get a convenient schedule in less than 60 seconds. On top of that, we have a hotline that you can call anytime for inquiry and immediate response.

Pest Control Problems in Northern Beaches Sydney

The majority could be facing the same infestation problems in Northern Beaches but it may vary between residential and business properties. Top on the list of the most notorious pests are termites, rodents (rats and mice), bed bugs, cockroaches, bees, and wasps. All of these mentioned creepy creatures can infest both homes and commercial establishments except that bed bugs could be more common in hotels and apartments where there is frequent in and out of so many people.

Termites in Northern Beaches Sydney

These famous silent killers could be your current or next headaches if you are living in Northern Beaches. Termites are so discreet that you would not even notice their activity destroying your house or building. Sadly, without any idea of their nature, it’s always already late when someone discovers their existence. Most of the time, the damage has already gone irreparable before the problem gets surfaced.

These tiny but very diligent insects feed on cellulose-based materials like dead plants and trees. They usually are discovered in forests, houses, and buildings which are their favourite food mining sites.

Termite management is one of the most complex processes in pest management, as it involves comprehensive inspection to determine their extent of infestation before the appropriate procedures to exterminate and prevent them are carried out. More often than not, any effort to remove them without the help of termite experts ended up just a waste of time and made the problem even worse. Thus, it is highly advised that termite treatment is carried out only by professionals on termite eradication to achieve the best results.

Rats and Mice in Northern Beaches Sydney

Rats and mice are probably the most dangerous pests when it comes to property destruction and threats to human health. These stubborn and clever rodents can set a house or buildings on fire when they begin gnawing electric wires. They have sharp teeth that can bite anything like paper, woods, plastics, and all light materials they pass by.

The health problems they may cause are dreadful. They are known to carry a number of bacteria that cause infectious and deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and many more. Moreover, they are carriers of some other pests such as fleas, lice, mites, and ticks.

We can use measures to combat these clever pests by setting up traps and poisonous baits but all these cannot solve the problem completely and right away. In fact, it can even fail sometimes as rats and mice are smart enough to identify and avoid these deadly traps and baits and continue feasting on your foods and properties. Getting rodent pest control experts in Northern Beaches, Sydney would be best to eliminate these rodents the first time. Experts can also administer treatment that can keep the rats and mice from coming back.

Bed Bugs in Northern Beaches Sydney

These blood-feeding creatures can be present at homes but are most commonly found in hotels, apartments, or any accommodation business establishments where people come and go every day. They do not have wings and therefore do not fly but they are all over the world with warmer weather. They get transported by people as they can get a ride by sticking themselves to the luggage of travelers.

These blood-sucking insects can barely be seen as they would hide in bed outlines and in cracks or crevices in furniture and walls during day time. They are active at night sucking blood from their sleeping or stationary host. Hungry bed bugs would also be active at daytime such as in computer desks or on couches.

You would know if you have bed bugs when you have blood stains on your bed sheets and of course bug bites which are itchy rashes with dark-red and swollen centres. Bed bugs are not known to carry infectious diseases but their bites can cause severe itchiness that can further develop as allergies. Insomnia can also be your problem if your bed is infested.

Cockroaches in Northern Beaches Sydney

Carrying around 33 bacteria, cockroaches are more than just annoyance. These nocturnal creepy-crawlies are known to carry pathogens such as Salmonella Typhi which causes typhoid fever, Poliomyelitis that causes polio, and Dysentry that causes diarrhea.

Their favourite sites for food are the kitchens and toilets. Both homes and businesses (mostly food industries) could have their infestation which needs immediate treatment to stop further damage and health issues.

We can see signs of cockroach infestation through their eggs which are usually found in dark corners, their droppings, odd odour, or if you see one or a number of them running around either during daytime or at night.

To effectively combat these pests, a thorough inspection and appropriate treatment should be administered by licensed experts on cockroach extermination.

Bees in Northern Beaches Sydney

Bees have proven their commercial importance as the main producers of honey consumed by humans all over the world. However, they become dangerous when they get close contact with people by building their nests at homes, buildings, gardens or any place that people usually pass by or go to.

They are aggressive when they are disturbed and will attack with their very painful sting. In fact, they are more dangerous than any other animals like snakes and spiders. These insects have caused the most number of hospitalizations in Australia up to the present. Their venom can give its victims common symptoms such as itchiness, trouble with breathing, slow or rapid heartbeat, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, fainting, allergies, and low blood pressure.

Removal of bees is one of the most dangerous pest control actions and so it would be safe when it is done by bee experts. The procedures require safety gear and careful treatment to avoid bee attack.

Wasps in Northern Beaches Sydney

Wasps belong to the family of bees and ants. They only differ from the other two insects by their physical appearance and behaviour. They have smooth and slender bodies with hairy legs with their abdomen and thorax connected by their narrow waist. They are both parasites and predators.

Wasps build a nest that can contain 100,000 individuals. Their attack could leave symptoms to humans just like the bees’. Their sting could make a person dizzy, a sudden drop in blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, swelling of face, lips, and throat, lightheadedness, stomach cramps, weak or rapid pulse, and loss of consciousness.

Never try to attempt removing wasps nest in your property if you are not trained to do so to avoid the danger of their sting. This should be done only by experts, who are experienced and have knowledge of the nature and behaviour of these insects.

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