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Looking for quality trusted mice pest control in Sydney services? Did you know that a mouse or mice have been a serious infestation problem in homes and businesses in Sydney? Do you often hear scratching sounds of mice in your wall cavities? Are you sometimes sighting them scurrying around your property? What are the signs of a mouse? How can you completely get rid of these filthy rodents? Did you know that they carry infectious diseases? How can you get help from the best professional pest control for mice removal?

Mouse Pest Control

Never believe that you only have one two or three mice at home in Sydney and near Sydney. Oftentimes, what you see are just a few of the hundreds that are in their nests and hiding places.

We know the nature of rodent infestation like that of mice in Sydney. Specifically, like rats, we comprehend how damaging and dangerous these pesky creatures are to homes and businesses. Therefore, ABC Pest Control Sydney offers you the most cost-effective mice removal.

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Mice removal has been our specialty in administering the best pest control in Sydney. To illustrate, we know that you can’t easily get rid of mice with simple traps and poisons. Unfortunately, mice have been quite clever and stubborn nowadays.

With the closure of many food business establishments due to the COVID19 pandemic. Mice have to go somewhere. Desperately, they need to relocate to a different site where there is food access. Hence, they swarm in residential areas.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has anticipated this situation. Hence, our experts are quite ready anytime you need to call. To reach us, you can dial 0404 130 944 for enquiries. Likewise, you may check on our pest control packages and book us in under 60 seconds.

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What is the Difference Between a Rat or a Mouse?

Some people may still get confused between rats and mice in Sydney. To clear your doubt, these two are different from each other. Nevertheless, both are dangerous pests.

Mice are significantly tinier than rats. Specifically, they can only grow up to around 4 inches, not including their tails. However, their tail can reach up to 2 to 4 inches long.

Additionally, mice’s appearance could vary among white, brown, or grey. Also, they have long whiskers, pointed or triangular snouts with long, thin, and hairy tails. Moreover,

Mice also chew anything. However, they have weaker teeth than rats. With that, they can’t easily destroy or open food containers with hard plastic, glass, or metal.

Unlike rats, mice have better climbing skills. In fact, they can climb and live in higher areas in your home or building. Particularly, they usually love to stay in your attics and ceilings. On the other hand, rats prefer lower areas like your crawlspaces and basements.

A mouse can eat almost anything but their top favourite foods are seeds, grains, and fruits. They are omnivorous so they can eat anything in case there is a scarcity of their preferred diet. Furthermore, mice can produce up to 100 droppings per day.

If you’re still unsure if what you have is mice or rats, our local pest experts can certainly tell. In fact, we at ABC Pest Control Sydney can eliminate both. Call us today on 0404 130 944.

Why Do Mice Population Increase Quickly in Your Place?

Mice are also one of the baby-making machines in the world. In fact, mice become matured for reproduction from four weeks of age. Therefore, they can certainly exponentially increase in number in no time.

Unbelievably, a female mouse can get pregnant for up to 10 times a year. To explain, it can be sexually active again and mate right after giving birth.

The mother mouse can have a litter with three to fourteen pups. Hence, each female mouse can reproduce up to approximately an average of up to 60 or more babies in a year.

Imagine that there is only a pair of female and male mice that got into your home. Needless to say, they can certainly reproduce up to 60 more mice in a year. Therefore, this new generation of mice can surely explode in just a few months or a year.

It’s indeed scary to think about how mice can soon take over your home or property. Consequently, if you don’t remove them today, they’ll keep on breeding and occupy your home for long.

Usually, mice just have a year of life span outdoors. However, these filthy creatures can live for up to two or three years indoors. Well, your home is where they get more comfort and protection.

We, at ABC Pest Control Sydney always remind our clients to never underestimate mice infestation. Critically, if you see a few of them running around, hundreds of them are surely just behind hidden corners.

Why Do You Have to Worry About Mice?

Mice are tiny creatures but they bring humongous danger to Sydney homes and businesses. Undoubtedly, mice infestation is as gruesome as the rat infestation. In fact, they can cause both damages and health problems.

Rats are not the only rodents behind structural damages in homes and businesses. To illustrate, mice can chew anything like paper, cloth, books, and any light materials. Additionally, they use the scraps of these materials to build their nests.

Another problem with mice is the damage they make to furniture and even your insulation. To explain, mice can burrow into upholstered furniture to build their nest. Moreover, they can also chew insulation on wires, therefore, resulting sometimes in a fire.

Your walls and attics are also the favorite havens of mice. Hence, when they build their nest and stay, these pests can destroy these areas. Aside from their unending chewing activity, mice accumulated droppings can deface and cause decay of any structure.

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What Diseases Does a Mouse Carry?

A mouse is probably one of the dirtiest creatures on earth along with rats and other pests in Sydney. Generally, mice carry a significant number of diseases that they can transmit to humans. Apparently, they carry dangerous bacteria that can cause many health problems.

Mice can certainly spread diseases as they continue to infest homes and businesses. For instance, they can transmit viral diseases such as hantavirus and rat-bite fever. Moreover, they are also carriers of bacteria that cause salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and bubonic plague.

Mice can transmit diseases to people in so many ways. For example, they can contaminate your food when they get into your food storage. Also, you may also catch the illness when you get in contact with their droppings, saliva, and urine. Moreover, the other way to get the disease is when a mouse bites you.

Not only do mice carry diseases. Like rats, they can also carry other pests such as liceticks, and fleas. Therefore, these pests can be your additional infestation problem soon.

What are the Signs of a Mouse Infestation or a Mice Plague?

There are obvious signs of the presence of mice if you’re keen on your surroundings. So, when you see their signs, you surely need to act immediately. Therefore, reach out to your local pest experts at ABC Pest Control Sydney immediately.

Mouse Droppings Sydney

Mice may be clever and quick to hide. However, they can’t be so all the time and completely erase their traces. For instance, you may notice their droppings in their breeding or nesting place. Specifically, their droppings look like a 5 mm small and dark pointed pellets.

Mice infestation may also be detected with the stale smell of their urine. Specifically, mouse urine has a distinct musky unpleasant odour. However, you’ll notice it only when the infestation has gone too high.

The noise of mice also is your way to detect them. Usually, you’ll hear them scratching inside wall spaces and maybe scurrying on the roof and ceilings. Particularly, you’ll notice their noise at night.

There are many other ways to identify mice infestation. For example, you may see gnawed materials like wires, clothes, papers, and furniture. Moreover, the most obvious is to see their nests usually in your ceilings, attics, and crawlspaces.

You may have already seen a sign of the existence of mice in your home or business. Therefore, you need to contact ABC Pest Control Sydney for mice removal immediately.

Most importantly, it would be smart to act on your mice problem the soonest time.

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You may have seen only one or two mice in your property in Sydney. However, they may appear like a few but they certainly are hundreds more hiding in a corner.

Mice can multiply exponentially in months. Hence, if you see their signs now, it’s time to get rid of their threat. Apparently, you can contact ABC Pest Control Sydney today to conduct the removal of mice from your home or property.

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