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Pest Control for Nursing Homes in Sydney

Are you in charge of a nursing home that requires pest control? Are you looking to save costs when it comes to pest control? Would you like to use the services of one of Sydney's leading pest management companies?

Choose ABC Pest Control Sydney for reliable expert commercial pest management. We offer competitive rates along with a service you can rely on. We have methods that first eradicate the problem. Then we take preventative measures.

Please ask about our digital monitoring program; this is an affordable option for nursing homes seeking permanent prevention solutions. Customers are allocated efficiently to use technology that allows for instant reports and interaction with ABC Pest Control. Please see our monitoring page for more information.

Customers are delighted at the results they receive.

Nursing Homes and Pest Control Issues in Sydney.

Nursing homes face a wide range of pest control issues in Sydney. Nursing Homes due to many reasons attracts pests through no fault of their own. We understand the problems you may be facing. Nursing homes are at the scrutiny of health regulations. We know this and why your pest management cannot miss a beat.

Pests are attracted to food and warmth; rodents have always been being an issue in Sydney that nursing homes may face. Mice and rats sniff out food and if they feel they are comfortable they settle in. Generally, we recommend prevention techniques once we have stabilised the situation. Rats especially are intelligent animals and will sometimes return if they believe sustenance is available. It should be noted that rodents carry disease and defecate making the environment unhygienic.

ABC Pest Control Sydney are experts in eradication and prevention of rodents in Sydney.

Cockroaches are another common pest that nursing homes may encounter in Sydney. German cockroaches are the main offenders. These are smaller than the more massive American cockroach however these smaller roaches breed at an astronomical rate. If left to do as they please, they will soon take over a nursing home. You will find them everywhere.

Bird Lice we have seen as problems in nursing homes. Bird lice are often mistaken for bed bugs as they can make humans quite uncomfortable. Birds lice will affect nursing homes when birds build a nest on the building. These are usually on the roof or in gutters during the breeding season. When the birds leave the nest, they leave behind bird lice. These lice become hungry and look for flesh to nourish themselves. Bird lice and bed bugs are both bloodsuckers and can affect nursing homes.

If you believe you have bird lice or a bed bug issue, don’t suffer any longer call now.

Ants tend to be another problem that a nursing home may encounter. Ants like most pests are attracted to food. Ants are small but can multiply quickly and take over parts of a nursing home. If you cannot remove the ants, its best to call an expert. Getting to the nest and finding the source is critical.

If you have commercial pest control issues with a nursing home contact us today