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A variety of pest control problems have been confronting pest control in Lower North Shore region of Sydney. Thus, affected residents are in a quest for the best solutions to put an end to these infestations.


There are so many pest control companies offering their services. Indeed, we understand that choosing the right one is difficult.

At ABC Pest Control Sydney, we comprehend that you want to eliminate these nasty pests and free your homes from their come back. More importantly, you need affordable, immediate, safe, and effective solutions.

For the above reason, we designed our service packages based on your specific needs and requirements. Hence, our services are cost-effective and that includes a comprehensive inspection, complete treatment, and prevention of any pest only done by our intensively trained and well-experienced pest experts.

The urgency to fix your pest problem matters to us. Therefore, we have a booking system on the website that allows you to book in less than 60 seconds. Likewise, you can call our hotline for inquiries or immediate responses.

Your safety is our top priority. Thus, we use means and procedures that are completely safe. So, you don’t need to worry at all. Our treatment is, generally, safe for the environment, family, and pets with strict compliance with the Australian pest control standards.


Common Pests In Lower North Shore Sydney

Being surrounded by three bodies of water, which are the Lane Cove River (West), Sydney Harbour (South), and Middle Harbour (East), and with its dense forests, Lower North Shore has been the best hotspot for greater pest population. In fact, the most common problems that residents of this region have been facing are ticksfleastermites, and bed bugs.

Ticking Ticks: Lower North Shore Sydney

Reports have shown increasing reports of tick problems in Lower North Shore. These eight-legged and blood-sucking parasites have been a major threat not just to pets but also to people.

They love a warmer and humid climate. Moreover, their favorite sources of blood are mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Dogs have been their primary targets. Their infestation easily grows when dogs catch them from other dogs that are infested. Surprisingly, these pests use their senses to detect blood through their hosts’ body heat and odor.

Ticks have been known to carry bacteria that cause tick-borne diseases. These include illnesses such as typhus, rickettsialpox, Boutonneuse fever, African tick bite fever, Lyme disease, and a few more. Furthermore, their venom is dangerous as it can cause tick paralysis.

Humans are in great danger when getting contracted with ticks. Fighting ticks entails difficult and complex tasks. Hence, only tick experts can effectively administer. the treatment.

Wasps in Lower North Shore 

Generally, wasps are a threat to people. Wasp stings are venomous and can trigger allergies. The body’s reaction of shock to the wasp venom is called anaphylaxis. For instance, symptoms of a wasp sting are breathing difficulties, blood pressure drop, dizziness, and severe swelling. Even though these symptoms are mild, multiple stings can lead to serious medical attention.

Aside from health risks brought by wasps, their nests built in homes and building is also a problem. Knowing the fact that they deliver painful stings, it is more dangerous if they live in your house. Actually, wasp finds your property a safe place for nesting away from rain and wind. If their nest is destroyed, they will surely take revenge. Thus, contacting a professional wasp controller as soon as possible is the best choice. They are knowledgeable enough to get rid of wasp and wasp nests without harming anyone. 

Unpleasant Fleas: Lower North Shore Sydney

Fleas are also blood-sucking insects with around 2000 species. They have saw-like jaws that are powerful enough to slice through the skin of their victims to extract blood.

These creatures are wingless but they have strong six legs that enable them to jump up to a 30m distance. Thus, they usually jump their way toward their host or when they want to escape danger.

Pets are usually the feeding host of these bloodsuckers. So, you would notice your pet scratching or nibble on their skin regularly which at results in reddish pustules.

Fleas may also hop to human skin. They usually target legs, feet, armpits, and midsection. Thus, they bring so much irritatioFinfn and eventually appear as wounds or injuries in a couple of days.

These pests are hard to obliterate as they are so tiny and very discreet. Therefore, you should seek help from pest control experts if you see any signs of serious flea infestation.

Cockroaches in Low North Shore

Without a doubt, cockroaches are the most nuisance pests to ever have at home, business spaces, and apartments. Particularly, they spread easily and can come to your house any time through riding in boxes, furniture, and other items brought into your property.

Cockroach infestation is a very distressing problem. The health risks brought by these pests are infectious diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and typhoid. Aside from these, the foul odor they produce can trigger asthma. They are also fond of contaminating foods may it be leftovers or pet food.

Moreover, a cockroach infestation is hard to control when it gets out of hand. Hence, contacting pest control experts can be one of the best solutions to end your cockroach problem.

Rats and mice in Low North Shore

Generally, rats and mice are dangerous pests. Rats are known to carry a deadly disease called leptospirosis. Aside from this, rats also carry diseases such as salmonella, tularemia, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Lassa fever, and plague. On the other hand, mice which are thinner than rats also bring diseases that rats brought.

Both rats and mice are baby-makers. Mice are matured after four weeks of age while rats can produce approximately 10 babies every 3-4 weeks. These pests chew things like clothes, paper bags, and even electric wires. Surely, rats and mice infestation is a headache for you. To avoid this problem, call pest experts for effective treatment of your rats and mice removal.

Why Use Our Pest Control Sydney Services?

Terminating Termites: Lower North Shore Sydney

Who would not cringe when they hear about the destructive termites? These silent destroyers cost Australia around $1.2 billion dollars of residential and commercial damages in 2012. Indeed, they are so minute yet so massive with their devastation.

Termites unceasingly keep their activities unnoticed underneath or behind our properties. It’s just so disheartening sometimes that it’s usually too late before we notice their presence.

Oftentimes, great damage is already done before we realize termite presence. This is exactly the main reason why we need to always have a termite inspection done whether we see or do not see any single termite crawling around.

Termites can get to your property through water pipes, wires, and even with the wood materials that we bring in. In addition, their foods are dead plants and animals.

As soon as they have devoured everything from their current food site, they will keep on moving until they find another source for food. Unfortunately, that makes your property be the next.

If you think you really have no chance of getting termites, think again. It’s because any termite activity within 5 km from your property makes you a really good next target of their invasion.

Prevention is, indeed, cheaper than cure when it comes to termite infestation. That is, the amount we would spend for a termite inspection is far cheaper than the damages they would cost.

If you are currently infested, or if you are not sure that you are safe from termites, don’t delay anymore. Contact the trusted pest control experts in Lower North Sydney for comprehensive inspection, eradication, and preventive procedures.

ABC Pest Control has certainly got the most affordable packages and experienced termite experts to address your needs.

Bad Bed Bugs: Lower North Shore Sydney

Another group of bloodsucking pests is the group of bed bugs. They are six-legged creepy-crawlies that feed on the blood of other creatures including humans.

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests and nighttime is their blood harvest time. They will crawl up to their sleeping or stationary host. Then, they will start piercing through the skin and feast on the blood.

Bed bugs can barely be seen in the daytime as they would hide in dark corners such as the bed outlines and in cracks or crevices of furniture. On the other hand, it is rare but they may also come out during day time. Usually,  in search of food in times of so much hunger.

Do you see blood stains on your bedsheets when you wake up?  Well, that’s a sign that you may have served bed bugs their sumptuous dinner last night. In addition, you would also see bug bites that look like red itchy rashes usually in your arms and shoulders.

Bed bugs cannot fly and so the only way they can quickly scatter everywhere is by traveling with humans. Generally, they hitch a ride through the luggage of travelers. Hence, they commonly are active in any place where people usually come and go. Particularly, places that usually have serious bed bug infestation are hotels, hostels, and apartments.

Possum Removal Lower North Shore Sydney

Are you dealing with the annoying possums in the Lower Nort Shore area? Have you been troubled by these noisy creatures at night? Did you know that the law protects possums against illegal capture and killing?

Possums have been expanding their invasion not just in rural but also in urban areas. Well, the shortage of natural habitat has been forcing these nocturnal marsupials to find their shelter in human homes and buildings. In particular, these pests love those locations near water sources.

You must be one of those residents in Lower North Shore who have been complaining about possums. Not only do they create irritating noise at night. But also, these creatures can be troublesome as they eat your fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they can also damage your gardens. Like rats and mice, they can also carry and spread several infectious diseases like leptospirosis and Lyme disease.

Since the law prohibits the illegal catching and killing of possums, you need to leave the possum removal to licensed experts. Our specialists at ABC Pest Control Lower North Shore have the license to carry out the job in compliance with the existing legal provisions on possum removal. Call us today!

Spiders in Low North Shore

Stubborn spiders have dominated the whole city of Sydney. There are 7 most dangerous spiders inhabiting Sydney including Redback spider, Sydney-funnel web spider, white-tail spider, mouse spider, wolf spider, huntsman spider, and orb-weaving spider.

Most horribly, some spiders like Sydney funnel-web spiders and redback spiders are deadly, killing a person within an hour. While others carry venom enough to cause so much pain leading to dangerously high blood pressure. These are enough reasons to eradicate spiders immediately. Since Sydney is home to various pests, pest control services are not a problem. Just choose the most reliable one to contact for your spider removal.

Drain Flies in Low North Shore

Like any other nuisance pests, drain flies are a challenge to Sydney people specifically in the Low North Shore region. Although drain flies are tiny, they can be a cause of frustration in your residence and commercial spaces. The humid weather of this region is the reason why it has become a perfect home for drain flies.

Furthermore, drain flies usually breed in your drain pipes and sewage system because of dirt and organic matters. Through this activity, they are likely to transmit dirt into your home especially into your foods.

In addition, the larvae of drain flies can be an agent of parasitic infestation called myiasis. Thus, hiring a drain flies expert for your drain flies removal is the solution for the safety of the family’s health and to maintain the reputation of your business.

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