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Drain Flies Pest Control In Sydney

Have you been sighting annoying tiny drain flies in your home kitchen or bathroom in Sydney? Did you know that these flies have been the most common domestic and commercial Drain Flies Pest Control in Sydney? Are you trying to comprehend why you have these creepy drain flies in your home? Can they pose danger to your health? Do you want to know how you can get rid of these pesky drain flies?

Drain Flies Removal Sydney

You maybe are aware of household pests in Sydney like cockroachesratstermites, and bed bugs. However, you might be surprised about these tiny moth-like flying insects feasting on your drains in Sydney and near Sydney.

These drain flies are quite annoying and stressful to have at home. In fact, their presence in your bathroom or kitchen drains makes your surroundings look so gross. Unfortunately, they make your home look dirty and unhealthy.

Drain fly removal is quite complex and tedious. In truth, the process does not just include getting rid of the visible ones on your drains. Generally, it involves getting into their source and eliminating it with accuracy.

Thankfully, eradicating drain flies is a specialty of ABC Pest Control Sydney. Aside from other general pest control services, we also perform drain fly removal.

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What Are Drain Flies And How Did They Get In Your Home?

Drain flies are also what we call sink flies, sewer gnats, and filter flies. Specifically, these flies are tiny with short and hairy bodies and wings. Hence, sometimes, we call them moth flies as they look like little moths.

Countries with humid weather have this common problem with drain fly infestation. In fact, there are more than 2,600 drain fly species in description worldwide. Besides, these feed and breed on decomposing or decaying organic matters.

Drain flies don’t bite but are a complete annoyance in residential and commercial spaces. Particularly, they usually inhabit areas like your plumbing drains in the kitchen and the bathroom. Moreover, they will also be staying in the sewage system and would feast on your garbage bins.

The high deposit of dirt and gross organic matter in your drains make these flies survive. In fact, the dirty drains provide them with a perfect breeding site. Hence, without regular cleaning of these drains makes your place an attractant to drain flies.

What Is The Life Cycle Of Drain Flies?

Drain flies are moth-like insects that can inhabit your drain pipes and sewage system. Unlike other flying insects, drain flies are weak fliers and would just prefer jumping or walking.

Like other flying insects, these flies have four life cycle stages. Naturally, they lay eggs in wet, clogged, and filthy drains, wet manure, and poorly managed sewage systems. Eventually, these eggs will hatch within 48 hours.

When their eggs hatch, their larvae come out. Generally, the larvae are 4 or 5 millimeters long and look like a flattened cylinder. Also, they are nearly transparent in appearance. Moreover, the larval stage would take up to 24 days.

The pupal stage is quite fast compared to the larval stage. In fact, the pupae only take 20 hours to 40 hours to become full-grown adults.

Finally, their adults are the full-grown drain flies. Usually, they’re half as long as the larvae with an obvious broader appearance. Also, they have a pair of developed wings.

Drain flies’ life cycle will continue and multiple their colony while they stay in your home. Apparently, their adults can live up to around 20 days with the goal of breeding.

Why Do Drain Flies Keep On Coming Back?

You may have cleaned your drains thoroughly but you still keep on having drain flies again. Unfortunately, these flies are hard to eliminate. In fact, you may be able to kill their adults easily but not their eggs.

The flies that you see at your drain opening are not the entire colony. Oftentimes, you would only see the adults feasting on your drain. However, what you don’t see are the hundreds and thousands of their eggs.

Drain flies lay their eggs usually in the innermost part of your drain system. Specifically, this is where they have enough nutrients for their larvae once the eggs hatch. Also, their eggs can survive a long time of dehydration. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to annihilate this creepy crawler with just simple treatment.

Drain flies have an extreme defence system to survive annihilation. In fact, they have fine water-repellent hairs that would protect them from drowning. Moreover, most water-based toxins like bleach can’t even move these pests.

Many people would usually pour boiling water into their drains and sinks. Unfortunately, this method will not even have a little effect on adult flies. Surprisingly, even their larvae and eggs can certainly withstand chemical and thermal assaults.

Elimination of drain fly infestation is a professional job by pest control experts. In fact, ABC Pest Control Sydney guarantees the most effective treatment to get rid of all flies. Luckily, our team is ready for any level of drain fly infestation.

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Do Drain Flies Cause Health Problems?

Drain flies don’t bite and they do not transmit human diseases. However, their presence can cause serious health problems. Hence, you need to get rid of these creepy little flying critters immediately.

Drain flies’ larvae could be quite dangerous. Certainly, they can be agents of parasitic infestation called myiasis.

Specifically, the larvae can infest the human body and your pets and eventually feed on their tissues. To do this, the infestation begins when they found a way to enter through the wounds or open skin of their host.

Furthermore, flies on drains can also cause respiratory problems. In fact, inhaling their body fragments can result in respiratory or bronchial asthma. Depending on the susceptibility of an asthmatic person, the effects could sometimes be severe.

Why Do I Need To Contact Local Expert Drain Flies Pest Control?

Drain flies are highly resistant to chemicals and heat. For example, you cannot just spray a chemical and pour boiling water to get rid of them. Therefore, you need professional experts that have the most effective method to eliminate these tiny pests.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has full comprehension of the nature of different pest flies. In fact, our knowledge about these little creepy flies made us develop the best elimination methods.

Drain flies may be resistant to chemicals and heat. However, they can easily die when we apply special foaming agents. Moreover, we also use high-pressure cleaning that guarantees removal and death even of their larvae and eggs.

You can contact ABC Pest Control Sydney today to discuss further details.

Contact Expert Drain Flies Pest Control Sydney

Your kitchen and bathroom ought to be the cleanest and healthiest areas for your family. However, the presence of filthy flies compromises your convenience, safety, and health. Hence, it’s time to get rid of these pesky drain flies.

Do not hesitate to contact ABC Pest Control Sydney today for a prompt and comprehensive drain flies pest control near Sydney. Sometimes, the flies may not just be your problem. In fact, you may also have moulds or an infestation that we can certainly address too.

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