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Are you tired of the pests that keep coming back? Are you looking for pest control in Toongabbie services that will yield the desired results? Do you want to enjoy a pest-free home?


Get rid of the pests bugging you with ABC Pest Control. We are the leading provider of pest control services for Toongabbie and near Toongabbie. Our company offers a range of pest treatments. Not only that, we’ll send a team to your house to conduct an inspection and provide a free quote. We’ll ensure you get the best pest control treatment for your home.

Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Home

Did you know that pests can make your home and your life miserable? Pests can contaminate food, damage your property and may even spread diseases. Luckily, homeowners in Toongabbie have an ally in their fight to keep pests out of their homes. ABC Pest Control Sydney is here for you, ready to help eliminate pests trying to take over your home.

We know how significant it is to have a trustworthy specialist who knows their thing when fixing situations like this. That’s why we ensure that our technicians are always prepared with up-to-date training before arriving at your doorstep. You never have to worry about whether or not they have what it takes when you choose ABC Pest Control as your go-to service provider!

Why Do You Need A Pest Control Expert?

You might be wondering why you need to hire a pest control expert. After all, you can just buy the spray and deal with it, right? But here’s the thing. There are over thousands of pest species living in Australia. That means that even if your home is in one of the cleanest houses in your local area, it could still have a pest infestation that’s going undetected.

And how long does it take for an insect infestation to get out of hand? Just days or a few weeks before those little pests start making themselves at home in your walls, behind your furniture, and even inside your appliances. And once they’re there, it can be almost impossible without professional help. So if you notice that your home is starting to feel a little more crowded than usual, it’s time to call the pest control Toongabbie experts.

Why Should You Choose ABC Pest Control?

We know what it’s like to be pest-free, and we want to help you get there. Here’s what you get when you book our pest control services:

  • 3 times a year treatments (Please call)
  • Pets and family-friendly pest control methods
  • Experienced pest control experts with more than 20 years in the service
  • Combined general pest and termite treatments
  • Advanced Termite Services
  • 20 years exterminating bed bugs

Our pest control services in Toongabbie are second to none. If you’re having a problem with pests, we can help! Call ABC Pest Control today and get rid of your pests today!

Why Use Our Pest Control Sydney Services?

Why Are Rats One Of The Biggest Problems In Toongabbie?

Rats are a major problem in every home. They can ruin your house, spread diseases, and destroy your belongings. Many serious diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella and hantavirus can be transmitted to humans by rats. They can enter through the gaps in the walls, roof, floors and windows.

Sydney is home to an estimated 500 million rats, making it one of Australia’s most rat-infested areas. These creatures grow at an average length of 9 to 20 inches.

Additionally, an adult female rat can produce more than 40 babies annually. This means if you have ten rats in your home, for example. Then, hundreds more could be hiding in the walls or your roof. That’s a lot of rats!

It’s no wonder that homeowners all over Toongabbie are worried about what these pests might do to their homes. Once you spot even a single rat in your house, it’s time to ring pest control Toongabbie professionals to eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Does Pest Control Stop Spiders?

If you’re looking for a way to stop spiders from making your home miserable, there’s one thing you can do that will put an end to them. Call a pest control expert like us.

Spiders are a common problem for the locals. If you live in a humid area like Sydney, you will likely have to deal with spiders sooner or later. Surprisingly, Australia is home to more than 10,000 unique spider species. So it’s not unexpected that you might find them in your home!

The Funnel-web spider is one of Australia’s most common and dangerous spiders. They can be found inside your home or garden. This type of spider is aggressive and deadly. Even more, they can bite without any warning signs. If you’re experiencing an infestation, don’t panic. We’ll get rid of them for good.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

You may have heard that bed bugs are easy to eliminate, but that’s not always the case. If you see bed bugs in your home, it’s important to contact a local pest control expert immediately. Not to mention, bed bugs can spread fast. 

They can move quickly up to four feet every minute, so they could be in more than one room before you even realise they’re there. Additionally, they can be brought into the house by luggage or other items from other places that are more common. 

A female bed bug can lay seven eggs per day and may also live for about six months. So if you don’t detect them early, it’s likely that you’ll end up with hundreds or thousands of them before you know it.

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

It may surprise you that Australia has more than 450 native species of cockroaches, and they carry disease-causing bacteria. Think about that for a minute. They spread disease, and we have no idea how many of them are in our homes.

Many things attract cockroaches, but the most common are food and water. You will have cockroaches if you have any food scraps around your house. They also like moist environments such as your bathroom and kitchen. If you have dirty dishes in your sink, then this is another reason why you will be attracting cockroaches.

Generally, cockroaches hide in dark places like basements or under furniture where it’s hard for humans to see them. Additionally, the most common type of cockroach found in Australia is called the “German cockroach”. They are small and brown and can grow up to 15 mm. Cockroach infestations are incredibly irritating and distressing. If you notice any cockroaches in your home, then it’s best to get them removed by experts like ABC Pest Control.

How Long Do Fleas Live In Your House?

It’s not just a discomforting thought. Fleas can live in your house for up to three months. They are small, hard-to-see insects that attach themselves to animals like cats and dogs and then suck their blood. 

After feeding, they drop off the host animal and lay their eggs on it. It takes up to 10 days for these eggs to hatch, but once they do, thousands of baby fleas will crawl around your home! If you don’t take precautions now, you could be dealing with an infestation for the next weeks.

If you live in Toongabbie and need help getting rid of these fleas from your home, just give ABC Pest Control a call! We’ll send out one of our highly-trained pest control specialists who will take care of everything for you. No more worrying about where the next bite comes from or what diseases they might carry.

How Do You Stop Drain Flies Infestation?

If you want to get rid of drain flies in your home, there’s one simple solution. Call us! Drain flies can multiply quickly and can be very difficult to eliminate. They breed in the drains or sewers of your home. And if you live in Toongabbie, it’s important to know that there are 2,600 drain fly species worldwide.

Drain flies have four life cycle stages, eggs, larvae (the maggots), pupae and adults. The adult fly lays eggs on moist surfaces like drains and sinks. In fact, the eggs can endure dehydration, which allows them to survive before hatching.

The larvae hatch from these eggs and feed on decaying organic matter, such as food scraps left behind. They then turn into pupae and then turn into adults. And adult drain flies can live up to two weeks! Imagine all places they can hide and lay eggs during that time!

Moreover, they’re also attracted to light, So they’ll be drawn to your home at night. If you don’t want these pests hanging around your house, call our pest control Toongabbie experts to stop them.

What Damage Do Mice Cause?


Mice can cause much damage by gnawing and building their home inside your house or your property. They can chew through electric wires and may even cause fires. They also carry diseases that can harm humans, like leptospirosis and hantavirus. 

Leptospirosis can cause kidney failure and even death. On the other hand, the hantavirus can cause respiratory problems in humans. This is scary, especially if you have small children or pets. Children are particularly vulnerable since they frequently put their hands in their mouths. It’s even scarier to think that mice can carry these diseases without knowing it.

You can usually find mice in your homes, such as on roofs or walls. They leave behind droppings and urine, which can also be dangerous to humans if they touch them. Mice can grow up to 7 inches long and weigh up to 0.5 pounds. In fact, they have a gestation period of only 19 to 21 days. This means they can get pregnant up to 10 times and produce up to 35 babies a year.

Mice multiply quickly if left untreated. They will keep reproducing year after year until thousands of them live in your home! You don’t want to be faced with an infestation, so it’s important to take action as soon as you see the first signs. Contact us, and we will help eliminate mice in your home today!

How Do You Prevent Termites In Your Home?

You need to call us for a termite inspection right away. Termites are pests, and they can be a real pain. You may think that you can take care of them yourself, but the truth is that it’s better to call in a pest control Toongabbie professional.

They can eat through your home’s foundation and cause serious structural damage. These damages could cost thousands of dollars annually, and they are more common than you think. A single queen may lay thousands of eggs daily for up to 25 years. Not to mention, Subterranean termites are extremely common in Australia. 

In fact, termites can destroy a home within three months of construction. Think about all the hard work and money you put into your home. That’s why you need pest control Toongabbie experts like ours to examine it regularly and keep it safe from termites.

How Do You Get Rid Of Possums?

You know how frustrating it can be to have a possum problem in your home. You’re not alone! One of the most common pests local homeowners have to deal with is possums. The odour of possum dung and the damage they may do to your home will make you never want them to return.

But we have a solution! Book an appointment with ABC Pest Control today! We’re the best at removing possums, and we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. We’ll help you get back to enjoying your home again and ensure that the next time a possum comes around, it doesn’t come back.

Do I Need To Worry If I Find A Wasp Nest?

Wasp nests are annoying. But here’s the thing. If you have one, you must get rid of it as soon as possible. Wasps can be dangerous. Up to ten thousand wasps may reside in a single nest. These insects can be very aggressive and attack if they feel threatened or feel their nests are threatened. 

Wasp stings can cause severe allergies, which can be life-threatening. If you have children, you need to protect them from their stings. If you have pets, you need to protect them, so you need to remove wasps as soon as you find them.

The nest can be located anywhere in your home. They build their nests in holes and cracks on trees and walls. You can also find them in attics and eaves or anywhere on your property where they feel safe. So you must be careful when exploring your property or let professionals handle it.

They are attracted to sweet things such as fruit and sugar. Even though their life span is only 12-22 days, female wasps can lay 200-300 eggs daily. This means the nest can grow rapidly. It will become too big to handle if you don’t get rid of it soon enough.

When Are Ants Most Active?

When it comes to ants, there are many things that local homeowners have to worry about. Ants are active at night, and you may find them running around your kitchen counters or crawling under your sink. 

They can also be seen in your pantry looking for food or climbing on your walls and ceiling. Ants like carpenter ants like moisture, so you may locate them in bathrooms, sinks or laundry rooms.

This type of pest can be found in homes all over Toongabbie and can be very hard to eliminate. Considering that a single colony can have up to 100,000 ants, getting rid of them becomes even more daunting.

Even more, you may not want to experience their bite because it can be painful and itchy. The queen ant can live more than 20 years and lay hundreds to thousands of eggs daily. So if you do not take care of this problem immediately, it will only worsen over time!

Where Do Pantry Moths Lay Eggs?

Pantry moths are a common pest in homes throughout Toongabbie but are also found in other parts of Australia. They lay eggs in their food source, usually grain-based products like flour, rice and cereal. 

The eggs of pantry moths are white and oval-shaped. Once these eggs hatch into larvae, they’ll eat away at the food product until there is nothing left for them to consume.

You can easily find them if you check for the signs of their damage, such as holes in packaging or small holes in food containers. Moreover, you may also notice an odd smell coming from your pantry. It could be an indication that there are pests present. You may also see moths flying around your house.

For local food business owners, the presence of pantry moths can be extremely bad as they could lose profits due to contaminated and unusable food products. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to act fast! 

Don’t leave the problem alone for too long. It’s time to call our pest control Toongabbie specialist for professional pantry moth control. We will give you the results you’re looking for and make your pantry moth problem a thing of the past!

How Do You Prevent And Control Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are pests, and they’re everywhere. They can be found in the tiniest places, like your backyard or home. That’s why you need to know how to prevent and control mosquitoes to keep them at bay.

Mosquito infestations continue to rise to this day in Australia, and it takes up to 10 days for a mosquito egg to become an adult. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water containers, and their bite’s itchiness can last up to 48 hours. They can bite through clothes even if you wear long sleeves or pants.

There have been more than 42 dengue cases in Australia since January 2022. Moreover, mosquitoes can also carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya and Zika virus. Children and elderly people are at an increased risk of mosquito bites.

That’s why it’s so important that homeowners take the steps necessary to protect their families from these dangerous pests. Call us today if you want to talk to pest control Toongabbie experts who can help keep mosquitoes away without risking your safety or health.

Why Is The End Of Lease Pest Control So Important?

When you leave an apartment, you want to ensure that the property is pest-free and ready for the next tenant. This means taking care of all of the pests in your apartment by calling an end-of-lease pest control Toongabbie.

Moreover, you can also get your bond back and avoid problems with the landlord. So who should you call? ABC Pest Control! We’ll ensure that all of those little critters are gone before you leave so that you can go on with life without worrying about them anymore.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free – Call ABC Pest Control in Toongabbie

It is time to get a pest control near Toongabbie service that you can trust. As a homeowner in Toongabbie and near Toongabbie, you have a right to live in a pest-free home. And we can help!

At ABC Pest Control, we offer a range of services to ensure that your home is free of pest infestations. From common household pests like ants or cockroaches to less common but equally dangerous pests such as termites, wasps, and rodents, we can help with any pest problem.

We know that pests can make your home feel like a nightmare. They can damage your property, ruin your food, and even cost you money. And when you’re trying to get rid of them, it’s hard to know where to turn. We have 5-star rated customer reviews on our Google Business Profile. You can also check us out on Yelp, True Local, and Brown Book.

Don’t let pests take over your life! Call 0404 130 944 today and get a free quote on our services. Emergency pest control is also available 24 hours a day, so no matter when you notice the problem, we’ll be there to help you! So book now!

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