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Pest Control Rydalmere – Do you have creepy crawlers inside your home? Call a pest control expert immediately to remove these invasive pests. ABC Pest Control being competent and efficient throughout exterminating pests are associated with licensed experts and equipment.

Essentially, we are all happy to see our homes neat and clean but there are times we often get careless. Furthermore, these are the time pests that come in the example are ants and even cockroaches.

The teeny tiny crawlers are quite hard to catch and they can multiply at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, you probably don’t want small food packets gnawed and that sweet sweet leftover food you could eat for later.

Hence, it may be plagued by ants or see cockroaches runoff as you remove the lid.

What are Ants? – Pest Control Rydalmere

Ants are of ecological significance due to their roles as predators and scavengers, in pollen and seed dispersal, and inland construction.

It feeds on a huge array of food and maybe predators or scavengers. They are social insects that typically reside in permanent nests. Hence, a reversal of the nest site isn’t unusual in unfavourable conditions.

Colony sizes change; nests can vary from a couple of dozen. Larger colonies consist largely of sterile wingless females that form castes of ’employees’.

Employees might be specialised, such as into small and major or soldier castes. These perform particular jobs, like feeding and caring for their kind. In addition, all ant colonies have fertile men known as ‘drones’ and a fertile female called ‘queens’.

There are more than 4000 known species of ants in Australia. Just a small number of them are considered pests.

Ant Infestation in Your Home


An indoor ant swarm is an indication of a recognized indoor colony. Ants seldom move inside from external colonies in the lack of an inner colony.

Carpenter ants and pharaoh ants are just two species which generally establish indoor colonies. 

Other species, like field ants, typically form colonies near building foundations and might accidentally swarm inside through cracks in the foundations or perhaps chimneys.


Main reason ants swarm will be to gather food to the colony. Swarm intelligence is extremely beneficial to ants for food set for a lot of reasons.

A swarm of ants can find the shortest, easiest route to the very best food source and organize foraging efforts. 

An ant colony may make collective decisions regarding how many rodents should be routed out on foraging missions every day.

Particularly taking into consideration such factors as known food resources, a bounty of food necessary. As well as the quantity of food remaining in the colony. Therefore, swarm intelligence can produce food foraging exceptionally efficient.


Another main cause of ant swarming is breeding. Worker ants, that include most of the colony, are sterile and just perform manual labour. Winged ants, both female and male, are sexually mature. 

At certain times during the year, normally early spring and summer months. Winged ants leave the colonies and also sort breeding swarms. Ants often swarm over notable landscapes, such as large trees or home chimneys. This phenomenon is called “hill-topping.”

Ants Way of Communication – Pest Control Rydalmere

Ants communicate with each other using chemical signals called pheromones.

Furthermore, they use pheromones to depart trails for food resources. This is to send alarm signals for aid and to distinguish between caste groups.

Pheromones are detected by using their long, thin antennae, which can also perceive scents.

Cockroaches in your Home – Pest Control Rydalmere

Cockroaches are common insect pests located all around the world.

Australia is home to over many cockroach species, and that is only what that science has up to now described.

Of those described species, just half are considered bugs, and of these only two are indigenous. Moreover, the other four are introduced and are not lovable.

You are very likely to get a visit from either the American or German cockroaches on your unwashed breakfast bowls late at night.

While they do not usually sting. Cockroaches can cause health problems for many individuals in an infested home or apartment.

Some people can experience asthma and allergic symptoms from breathing in cockroach waste and skin.

How Cockroaches Operate

Cockroaches can enter your home in different ways:

  • Small holes and cracks in the foundation
  • Door and window openings
  • Pipes
  • Sneaked in your baggage on the way home

Cockroaches are also good in hiding. There are various locations throughout the house in which a cockroach can conceal.

By knowing a cockroach’s perfect environment and feeding behaviour. You could get a better prospect of identifying places in your house that a cockroach might favour.

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