What You Need To Know Before Calling a Pest Control

What You Need To Know Before Calling a Pest Control – Sydney Australia

Did you know that pests have the power to take over your home? No, it’s not a hypothetical question or a puzzle. It’s pure maths because when pests infest in large numbers, they can destroy your furniture, rot your books and even eat your food. The question is how to combat them. If you have failed with repeated DIY tactics, then calling a professional Pest Control in Sydney Australia is perhaps the only solution. 

But wait, before choosing the experts, there are a few things you need to consider. Do you have complete knowledge about these troubling intruders? If you don’t know how they build up, you are in for trouble. In this blog, we will work up the math, seek answers, and help you fight and drive them away.

Should You Do It Yourself?

When you have an army of invaders to deal with, you need to act quickly. There are two possible solutions; hire professional pest control in Sydney or do it yourself. As a note, hiring a professional will save you a lot of trouble and money!

Factoring The Cost

It’s a fact that most homeowners buy their cans of chemicals and spume them because they are worried about the charges that come with expert pest control in Australia. But the fact is professionals charge fees depending on the magnitude of pest infestation on your property. Also, if you are looking for long-term treatment, expert treatment is way cheaper and beneficial. 

Considering The Time

It might be feasible to do it yourself during these pandemic times because you are working from your home. Do your research and devise a plan to combat the problem. If you notice something major, shift to professional services and stop beating around the bush. 

The Quantity Of Pests

Have you ever done pest infestation inside your property? If the answer is no, it is good sense to rope in a professional for the first time. He will deliver quality and find ways to stop the gamers from sucking your sweet home. It is foolish to just go over to your nearest depot and buy a bottle of OTC chemical. It will work temporarily, but the pests will sneak in after a few days. 

Are You Trying Too Hard?

It is frustrating to see that your pest control efforts are not paying off. You might be trying too hard to maintain your sanity, but it is going for a toss. Pests can be extremely unhygienic and cause mental stress you can’t control. 

Most homeowners apply age-old methods for pest control in Sydney Australia, but pests are two hoots for this failed formula. They have resisted them long ago and built their defence mechanisms.

Keeping your kitchen countertops shining doesn’t work on pests. Dirty dishes, leftover bread crumbs or sugars aren’t the only things that attract these creatures. Moisture also plays a crucial role in drawing the vermin. 

Some homeowners rely on bug bombs for pest control in Australia. They are pretty effective for exposed bugs but not for those hiding under your mattress or beneath your pillow. Thus, dependence on bug bombs for DIY pest control is something we don’t recommend. 

There is no solo therapy that works for every home and pest. It might be cheaper to buy sprays, gels, traps, and bombs from your nearest store, but a professional approach works much better. Cracks in your window, doors or any other openings are the best spots for these pests to thrive and build their colony. Most DIY pest control techniques fail to work due to the wrong approach. 

The point is if you have a small infestation try to DIY, but for larger ones, it is better to contact reputed local pest exterminators to work on your property. 

What Do The Experts Say About Pest Control?

You would love to hear what the experts have to say about pest management. We have brought in some helpful advice from professional pest control in Sydney Australia to guide you:

Outdoor Tasks

  • Pay attention to the utility pipes and check out the easy access points. Seal any cracks with chalk. You should use steel wools to close any vents
  • Look for signs of termite infection like mud tubes or hollow sounds from your wooden structures.
  • Clean out the debris from gutters and clean any standing water
  • Ensure that the grass and shrubs are trimmed 
  • Repaired damaged portions of your roof because the smell of wood allures insects
  • Screen windows, close chimney openings and seal off any tears
  • Use downspouts to clear water from your home

Indoor Tasks

  • Clean your garbage every day 
  • Clean the countertops and sweep the floors dry. Don’t let any moisture settle down on your cabinets, and contact pest control in Australia if you are unsure. 
  • If you have pets consult a vet for fleas and ticks
  • Void your home at least once a week
  • Keep the pet bowls clean and remove any spilled food. Store dry pet foods in sealed containers
  • Routinely check for leaking pipes and, if possible, use dehumidifiers from damp basements and attics.

Protect Your Best Friend From Fleas

Last summer, you saw your dog suffer from rashes, allergies and infections. This time, however, you are determined to tackle the problem head-on. But you are worried that pest control products would affect his health. No, not; most pest control sprays don’t cause any side effects to animals except for a few. Yes, you heard us correct. That too few can be many, so verify the products with professional pest control in Sydney Australia. 

Ticks feel like a lump, and touching them would irritate your dog. Use a commercial removable device to remove them, and don’t use bare hands. Ticks are infectious diseases and can be transferred to humans. 

  • Consult your vet for recommended products available in the market
  • Apple cider vinegar can work wonders for dogs. It will control most infestation and also keep your dog’s coat fresh
  • You can also apply coconut oil and bathe them with dog flea shampoos
  • Use yeast and garlic in dog food because ticks hate these smells
  • Use regular grooming products to keep the fur coats healthy
  • Clean your home regularly and spend extra time cleaning the area where your dog likes to visit
  • You can use a combination of vinegar, lemon and salt to treat irritation on your dog’s skin

How Much Do You Know About Termites?

Termites don’t need much room to squeeze inside your home, and most of them enter through ground contact. Most of the time, you might be unaware that these destructive pests have infiltrated, and ignorance can result in a lot of damage. While Drywood termites live inside wooden structures, subterranean species are usually found building furrows inside the soil. What’s more alarming, termites don’t need any external water to stay healthy. Most of the time, they chomp on the wood and live a healthy and happy life. The kicker is that most homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. Therefore, you need expert pest control in Australia like the ABC Pest Control Company to take care of complexities. 

Frequent Signs You Should Watch Out For

There are some tell-tale signs of termite damage in your home or office. Watch out for these alarming signals:

  • You will heat hollow sounds from walls and floors when you tap
  • You will notice wetness on your walls which might be mistaken for water damage
  • Bathroom fixtures and mirrors will appear to lose when termites eat through drywall paper
  • Mud channels that run from the ground up to the home’s exterior walls
  • Look for wings on window sills
  • Kitchen tiles coming off indicates termites have attacked the subflooring.

There are also other warning signs which you will know when you consult pest control in Australia. 

Sensational news – New female termite species that don’t need males to reproduce

Spring is here, but the female termites are not looking for love. New research shows that some queen termites can reproduce both asexually and sexually without depending on the males. Scientists collected 30 colonies of a destructive Japanese species with different cases. It showed that one colony had replaced queens with queens. The queens had mated with males to create workers but made her successors single-handedly. 

What Are Termite Baits?

Termite baits have emerged as a great alternative to traditional barriers. It is a different approach in which small products are kept at strategic places and act like mini-missiles to knock off colonies. Termites consume the bait and share it with the mates, resulting in a gradual decline in their numbers. You can contact local pest control in Australia to design a comprehensive baiting program that includes inspection, monitoring and re-bating when necessary. 

Termite baits are prepared using cellulose and slow-acting insecticides that disrupts the normal life cycle of termites. The delayed process is crucial because the rising number of dead stations near the bait station will lead to other termites’ avoidance of the area. 

Termites’ baits are mostly installed below the ground covering the perimeter of your building. The frequency of bait monitoring differs according to the protocols set by pest control in Sydney Australia. Bait stations are hollow plastic cylinders that allow the termites to enter. Termites leave behind a smell that attracts the other colony members too. You can install bait stations close to your property or a few feet away in the adjacent turfs directly through the pavement. 

Termites don’t see through the baits or the soil and wander inside during foraging. The time for bait discovery varies according to the process, size, number and intensity of infection. Bait discovery is usually more significant during the spring while it slows down during winter. You will need patience and persistence to taste success with termites. The baiting process is typically lengthy, and if you don’t have the time, it is better to seek professional pest control in Australia to do the job for you. 

Little Known Facts About Termites – Pest Control Sydney Australia

Chances are you know something about termites and that they eat wood for survival. For most Australians, termites are nemesis and creepy creatures that simply need to be destroyed. But there are some unusual realities about these insects which you might not be aware of:

  • Termites don’t sleep; they continue to build their colonies until they die.
  • The termites are highly hygienic and spend a significant amount of time grooming each other.
  • Termites have sense organs that are located on the base of their antennae and tibiae. It allows them to sense vibrations and penetrate wooden structures. 
  • Termites are the fastest insects in the world, and Panamanian termites run at 157 miles per hour.
  • Termites are highly nutritious and are a rich source of vitamins, oxidants and minerals. People from Amazon breathe termite smoke to get rid of their flu.
  • Termite nests can be as enormous and large as 12 inches. A termite mound was discovered in Africa, which was 42 feet high. 

Some Unusual Termite Services

Did you know your four-legged friend is an excellent termite detector? Termites are responsible for billions of dollars of damage each year, and so, some companies for pest control in Australia are grooming dogs to sniff out termite colonies. A study was conducted in which German Shepherds unearthed termite burrows with a 96% accuracy rate. Your four-legged friend is also apt at detecting bugs, roaches, mosquitoes, and any other insect presence. So, when you hire pest control in Australia, check out whether they trained dogs on their payroll! Most reputed companies will happily oblige and show you their dog’s credentials, and you save from getting beaten twice. 

Why Choose a Professional Pest Control?

When you choose a specialised pest control in Australia, ensure that you hire the right one. Thorough research is necessary to help you zoom in on the exact help. Pests carry diseases, and only a professional can help you out. 

You should treat your home with scheduled pest control in Australia once every two/three months. If you are planning pest control, it’s always better to do it in spring. It will be more effective and last for a long time. Most pest control companies take one or two days to complete. Then, you will notice a significant change within a few weeks.

If you are looking for a reliable pest control company in Sydney, it will be best to check for online reviews. Many companies would promise something just to get your money. Hence, you have to be careful. You need to look for the company that values your money by providing excellent results.

Checking online and talking with your relatives or friends can help you find the best pest control experts. In fact, you would probably come across ABC Pest Control Sydney as the top-rated company in the whole metro. According to their profile, they have been in the industry for more than two decades. For more information, you can visit their website or check their customer reviews on Google.

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