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Pigeons, myna birds, Indian Myna Birds, starlings, seagulls, and sparrows can be serious problems for businesses and homeowners in Sydney. ABC Pest Control are experts in bird control in Sydney. These pesky birds can sneak into hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings and other commercial venues, leaving droppings that can spread disease and cause long-term corrosive damage to the interior of buildings. Their droppings can also deface the exterior of buildings, leaving behind an unsightly mess that can repel or disgust potential customers. Worst of all, cleaning up the droppings is expensive, difficult and can cause additional damage to the exterior façade.

For homeowners, these birds can be particularly troubling. These bothersome creatures can enter your home through vents, chimneys, downpipes and missing or loose roof tiles. Once they are inside, they can bring disease and even bird lice, or mites. If the pigeon dies or eventually leaves, the mites’ nest typically remains inside the home. Needing a new host to feed on, the mites may then leave their nest, crawling their way through wall cavities to bedrooms of sleeping parents or children, latching onto their new host.

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The best way to avoid the type of problems these birds create is to prevent them from getting into your Sydney home or commercial premises. There are a few ways this can be done. First, you can install bird netting, bird spikes on ledges, aluminum plates that cover gaps, and fix broken pipes that have holes large enough for birds to enter. Second, you can ensure you are not attracting birds by leaving out pet food or water. If you spot a nest in your home, make sure to get rid of it immediately. You can also scare them away with devices designed to frighten birds.

Sydney’s number one bird control service

When you are searching for bird control service, Sydney’s ABC pest control can be a saviour. Our experienced team has successfully removed all types of birds, including pesky pigeons from homes and commercial venues all over Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.

We understand a bird in your home or workspace can be worrying. You don’t want to risk your family or coworkers getting sick from a disease the pests may spread. You want to remove the bird as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your life and sleep well at night.

At ABC Pest Control Sydney, that’s exactly what we offer you. We provide all customers advice and a thorough inspection of their home or building. And we do it at a cost effective price.

How we remove birds from your home or building

To help you take back your home or commercial space, we offer several options. One of these options is called exclusion, which is when we bird proof the building with netting. We also use methods such as AVI strand wire, electric shock track systems, stainless steel spikes, baiting programs and perimeter roof proofing.

Harming the birds is the last possible option, and is only considered when the birds pose a serious health risk or safety hazard. Our customers’ health is our first and foremost concern.

To learn more about our bird proofing service, get in touch with ABC Pest Control Sydney today on 02 9269 9174.

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