Commercial Pest Control  Sydney Hotels

Are you a hotel owner or manager who is looking for a trusted pest control company for your business? Undoubtedly, pest control is imperative when it comes to Sydney hotels. As a hotel manager or someone that organizes pest control for hotels. Choosing an experienced and top-rated company is highly significant.

ABC Pest Control in Sydney has the solutions required to cover all aspects of pest control in the hotel industry.

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What are the Main Types of Pests Affecting the  Hotel Industry in Sydney?

Bed Bug Infestation in Hotels

Bed Bugs in hotels – ABC Pest Control has experts when it comes to the detection and eradication of bed bugs. These bloodsuckers have a nasty bite. Primarily, they will travel with tourists and customers in general. Hitching a ride in belongings and luggage then appearing and seeking food. It’s usually the following guest in a hotel room or unlucky occupant that will suffer.

We offer a highly rated service that is competitively priced and is guaranteed to solve the problem. Many times, bird lice can be confused with bed bugs. Generally, we can tell you over the phone or by enquiring as to which of the two you may be encountering.

Contact us today for the best bed bug service in Sydney.

Filthy Cockroaches in Hotels

Cockroaches in Sydney are a problem and have been for many years. For instance, German cockroaches breed rapidly. Before you know it, the situation can get out of control.

When it comes to the hotel industry, food can be a big attraction. Cockroaches also thrive in warm environments. A favorite place for example may be underneath the refrigeration unit where the motor is.

Cockroaches will enter the hotel through any cracks, pipes, and drainage. They are like other insects that can come with guests and any items entering the hotel property. These can be things like food supplies.

ABC Pest Control Sydney has top-rated services when it comes to cockroach eradication.

Effective Bird Control in Hotels

Bird control in hotels is essential when it comes to winged pests such as the Indian myna bird. Specifically, these birds roost in the roof and gutters, especially at breeding times.

When they lay their eggs and move on they leave behind bird lice. As a note, bird lice are often mistaken for bed bugs as when they bite the skin they can be extremely uncomfortable to the human body.

Birds also can do extensive damage to a hotel. For example, birds can wreak havoc on roofs by picking up small stones mistaking them for food, and if the building is tall. Can drop rocks and pebbles from great heights smash windows and even hurt humans.

ABC Pest Control Sydney are bird control professionals and have extensive knowledge of prevention and eradication

Ant removal Sydney – Ants love hotels as they are a great source of food. They can enter easily through vents and tiny cracks. If ants go unchecked, they build in high numbers and will take over any area as best they can. Ants work like an organized army.

Let ABC Pest Control Sydney take care of an ant problem in your hotel.

Mice and Rodent Eradication Sydney – Vermin generally come like other hotel pests in search of food. They can enter via small cracks or weaknesses such as roofs. Rodents and vermin can bring diseases and other parasitic pests such as lice.

If you do have a rodent issue, don’t hesitate to call us.

One Bad Review Can be Expensive in the Hotel Industry

Mostly these days people book accommodation online using platforms such as TripAdvisor,, Wotif, and Trivago. These platforms all allow for reviews and ratings. With one pest control issue, this can cost a hotel a reasonable amount of expense and damage to its reputation.

Not only is the hotel industry in Sydney up against these platforms but social media as well

ABC Pest Control Sydney understands the obstacles you are facing when it comes to many social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other national and international social media platforms.

Making the industry a target for bad reviews, due to the number of channels and platforms.

Choosing a Reliable and Knowledgeable Pest Control Company in Sydney

Essentially, we understand that you need to make customers’ stay as memorable as possible. Good pest control is essential to the hotel industry in Sydney.

We cover all commercial pest control issues related to hotels in Sydney. Therefore, we welcome your call to us at ABC Pest Control Sydney today.