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Are you an owner or a tenant that needs end-of-lease pest control in Sydney? Did you know that end-of-lease flea treatment is a legal requirement in Sydney? Who should be responsible for the end-of-lease pest control treatment? Why is the end-of-lease pest control required? When is the best time to do the end-of-lease pest control? Who should you call for the end-of-lease pest control treatment?

Every rental property should have pest control treatment at the end of every lease. Specifically, this is to ensure that the place is completely fit for the next tenant to live in. Hence, you must comply with the end-of-lease pest control requirement.

ABC Pest Control Sydney is the top choice for end-of-lease pest control anywhere in Sydney. In fact, you can talk to us today to discuss the process and other details. Specifically, you can call us at 0404 130 944. Similarly, you can book our team in under 60 seconds.

Is End of Lease Pest Control a Legal Requirement in Sydney?

The NSW Fair Trading clearly explains the responsibility of the property landlord to meet health and safety laws. Also, it specifies the responsibilities of both tenants and landlords for pest control.

End of lease pest control is certainly necessary. In fact, health and safety laws mandate you comply with this requirement.

In the entire New South Wales, it’s already a legal requirement to have the end of lease flea treatment. In fact, all tenants that own pets like dogs and cats should comply. Unfortunately, it is regardless of whether your pets have fleas or not.

End of lease pest control is also a common courtesy you can do for the next occupant. Indeed, like you, they would also want a safe and healthy home. That is, a home free of dangerous pests.

You can reach out to our team anytime at ABC Pest Control Sydney for end of lease flea treatment. Also, we cover general pest control services. Hence, you can rest assured that we can exterminate all sorts of pests.

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Who Should Be Responsible for the End of Lease Treatment in Sydney?

Is it the tenant or the landlord that is responsible for the end of lease flea treatment? Generally, this is the most common question that tenants and owners have in Sydney.

End of lease flea treatment is a legal requirement and responsibility. Hence, owners and tenants should be aware of who should take responsibility.

Your rental agreement or contract should also tell you this. Oftentimes, lease contracts outline the details about the end of lease pest treatment requirement.

Nevertheless, fleas or any pest there is in your property, ABC Pest Control Sydney get you covered. You can contact our team today to start the plan.

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Why is End of Lease Pest Control Required in Sydney?

Pests are always present where people live. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re the cleanest tenant in town. Unfortunately, pests always find a way to get into the property, stay, and flourish.

Fleas are the most common reason for the need for the end of lease pest control. However, you can never discount the possible existence of other pests. Specifically, you may have been housing general pests such as cockroachesants, and rats.

Pests are dangerous more than being a nuisance. In fact, they can pose danger by causing various destruction to a home. Moreover, they may carry diseases and transmit them to people.

The most obvious reason why you need end of lease pest treatment is obvious. Needless to say, it is for the safety and well-being of the next tenant. Apparently, like you, they deserve a pest-free home.

When is the Best Time for End of Lease Pest Treatment in Sydney?

The best time for ABC Pest Control Sydney end of lease pest treatment is after you’ve moved out. Also, effective treatment will be after you’ve done the clean-up.

We use chemicals that are completely safe for pets, people, and the environment. In fact, the new tenant can already move in later that day when the treatment has dried off.

Why can’t we do it before the cleaning? Clearly, our methods are safe and effective. However, you may just wash the treatment away if you do the cleaning after we apply it. Furthermore, cleaning up before our treatment would limit the hiding places of this creepy crawlies.

We usually apply the end-of-lease pest treatment a day after you’ve done your cleaning. However, you don’t need to worry. Absolutely, we can arrange the treatment even if you’ve already vacated the property.

You also don’t need to be there during the treatment. In fact, you can just leave the key at an accessible location on the property. Then, you may certainly just leave your payment at a secured area inside the property. Apparently, you may just notify us about this.

Moreover, we also accept credit card payments for easy payment. Thankfully, you may arrange that ahead of time. Also, we certainly provide receipts of that credit card payment via email. Apparently, you’ll need the receipt as proof of service from ABC Pest Control Sydney.

Specifically, you can dial
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or book in under 60 seconds.

What Should You Do Before End of Lease Pest Control Treatment?

Before ABC Pest Control arrives, we recommend that you’ve already done the complete cleaning. Specifically, it would be best if you’ve carried out the cleaning a day before our arrival.

If you use water or any liquid to clean the property, make sure they get dry before we arrive. Unfortunately, wet surfaces may be challenging for us during the inspection and treatment. Hence, your property should be completely dry for the most effective result.

It would also be best if no furniture is on the property when we arrive. However, if they are still on the premises, make sure there is no clutter.

Contact Expert End of Lease Pest Control Sydney?

You can absolutely contact ABC Pest Control Sydney ahead of your move schedule. In fact, calling us beforehand will allow us to discuss the details. Moreover, we can plan on how to best go about your end-of-lease pest control treatment.

We provide treatment not just for fleas. In fact, we can cover other pests such as cockroaches, termites, spiders, and ants. Generally, we cover all pests that may exist in a property.

You may call us now at 0404 130 944 for enquiries. Likewise, you may use our booking system wherein you can book our team in under 60 seconds.