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Exterminator in Sydney
Exterminator in Sydney

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Pests infestation can cause your business extreme problems. Ignoring them can be of great harm to your developing business. For instance, a single appearance of a cockroach in a customer’s dish can put your entire business at risk. Surely, you do not want your business to get popular on social media having terrible comments. Therefore, it is important to understand the nature of the different pests and why they love to attack your business property. Most importantly, you should know who to call for commercial pest control in Sydney to keep these stubborn pests away from your business.

Most Common Commercial Pests in Sydney

Sydney’s climate is tame to different types of pests such as bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, ants, termites, and birds. Also, your property could be hosting other destructive insects like termites, ants, rats, mice, and many more!

Specifically, the following list of pests is most common in commercial establishments in Sydney. Obviously, you must be dealing with any of these odious creatures right now.

  • Bed Bugs 

These are small insects feeding on human blood. Their bite can cause itchiness leading to a skin infection. Bed bugs in Sydney are a common problem in the accommodation business like hotels, hostels, motels, and apartments. They hitch a ride on the traveller’s luggage enabling them to spread everywhere. You wouldn’t like your guests complaining about an uncomfortable stay and the itchy bed bug bites.

  • Ants 

These insects are known to be the most hardworking in collecting food. They are not choosy with food. So, even if it’s spoiled or decayed food, they will probably crawl on it and potentially transfer disease organisms to your food. Ants are everywhere in Sydney. Hence, there can be big trouble in any business such as restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and more.

  • Cockroaches 

Different types of cockroaches are usually found in cardboard boxes and grocery bags. They love warm and moist areas. Moreover, they are a threat to food contamination. Cockroaches in Sydney are found to be the cause of diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. Specifically, you must watch out for these dangerous insects if you have a food business.

  • Birds

Pest birds in Sydney cause various damages to a business. Usually, they cause damage to structural buildings. Their nests and feathers are also some of the reasons why gutters are blocked. Bird’s dropping and nest materials make parking lots and entryways dirty enough to attract away customers. 

  • Rodents

Rats, mice, and possums in Sydney are attracted to the abundance of food and water. They gain access from small holes in the building. Contaminating and damaging food is their hobby. Rodents are also capable of damaging electrical components. Like cockroaches, rodents are extremely harmful to any food business.

  • Spiders 

The infestation of spiders in Sydney can consume your energy in cleaning up their webs. They build webs that ruin the appearance of your business. Aside from scaring you, they will destroy wall displays through their drops. 

  • Termites 

Among all the pests in Sydney, termites are the most destructive. Aside from destroying woods, there is a possibility of asthma attacks for people coming into your store. To explain, some people could have allergic reactions to dust particles coming from termite nests. In particular, your building’s ventilation system can be a factor in spreading such irritating dust.

Moreover, termites can cause extreme property damages. Termite’s damage is expensive because the number of their population is thousands. They are small but they will get into your nerves when you start spending thousands of dollars for renovation.

Business Industries Commonly Affected by Pests

Maintaining the reputation of your business is a serious matter. Pest’s presence can bring negative comments to your business. It can be worse when spread on social media. Lots of businesses have been closed due to pest issues. You wouldn’t want your business to have the same fate. Identifying a problem as early as possible can help your business maintain its good image and popularity. In particular, a regular inspection from a certified commercial pest control Sydney is essential.

Pests in Food Processing Facilities

The food industry is the most important business to get protected from pests. While you serve a large number of customers, you can’t escape from pest issues. This is why ensuring customers’ health safety is the top priority. However, where there is food there’s an insect. Pests present in food businesses are ants, cockroaches and rodents. 

In Sydney, laws are imposed to protect consumers’ safety by checking food facilities thoroughly. Contamination of pests in foods may cause diarrhea or vomiting. Pests are known to carry pathogens from rotten foods transferring them to uncontaminated ones. 

Basic pest prevention can help you eradicate pests by keeping your facility clean all the time. Having proper trash bags is also a great contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of the area. Make sure to store food in a close safe place away from the floor and walls. If you are encountering pest infestation contact an expert for better advice.

Pests in Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are home to fresh produce products such as meats, vegetables, fruits and other stored fresh products. Pest control is essential with this type of business because some foods are not sealed by plastics. Most pests hide at the back of the shelves where foods are openly displayed.  The most common pests in this area are ants, cockroaches, birds, flies and rodents.

Pests such as flies can detect meat and vegetable odour over long distances. There is no doubt that you will notice flies circling your displayed foods. While you can’t wrap everything in plastics especially meat, fruits and vegetables, the best solution to protect your business is to get rid of pests.

To prevent pests from entering your store, always check deliveries with a sign of pests such as the holes and packaging. Cardboards and wood boxes from deliveries should be thrown right away from the building to avoid pests clinging to it. Having a regular cleaning session is also a must to maintain the freshness of the entire surrounding. Most importantly, having a regular commercial pest control Sydney inspection and treatment can keep your store compliant with the health and safety standards.

Pests in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities should be a place with the highest level of sanitation. There are many places that a pest can hide in healthcare facilities, especially the patient’s room. Dirty linens are more likely to attract pests. Pests such as cockroaches could adapt to a different environment. Flies and mosquitoes also find hospitals a breeding ground because of the warm and moist surroundings. They worsen the patient’s condition by spreading bacteria, causing allergic reactions and even triggering asthma attacks. 

Maintaining the facility’s plumbing system, such as fixing any leakages and clogging will prevent a mosquito from breeding. Replacing windows and doors with sliding ones and closing them always will hinder mosquitoes and flies from entering. Cleaning patients’ rooms regularly with a vacuum is also effective in getting rid of harmful pests.

Pests in Hotels and Motels

If you are the hotel or motel owner, such facilities, you are also at risk of pest infestation. Bed bugs’ nature is feeding on human blood while asleep. A guest experiencing a bed bug bite that lasted for days will despise your hotel sanitation. Your lodging business’s future depends upon how comfortable your guests are during their stay. If your service cannot give them a peaceful sleep, you’ll probably find some ways to level up your sanitation. 

It is difficult to get rid of bed bugs because some are brought by your guests themselves. They may be hiding around the luggage. Cleaning the guest rooms regularly is a way to prevent this. Heat treatments are also effective in killing bed bugs. Their body cannot take a temperature of 55°C and a freezing temperature of -13°C. Though this method works, professional service is necessary to make sure the right temperature for a room is attained.

Maintaining the outside appearance of your hotel is also a key to attracting guests. You should be aware of the birds nesting above your building. Birds infestation can bring unpleasant effects to your business through their droppings and net materials scattered around the ground. While it is yet not hard for them to remove, you have to find a way to get rid of them. The best option for bird pest problems is to hire a professional commercial pest control Sydney to deal with them

Pests in Pharmaceutical Facilities

Pests also cause damage to the pharmaceutical industry through contaminating laboratories, storerooms, production areas, packaging and finished products. The impact of pests on this industry is wide-ranging to loss of trust from suppliers, damage to brand reputation or even legal action from public health. The most common pest found in this area is cockroach, rodents and flies.

Pests such as flies are attracted to food products like oils and fats, carbohydrates, decaying proteins and vegetables. Cockroaches and rodents are hard to detect since they love to hide in dark places such as cracks, sewers, drains and machinery. 

Prevention measures in pharmaceutical industries can be compared to other industries. If pests are not yet in their infestation stage, you can get rid of them through simple steps. Your business should maintain a good hygiene standard. A well-cleaned area is not prone to insects. Always check the storage of foods and search for some sign of pest invasion. Through this, you can monitor the condition of your utensils and machinery. If you find it hard to control a pest, seek professional service.

Pests in Restaurants

Sydney is the home of various iconic dining restaurants. Sydney is accepting millions of tourists each year. It is probably a great place to have the best and unique restaurant business. However, your business needs to be in its nice spot away from pests. Lots of big restaurants are made famous by pests. They can float at your customer’s drink or meal and in a blink of an eye, you lose everyone’s trust. That’s just because of a little stubborn pest. 

No customer ever wanted to experience having a pest at the top of their meal. The very first area that needs a lot of attention is the kitchen. Cockroaches, flies, ants and rodents are desperate to invade this area to eat some food. Not only will you maintain a clean and pleasant dining area but the back area as well. Even though the kitchen is not visible to customers, you cannot be careless as a manager or owner.

To prevent pests in your restaurant, always make sure no residue of food is left in the dining table, kitchen and trash bins. Leftovers won’t stay overnight before pests track them. So, it is important to train employees in the daily role of pest control. If pests are getting out of control, contact a licensed commercial pest control Sydney service before the health department knows about it.

Pests in Schools

Surroundings affect the learning of the student. School is where most pests shelter. Aside from a large area and daily full trash bins, they can move freely because often they are ignored. A school is a perfect place for pests to roam. There is a cafeteria, water tanks, dumpsters, cracks and crevices, lockers full of clutter and foods and landscapes. All types of pests are present there because this is an open building.

Students cannot learn when there is a filthy smell circling the room. There is a possibility of getting poison with the food served in the cafeteria contaminated by pests. Children might acquire diseases from pests’ urine after playing on the school ground. School is the one responsible for all the harmful effects of pests. It will bring a bad reputation to the institution. Also, causing financial damage.

An institution can prevent pest control issues by imposing regulations for pest control prevention. Disposal of trash should be away from school. Eating in different areas of the school should be restricted to avoid the attack of flies. Repairing plumbing systems and sealing and wall problems where cockroaches love to hide. Most importantly, educating students and staff about pest management.

Pests in Warehousing & Storage Facilities 

Warehousing and storage facilities are storing a large number of foods and other goods. Some are sealed and ready for delivery. Customers will doubt your credibility once they have seen evidence of pest damage. There are two types of pests in storage facilities. The internal feeders and the external feeders. Internal feeders are pests such as rice weevils and grain moths to feed on whole grains and pasta. External feeders are beetles feeding on items like tobacco, flour, cereals and spices.

Considering the size of the warehouse, it is difficult to eradicate pests coming in. Knowing the fact that the storage facility gives pests the condition to invade, having a pest control plan is vital. 

Leading Commercial Pest Control in Sydney

Finding a trusted partner pest control company to handle your regular pest management is crucial for your business. In fact, you should be looking for reliable experts who will take care of your business like their own. If you have a business in Sydney, you must consider the locals’ recommendation for the top-rated pest control company.

If you search for commercial pest control in Sydney, you would find ABC Pest Control on top of the list of recommendations. Reading their customer reviews on Google Business Profile, this company is the people’s choice for pest control. Not only do they cater to commercial pest control, but they also are champions in residential pest management services. Most importantly, they have the most competitive pricing for all of their services.

If you find pests are hard to deal with yourself, contact ABC Pest Control Sydney. They are the top pest control in Sydney with over 20 years of experience. Visit their website for more details. You can book their services in under 60 seconds!

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