Pantry Moths Pest Control Sydney

Pantry Moths Pest Control In Sydney

Did you know that pantry moths have been a common problem among Sydney homes? Are you wondering why you keep on having pantry moth infestation? How can these pests infest your food supplies? Do pantry moths cause diseases? Have you been looking for a permanent solution to completely get rid of these stubborn pests? Is there a permanent solution to pantry moth infestation? Can a professional Pantry Moths pest control in Sydney help get rid of your pantry moth problem completely?

Pantry moths are common pests in places with warmer weather like Sydney. In fact, not only do they thrive during the summer. Also, they love the combination of heat, humidity, and rain.

ABC Pest Control Sydney is a primary witness of the most horrible pantry moth infestation. Apparently, with our expertise, Sydney locals no longer need to suffer from these pests anymore.

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What are Pantry Moths?

Pantry moths are meal moths in Sydney and near Sydney that love to get into the food storage in your pantry. Specifically, they are tiny winged insects that appear to be brown or tan. Besides, the most common household pantry moths in Sydney are the Indian meal moths.

Sustenance isn’t the only goal of these creepy-crawlies in your food. Unfortunately, your food storage provides them with a perfect environment to reproduce. Hence, they lay eggs where their larvae, later on, will have enough to eat.

Pantry moth adults are usually one-half inch long with 6 mm to 20 mm wingspan. Generally, their wings are one-third gray and two-thirds reddish brown.

How Do Pantry Moths Breed and Grow?

ABC Pest Control Pantry Moths

Like other flying insects, pantry moths have four stages in their life cycle. Apparently, this includes the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the adult.

When they lay their eggs, it could be undetected. Specifically, their eggs are too tiny and look like whitish-grey in appearance. Hence, you may never see them joining your cereals or other food in the pantry.

After, around seven days, the eggs hatch, and the larvae come out. Now, this stage is the most disgusting that can last around two to three months. Unfortunately, it’s the larvae that cause food contamination and make it look gross.

To prepare for the pupal stage, the the larvae move away from their food source and hide. Generally, they hide in crevices, cracks, and other tiny hidden spaces in the panty. Therefore, you would certainly hardly find them.

Finally, after fifteen to twenty days in the pupal stage, the adults are fully grown. Surprisingly, their mouthparts are not functional, disabling them to eat. Hence, their only goal is to lay more eggs and reproduce.

From among the stages of the pantry moths’ life cycle, the adult stage is when you’d usually notice them. Unfortunately, the first three stages are discreet.

What do Pantry Moths Eat?

Pantry moths in Sydney would eat any dry food and condiments in your pantry. In fact, they love cereals, rice, bread, pasta, couscous, flour, spice, dried fruits, and nuts. Moreover, they would also target your supplies of chocolates, coffees, cookies, and even peppers.

These pesky creatures would also attack foods like beans, powdered milk, and candies. Also, they can also be your problem in your dry animal food.

Surprisingly, it’s the larvae of the pantry moths that become a huge problem in your food supplies. Like any other flying insects, pantry moth larvae are voracious eaters. Apparently, they need it to advance to their pupal stage.

Why Do You Have Pantry Moths in Your Home?

Like any other creature, pantry moths would always look for a perfect place survival. Unfortunately, pantry moths usually choose pantries where there is enough food source. Hence, when they found yours, they certainly will stay and flourish.

They can enter your home by the open windows and doors. Besides, they may use other openings such as in your dryer vents, cable lines, and even plumbing lines. Moreover, you may also bring them home through the infested food from a store.

Generally, it’s quite difficult to identify if moths have entered your premises. Oftentimes, you would only notice them when they’ve already multiplied. Hence, you’d certainly see some of them flying around.

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Can Pantry Moths Cause Diseases?

You may have already eaten an infested food before you’d discover the pantry moth infestation. It’s quite a shock but will ingested pantry moth really make you sick?

According to experts, pantry moths don’t cause any diseases. Thankfully, not even when you’ve unknowingly eaten them. However, their presence itself in your food supply would surely make you nauseous.

Despite no diseases associated with eating pantry-moth-infested food, they are a huge headache. In fact, they can contaminate every food you have in the cupboard. Hence, they can destroy your food supplies making them not suitable to eat.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to eliminate them if they’ve already completed their life cycle. In fact, they can spread all throughout your pantry and some parts of the house.

If you want to put a stop on your pantry moth problem, don’t hesitate to talk to ABC Pest Control Sydney. Apparently, pantry moth removal is our specialty. Therefore, you can count on our team to completely remove these pesky critters.

Will Disposing Of The Infested Foods Remove Pantry Moths?

Disposing of the infested foods is one step to remove the population of pantry moths. However, it would take a more tedious process than just eliminating the infested items.

You can empty first the entire pantry and clean all cupboards. Moreover, you can clean all your food storage containers, shelves, and drawers.

However, these moths are survivors. In fact, they wouldn’t be a stubborn problem in Sydney homes if they were easy to exterminate. However, you can talk to us at ABC Pest Control Sydney.

We can discuss with you the best treatment to completely eliminate pantry moths.

Contact Professional Pantry Moth Removal Sydney

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