Find Out How Much Is Pest Control In Sydney.

How Much is Pest Control In Sydney in 2024?

How much is pest control in Sydney? Sydney is a vibrant metropolis with stunning landmarks and beaches but grapples persistently with pest issues, necessitating swift and effective control. Delving into 2024 pest control expenses, the focus is on illuminating pricing factors and professional benefits, and empowering informed decisions for home or business protection.

In the upcoming year, Sydney faces diverse pest challenges, urging a proactive approach to pest control. ABC Pest Control Sydney offers a range of services at varying prices: To get the best value for money in Sydney it is best to look for packages that include exterminating multiple pests in one hit. For example, the ABC Pests Deluxe Package kills up to 15 different pests.

You may want to look at All Year Round Packages, as well, meaning you may not have to worry about pests ever again. Please see a list of individual services then make sure to view some good value packages further down the page.

Specific Individual Prices On How Much is Pest Control In Sydney

Termite InspectionFrom $275
Residential Rodent TreatmentFrom $180
Wasps RemovalStarting at $165
Mosquito ControlStarting at $185
Bird ControlStarting at $220
Ant TreatmentsFrom $165.00
Cockroach TreatmentStarting at $165
Spider ControlStarting at $165
Bed Bugs ControlFrom $330
Same Day Pest Control$120+FeeThe Fastest Sevice

Deluxe Pest Control Package – ABC Pest Control Sydney

Treating up to 15 Different Pests Inside & Outside Including Fence Lines
You can save an average of $200 with the ABC Pests Deluxe Pest Control Package, addressing a comprehensive range of pests to ensure a pest-free environment. This exclusive package covers:
– German Cockroaches
– American Cockroaches
– Australian Cockroaches
– Oriental Cockroaches
– Smokey Brown Cockroaches
– Rats & Mice
– Moths or Pantry Moths
– Paper Wasps
– Carpet Beetles
– Silverfish
– Trap Door Spiders
– St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders
– Red Back Spiders
– Black House Spiders
– Ants (Black Ants, Brown Ants, Bull Ants)

Package Features:

– Deluxe Pest Control Package treats up to 15 pests with up to 6 months warranty for internal areas.
– External perimeter treatment of your home, including around all windows and doors, eaves, gutters, and downpipes.
– Treatment of Alfresco/Pergola areas.
– Sheds treated inside and out.
– Bins and Letterbox treatment.
– Perimeter fence line treatment (including under the fence capping).
– Additional fees for blocks exceeding 400m2.
– Pool fencing treatment.
– Cockroach gel treatment within your kitchen area.
– Internal spraying around skirting board areas.
– Roof void Rat/Mouse baiting treatment.
– Roof void Dust treatment.
– Treatment for Cubby houses and Children’s swing equipment.
– Granny flats are subject to additional charges.

Costs for Deluxe Pest Control Packages:

– Single Story $220
– Double Story $250
– Units or Apartments $165
For a pest-free living environment and peace of mind, choose the Deluxe Pest Control Package from ABC Pest Control Sydney. Contact us at 0404 130 944 for detailed information.

More Pest Control Cost In Sydney Packages

End Of Lease Treatment$185Targets Ants, Fleas, Large Cockroaches
General Outside TreatmentFrom$260Targets Spiders, Ants, Large Cockroaches, Rodent Roof
Complete Rodent TreatmentFrom $180Lockable Bait Stations Available
Tick ManagementFrom $440Spray Areas Of Infestation

As mentioned people get better value for money by choosing a pest control service with a packaging system.

Specialised Pest Services:

  • Termites Inspection & Treatment: Contact for pricing
  • Bed Bugs Control: Contact for pricing

Termites, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and spiders present unique challenges, underscoring the importance of professional pest control. ABC Pest Control Sydney offers expert solutions tailored to each issue, ensuring comprehensive and long-term results. For detailed pricing and information, contact 0404 130 944

Termites Inspection & Treatment Cost:

We use high-level thermal imaging to detect any termite activity that is occurring. Termites, are silent destroyers and cause extensive damage. Sydney faces risks from various termite species. ABC Pest Control Sydney offers comprehensive termite services with expertise in soil treatment and baiting system solutions. Contact 0404 130 944 for details.

Cost $275.00

Bed Bugs Control Cost:

Bed bugs harm humans physically and emotionally, requiring professional removal. ABC Pest Control Sydney provides effective bed bug removal services.

Ant Control Cost:

Dealing with significant ant infestations is frustrating. Our ant control starts at an affordable $165, varying based on specific issues.

Cockroach Prevention and Control Cost:

Sydney has troublesome cockroach species. Home remedies may not suffice; professional services start from $165.

Rodent Removal Cost:

Rodents carry diseases and cause property damage. ABC Pest Control Sydney offers comprehensive residential rodent control starting at $180. Contact 0404 130 944 for inspections.

Spider Control and Treatment Cost:

Certain spiders threaten human health. ABC Pest Control Sydney provides targeted spider control starting at $165, ensuring comprehensive solutions.

Bird Control and Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost

Certain bird species, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and Mynas, are commonly considered pests in Australia, causing damage when nesting in undesirable locations. ABC Pest Control Sydney addresses these concerns with bird control services starting at $220.

 The cost of bird removal can be influenced by factors like location, bird type, infestation severity, access challenges, and required solutions. Solar panel birdproofing costs depend on factors such as panel number, layout, protection type, and installation and maintenance needs.

Mosquito Pest Control Cost

Effective mosquito control demands consistent effort. ABC Pest Control Sydney employs proven strategies, with pricing starting from $185. Costs can vary based on treatment frequency, property size, and layout complexity.

Wasp Control and Treatment Cost

Prompt and effective wasp control is crucial. ABC Pest Control Sydney offers professional services starting at $165. Our technicians handle wasp infestations safely, locating and treating nests in hard-to-reach areas.

Cost Determinants for Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control costs vary based on crucial factors. ABC Pest Control Sydney considers premises size, level of pest infestation, and service frequency for accurate cost estimates.

Responsibility for Apartment Pest Control Costs

Determining responsibility for pest control costs in apartments involves considering tenancy agreements. Landlords must address pre-existing infestations and implement pest control measures as part of regular property maintenance.

Advantages of Inside-Wall Pest Control Systems

Conventional pest control methods may leave gaps in protection. ABC Pest Control Sydney’s in-wall pest control system strategically places measures within walls, offering continuous, effective pest deterrence. Contact us at 0404 130 944 for more information.

Why Restaurants in Sydney Should Invest in Pest Control Services

Pests in restaurants, like rodents and cockroaches, pose health risks. ABC Pest Control Sydney emphasizes compliance with the Food Standards Code, offering professional pest control to safeguard reputation, customer well-being, and regulatory compliance.

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