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Homeowners’ primary goal towards their respective residential homes is safety and sanitation of the nearby areas. Unsanitized parts in your area put you in multiple health risks.

Primarily, being hospitalized is what everyone hates the most. But no matter how sanitized the area there is always a possibility that a pest like cockroaches and ants might infest your area. 

Pests mentioned above pose bacterial related infections from where they or might have been. Left alone and undisturbed for quite a while can be a threat towards your home and your neighbours. 

Homeowners must be aware and take actions as soon as possible to reduce the risk. Calling for professional help of pest control experts is advised for making assessments towards the related issue.


Cockroaches being one of Australia’s most frequent home invaders and preventing their infestation is simpler than you think. All it requires is a combo of keeping your house clean.

Cockroaches feed on a diet of rotting garbage and food scraps, so for long-term avoidance, it is important to attempt and mop up any spills when they occur, keep things clean and keep your food in sealed containers.

Just like pest protection, make certain to take your garbage out frequently, and in case you’ve compost bins, then keep a close watch on any undesirable guests enjoying the feast.

For pet owners, cleaning your companions’ food bowls each night will prevent them needing to talk about their dinner using a crawling critter. And make sure you keep an eye on which they are playing on the kitchen floor.

Where to find cockroaches

They tend to congregate in cracks in walls, skirting boards or interior cabinets, in addition to under movable appliances.

Cardboard boxes can also be offenders for unwittingly smuggling cockroaches to the house, particularly if they have been stored in sheds or garages. Look at setting up lure whenever possible in case you can not move all of the contents into boxes.

Know your Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

They reside in the buildings or houses mostly through the debris and garden. They are mostly found in areas where winter is relatively mild. Even though they are known as Australian cockroaches, they’re not a native species.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach has spread to all continents now. It’s found, generally speaking, in the basements, in sewer systems, in ships. It’s present where food is prepared and stored.

It favours comparatively hot, humid, dark and hidden areas like cellars or boiler rooms. They’re quite similar to a sudden surprise and will reveal themselves when least expected.

German Cockroach

It’s found in several countries in addition to Australia, quite often near human habitation. Its colour moves from bronze to light brown. It’s two dark parallel stripes that extend from the head to the bottom of the wings, which can be more in the female than in the male. 

It doesn’t resist the cold and will constantly search for a warm and humid environment, while it’s homes, restaurants, boats. Also found in electrical motors, pantry, areas inaccessible to therapy by spraying

Ant Infestation

If you are seeing big quantities of live ants you might well have an issue. If you locate them on your kitchen or in specific locations in which you prepare meals, then you want to do something about it quickly.

In and outside of your house or assumptions are another indication. This compound attracts other ants to locate the food.

A nest site can resemble a little pile of dirt or soil. Some varieties of ants prefer to create their house in walls or other silent, dark areas, which can be more challenging to spot.

It is remarkable how fast they swarm over them! Do not leave food scraps around the kitchen and wash up completely after barbecues or outside entertaining.

From the pantry, do not leave any open packs of food, set them in sealed plastic containers. Ensure that your garbage bins, indoors and outside, have slats which stay firmly in place.

Contact a Pest Control Expert

At the first sign of an infestation immediately contact a pest control expert. Assessment regarding the infestation is necessary especially ants as they can be beneficial in plants, trees, and soil, though they pose a threat once inside your home. 

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