What Do I Need to Know About General Pest Control in Australia?

Pest Control In Sydney
Pest Control In Sydney

General Pest Control In Sydney

Being Australian is living with a wide range of pests. If you have traveled the world or come from another country. You would know Australia is most likely top of the list when it comes to pest invasions. All year round or especially in the warmer times of the year. The pests come out to play and start invading our homes. I am talking about, snakes, spiders, termites, ants, flies, cockroaches, and everything else under the sun.

With the agreement and courtesy of ABC Pest Control, we have composed this handy article that may tell you something you may not be aware of when it comes to pests in Australia.

If you are a property owner or you are in strata management, real estate, or managing a property. Pest control is something you need to think about. Pest issues in some cases can be devastating and can sometimes cause health issues. In some cases, can be outright dangerous and life-threatening.

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You, if do fall under the above category an annual pest control treatment for general pest control, is essential. Prevention is better than cure. If you are living in Sydney then some of your pest issues may vary to say someone in Perth or even the gold coast or Brisbane. The issues we face can also vary if you are living in the city or country.

Things You Need to Know About Termites

One thing that is pretty much across the board in Australia is termites. Termites are found in both rural and built-up areas. Termites do not discriminate when comes to choosing a target. It also does not matter what your property is made of. Generally, all homes are built with wooden frames. Termites can destroy a home faster than you can imagine.

Even if you do not have termite activity yourself anyone that has been treated for these hungry creatures within a 5km radius of your home. Is it a danger to your home, termites have wings and can travel distances?

The best way of dealing with termites is prevention. Talk to a professional, the cost may vary on where you are located and the size of your property.

More Information on Termites in Australia

If you are a Sydney resident then we can suggest ABC Pest Control. The company has affordable termite prevention packages. Your property is everything. We work all our lives to keep and develop our properties. Insurance will not cover termite devastation. By the time people realize they have termites attacking the wood in there. The costs can be astronomical. For the sake of a small outlay. You are going to have peace of mind.

Termites do tend to love the warmer weather. Termite activity is prolific on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and Darwin. If you are a resident of these cities termite prevention is a must. Saying this as mentioned earlier in the article. Termites are found everywhere in Australia.

Cockroaches and What You Should Know in Australia

If you live in a city such as Sydney or Melbourne then you may have encountered the dreaded German cockroach. These pests are prolific in built-up areas. They like rodents have learned to adapt to humans. In fact, they can thrive in a human environment having up to forty yes forty babies at a time. When you have an infestation of German cockroaches you will need to call a professional. German cockroaches will settle into a home and the problem generally will get worse unless addressed.

The Australian or American cockroach is generally larger. Most of the time does not cause us as many problems as the German cockroach. The American or Australian cockroaches can cause many issues where there is a lot of food. This means places like bars; restaurants and hospitality can be prone to infestations. If you are running a business regular pest treatment is advised to maintain prevention.

The Removal of Bees from an Australian Property.

If you have a bees’ nest on your property that is a problem it will depend on where the nest is located. If the bee’s nest is located outside. Professional beekeepers can be called to have the nest removed. The issue is that many times bees will find their way into the wall cavity of a home. This can become a dangerous situation for the resident of the home. If the bees are disturbed they have been known to be quite aggressive. If bees move into the roof or wall cavity of your home. A professional pest control company should be called.

The pest control operator generally will remove the nest at night when the bees are sleeping and less likely to attack. In most cases, unfortunately, the bees will need to be destroyed. Sadly, this is the most cost-effective process. The only alternative is to engage in the dismantling of roofs and walls. Bees are highly defensive of their hives, attempting to protect honey and the queen. This is why it’s best to call an expert when removing hives from your home or property.

Bees are incredible insects and are essential in pollinating flowers. Pollinating the flowers helps feed humans. However, when they move inside our homes it can be quite dangerous. Bees although they can only sting once, have a sack of poison that will continue to pump long after they have died.

Wasp Removal in Australia

Wasps are generally aggressive insects when it comes to invading our homes. They tend to build hives onto the outside of properties. Sometimes they have been known to build them inside. Without knowing we can get to close to the nest and wasps will attack. Wasps, unlike bees, do not have barbs on their stings. This means they do not die after stinging. A wasp can sting multiple times, and this causes extreme pain.

If you discover a wasp nest or multiple wasp nests connected with your property. We advise calling a professional pest company. An expert will destroy and remove the nest making the area habitable again for humans.

Spider Problem’s on Australian Properties.

Depending where you live can sometimes depend on what types of spiders may affect your property. For example, if you are a resident of Sydney. The funnel-web spider may make you a visit. This spider is among the most aggressive in the world. The funnel-web spider sometimes will enter swimming pools. If you believe you have a funnel-web spider inside or outside your property. We suggest you contact a professional to the spider or spiders removed.

Another common spider that does like to settle in the brickwork of our homes and other crevices is the redback spider. Although most of the time not deadly, the redback spider. Has a painful bite and can if allowed, gather in great numbers around a property. These spiders should not be allowed to breed. They can have been detrimental to both adults and children. It is highly suggested to have these spiders removed by a professional pest control company.

Removing an Ant Invasion from Your Property in Australia

Australia has a wide range of ants that can decide to take over our homes. The most common culprits are the small black house ant and the coastal brown ants. If you have ever had an ant invasion in the home or office. It can be more than annoying. There are many measures you can take that can reduce the infestation of the colonies. By simply keeping food away from typical eating areas can be a good start. Ants, once they know of a food source, will travel quite a long way to reach the target. There are home remedies that can help contain ants. Saying all this it is easier to call a local pest expert and nip the problem in the bud. As the colony grows it can become more aggressive.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you are a Sydney resident and have any pest issues at all.

We highly recommend calling ABC Pest Control on 0404 130 944

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