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Pest Control in Green Valley – Are you tired of worrying about pests at home? Our team of experts are professionally trained to solve your pest control needs. ABC Pest Control Sydney understands that customers want a service that gets the job done the first time. Green Valley is known to be one of the hotspots for these intrusive pests. Hence, they continue to cause costly property wreckage. This may lead to financial problems if not treated immediately.

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Rats & Mice Infestation – Dangers of Rats in Green Valley

Rats and mice are commonly encountered in the streets, in garbage and in your home. They have the ability to quickly adapt to the environment. Furthermore, these pesky pets can easily reproduce.

They usually infest properties regardless if it’s commercial or residential in Green Valley.

However, rats also have the ability to survive outdoors. They nest within dark and secluded areas and they try to lessen human contact as possible. Rats build their nests from paper, cotton, packing materials and fabrics.

Unfortunately, their arms give them the ability to climb through high materials like tables, furniture and cabinets. They are often attracted to food and will easily contaminate everything in their way.

Rats have poor eyesight and are colour blind. Therefore, it’s hard for them to see beyond six inches. However, their other senses are strong. Rats live in warmer areas. Hence, they usually invade properties during the winter season to take shelter from the harsh cold season.

The Threat Of Rats & Mice – Pest Control Green Valley


Apart from being a nuisance around the house. They can also cause serious damage to your property. They can chew on your furniture, electric cables, food, appliances and even wood. These activities may cause fire in your property if not treated early. They have the ability to contaminate packed and stored food as soon as they are able to reach it. Rats also carry bacteria that could lead to various illnesses.

Clean up your area to lessen the risk of rats and mice may hide in your clutter. If possible, store your food in sturdy storage to prevent them from gaining access to it.

Also, rats can swim. If you have a pool in your backyard, they may contaminate it. This is why it’s best to contact a pest control expert as soon as you see one at home to stop them for invading your property in Green Valley.

Busy Bees In Green Valley

Bees may be in charge of pollinating flowers. But apart from the benefits, there is also a disadvantage. Bees build their hives on hollow trees or rock crevices. However, they can make their way into the walls of your home.

Bees and wasps can fit through the smallest cracks. That being said, they can build a nest in an attic, crawlspace, or vent undetected. While bees are a valuable part of our ecosystem in terms of pollination. They can be a nuisance and become dangerous to have in and around your home.

Primarily, bees are not aggressive compared to bed bugs and fleas. Bees don’t need humans as a source of blood to survive. However, bee swarms in your home may become aggressive or agitated. Therefore, you must be careful and contact an expert immediately in Green Valley.

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