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Looking for experienced bird pest control in Sydney? Are you currently having problems with pest birds inhabiting your property in Sydney? Do you want to get rid of them once and for all? Did you know that bird infestation can cause damage and bring bird lice? Have you been worried about the diseases that pests birds can cause if they stay longer? Are you looking for the top bird control company in Sydney to eliminate your bird problem?

Birds are fascinating creatures in Sydney. However, if they begin to nest on your property, you’ll soon face extreme damages. Besides, they can cause bird lice infestation and several diseases. Moreover, rats can soon be another problem as they eat birds for consumption in desperate times.

ABC Pest Control Sydney flaunts its top-rated bird control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Thankfully, our team can manage all types and levels of bird infestation with our most cost-effective methods.

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Bird Control Problems Pest Control

Bird infestation has been a bigger problem in Sydney and near Sydney than many occupants think. In fact, if you live anywhere in Sydney, you should take bird control more seriously.

When birds start to build their nests in your home or building, you certainly have a huge problem. Surely, they can damage your structure with their nesting activity and filthy droppings. Moreover, their droppings could be the starting point of the spread of many diseases.

Birds also can introduce bird lice infestation that can be your other huge headache. Usually, bird lice stay in the nest where baby birds stay. However, when these baby birds mature and leave their nests, bird lice will wander for food. Hence, they can spread all over your home or business.

When birds have already settled, it’s quite difficult to get rid of them. Specifically, you need to engage in professional bird control. Therefore, you need to reach out to your local ABC Pest Control Sydney bird experts today.

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What Damages Can Birds Do to Your Property?

There are a lot of horrible damages that birds can cause on your property in Sydney. Unfortunately, more than the physical damages, they can pose serious safety risks.

Birds can roost and nest in your roof and eventually break or dislodge their parts. Unfortunately, they can continuously damage every material in your roof as they stay. So, if they continue to stay longer, they may cause your roof to collapse in no time.

As birds grow in number, their droppings can certainly damage your walls’ surface finishes. In fact, their droppings contain an acidic substance that can deface any surface coatings. Also, aside from walls, they can also deface the surface of your cars.

Birds can also cause blockage in your drainage system. Specifically, this can happen when their accumulated droppings and feather or nest debris clog the drainage from the roof. Therefore, you’ll eventually have water overflowing from your roof during the rain.

Problems with your ventilation system can also occur with the presence of birds. Apparently their nests can clog your ventilation system resulting in moisture and humidity. Eventually, excessive moisture and humidity can cause the birth of more problems like moulds and termites.

Most horribly, bird infestation can cause a fire. Critically, they build their nests with flammable materials like dried leaves. Oftentimes, it’s even more prone to a flame when they build it on or near the electric wires.

What Harmful Diseases Do Birds Carry?

Birds carry diseases that are harmful to humans. In fact, their droppings contain several bacteria that can make people seriously ill.

Among the most common diseases that birds can cause are Salmonellosis and E.coli. Also, they can transmit Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and St. Louis Encephalitis.

Salmonellosis and E.coli usually happen when bird droppings contaminate your food supply. Therefore, contaminating the food that you ingest with numerous bacteria. Particularly, starlings, pigeons, and sparrows usually are the culprits behind these diseases.

Generally, places with accumulated dried bird droppings are the favorite site for fungus to grow. Eventually, this can cause respiratory problems such as Histoplasmosis. Oftentimes, this illness could be fatal without prompt medical attention.

Another fungus infection that birds can cause is Candidiasis. To clarify, this itchy and painful infection can affect your skin, mouth, and respiratory system. Also, it can spread to your intestines and in worst cases, to women’s genital area.

On the other hand, Cryptococcosis is a common illness associated with pigeons and starlings. Generally, this fungal disease will commence as a pulmonary disease. However, it may, later on, affect the central nervous system. Apparently, people may inhale the fungus that grows in where the birds roost and catch this illness.

Lastly, another disease that birds carry that can be fatal is St. Louis Encephalitis. Generally, mosquitoes that have fed on bird dropping spread this disease. Particularly, this disease is an inflammation of the nervous system. Moreover, this viral illness may show symptoms like fever, drowsiness, headache, and fever.

Never let bird infestation pose serious health problems to your family and business. Critically, you need to act now to remove them. For help, you can contact our team at ABC Pest Control Sydney today.

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What Bird Species Are Pests and Threats in Sydney?

There are several pest birds in Sydney that you need to be aware of. However, whatever birds that found your home and make it their nesting place surely need to go.

The most common pest birds in Sydney are the pigeons, starlings, and Myna birds (Indian Myna). Moreover, you should never discount the pesky infestation by seagulls and sparrows.

All of these birds and several more that invade your place are a serious threat to your health and safety. Well, it doesn’t matter which of these bird species you have. Surely, each brings equal destruction, danger, and health problems.

If you have birds nesting in don’t need to wait until the damages become bigger and you catch the diseases they bring. Therefore, pick up your phone and call ABC Pest Control Sydney today for the best bird control program.

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